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Chasing After Rainbows: August 2009

29 August 2009

Disorientated Feelings (Part 16)

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The preparations are taking some time to be prepared for some reason.

I don't know why, but the logistics does seem to be one of them. Also, the school does not want the festival to be held during or before my cousin's academy's festival to be held during or before my cousin's academy festival. They know that it's just a short distance away and by having it early means that fewer people would turn up. On top of that, my school could use this as an opportunity to relax and obtain ideas for the following year. My duty during the school festival is to help people who might require assistance and guide the guests around. I could tell that there will be a lot of people rushing around.

During preparations, I decided to bring out the old computer that I had pushed aside for my (then) new notebook PC back in November last year. I just realized that I did not backup my files from there and need to transfer them over to the new computer. It's a good thing that the old PC is backward-compatible with my removable storage drive. The connection interface back then was considered quite new, but few of the computers back then had it. There was also a lack of a local area network interface port to connect the computers together.

Let's see: plug it into the socket, switch it on, and wait until it finishes loading the desktop. This process could take a while. It's amazing how fast today's computer could do this.


I saw two icons on the desktop that I did not see the last I used this PC: a video and a folder. Both were positioned at the center of the desktop. I looked at the file properties and it said that it was created after school on my birthday last year, but the modified date is about 15 years into the future: double of what I had already lived through since birth! How on earth did the files get there? Recalling back, that weird principal in my school did say that a girl named Saeko Hisakawa who traveled from the future and transferred the files to my PC in a hurry as she might have heard the people who came to my house for the party.

Hold on... Saeko Hisakawa from a year into the future, and it happened almost a year ago, so...

Hisakawa... Hisakawa... Isn't that the name of the name of the odd girl I met earlier? She had a great resemblance to Itsuki in many ways, but he never had any siblings and all of his cousins had different family names.


That Saeko girl is my boyfriend??? Oh great, now what? The feeling of being attracted to is missing despite knowing that the girl is Itsuki. Strange...

How do I marry him? I need to find out how and why he turned into a girl and turn her back into a guy. And what's with the clone? I know the girl I talked to wasn't the person herself as I noticed a lag and the tone people only speak in when ill (and hard to pretend) despite looking perfectly fine. Either way, she was the one who saved me, but I should not ask her about it as that event might not have happened yet.

Since the computer is quite old, the video is not playable on it. In order to be able to, I would have to transfer it to the new computer just so I could play it. Maybe the folder that came with it too.


I don't get the video: it seems to be of a CCTV footage with train tracks, roads that run parallel to it, and a railroad crossing clearly visible. On top of that, it seems to be recorded on a December afternoon. The year of it, however, is... next year!

Curious on what the video is about, I continued on watching.


Nothing out of the ordinary happened until I saw myself entering into view. The odd part about it was that I was wearing the summer uniform in what obviously appears to be winter and can see myself shivering in the cold.

But why am I wearing it?

As though out of nowhere, two men who blended with the snowy ground suddenly pounced and restrained me, poured a bottle of something into both of my eyes, spun me around several times, pushed me into the middle of the tracks, and ran away. What was that for?

The video, however, continued on to show that I was in pain and had both hands on my eyes. I then saw the rail crossing barrier being lowered and I was still on the tracks, running around aimlessly in a panicked state. Why am I doing that?

Bystanders were shouting at me, which was when I noticed that both of my eyes were missing (WHAT?) and an oncoming train. Then...


I was hit by that train and laid there motionless with a lot of blood surrounding me. I look weird without my eyes, and was that running around aimlessly because I could no longer see anything? Come to think of it, I relied too much on my eyes to get around... Me being placed in a bag and the police cordoning of the area later on confirmed that I had died.

...I will die just like that? Lame, but not impossible. I don't know what to say. Am I going to die just like that in just next year? I think the fact that I had watched the video of my own death from the future might have caused some kind of time paradox as compared to not knowing anything until it actually happened. Heck, how would I know that the video I just watched has dramatically changed my future until it has happened? Still, will it happen no matter what I do? I can't tell, and it would be too late when I do.

Part 15 | Part 17

25 August 2009

419th post - Plans to change username

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(written on 1 August 2009)

I have been using the nicknames the1iam and asuna888 concurrently, but those seem quite old and in some ways unoriginal.

The reason why I didn't change is that both are linked from number of sites too many to manage if I were to change:
the1iam is used on a lot of my links and would be broken if I were to change it.
asuna888.blogspot.com appears to be linked from a lot of sites I have no control over and even appears near the top in search engine page results if people were to enter certain phrases. Also, I used that as my nick in a lot of places now.
There are also other nicks like fnfd (shortened from flyernofoolsday) and sobadeniyoukoso (a pun on the title of a Summer 2006 anime), but I didn't like it and was either stuck with it or changed to something else.

Oh, fnfd now seems to be used by a lot of people from financial/soccer organization to a fire department.

Why do I even think of changing? Here's why (besides being old):
the1iam: It's supposed to be pronounced as the-one-i-am, people seem to misread it as the-one-liam due to "1" (one) appearing a lot like "l" (lower case L). It came from a word play on the phrase "I am the one." but, there are too many "the one"s around.
asuna888: While writing this, I actually thought of keeping this.

What will happen to my blogs that has "-layout" or "-updates" in the name if I were to change the1iam? I haven't decided yet. The fact that there's even a "-[something]" means that I can't think of anything. I probably won't even mention what it is when I do, to prevent imposers. I might quietly change it though. As mentioned in this post, I had used confusing or long names in the past and don't want to repeat it. (Crap, that link I just put up might break if I were to change.) Need to look around for ideas...

How would you be able to get back here if I were to change it? Hmm... You could head to the Japanese version at 虹を追いかけて.blogspot.com (xn--n8jos8fqkx000ci6n.blogspot.com if your browser can't support non-ASCII text for the url), or my other blogs like nijitoki or asuna888.

However, I don't want to change it because, not only would it cause inconvenience to you readers and linked to my posts, I would also change a lot on my end from inter/trans-blog posts, where the stats and banners should be looking at, and... other things that would take up too much of my precious time. But I have to as I don't like it and it causes a lot of confusion when handwritten, especially when "1" is written to look a lot like "l".

21 August 2009

Alternate Dimension (Part 30)

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Throughout the day, I played the leading role for Kotomi's class of 2-1 several times to the visitors. I didn't pay any attention to what I was doing or what the play was about as my body moved by itself, just as I was "programmed" to do yesterday. Since I'm feeling bored being stuck here, so I'm going to take a look at what Saeko is up to now.


Ugh, Mamiko is reading my mind and is seeing what I'm seeing right now just because she's bored when acting in Kotomi's class. I can't stop her from doing that because, technically, the body I'm in now was originally hers, but she is now stuck with her clone's body. Still, it's giving me the creeps. How did I end up in this body, I don't know. I don't even know who I was prior to that. The only memories I have are what this body had, which are obviously not mine. (It's stranger that I am able to think of that.) I bet she's happy with that cloned body of hers since she no longer needs to feed herself or head to the toilet. The weird part is that if someone did things that would kill her, her body reacts as though she actually is dying, complete with real blood, realistic reaction to it, and having difficulty moving or speaking as time passed by. However, in her mind when this is all going on, she's actually all right, and can only move and revert back to her healthy self when nobody, except me or someone we trust, is looking. It's her body's mechanism to deceive the killers that she has actually been killed by them. She is however, annoyed with the part of not being able to move as she wants to when it happens. So much for being invincible: it's useless when trying to stop someone with a lot of weapons or helpers without avoiding their attacks.

Last night, she came home with that Kenjiro guy even though, in her mind, she doesn't want him to, but the words that came out of her mouth says otherwise. I had to hide, because she hasn't introduced me to him yet and that I look exactly like her. Wasn't hard as the house is quite large: if you were to enter via the main entrance, it would look just like the other units in the apartment building, which itself forms a small percentage of the total area of the house that is hidden behind a door that guests are least likely to open. Anyway, sometime after she took a shower, I actually find myself blushing for no apparent reason and I found myself sitting on a seat with sticky liquid of some sort. Huh? I thought that seat was dry? I even touched the seat with my hands before seating down and felt nothing! Where did it come from? If it's an air-con leak, it wouldn't be sticky and I didn't bring any drink of any sort here... I'm puzzled as to what happened.

I met up with Kotomi's siblings. To Mamiko, this would mean seeing them again. They really can't tell me apart from her. Since she is controlling me now, what she said to the oldest sibling about telling me apart from her would be useless unless they were to look out for something not obvious. When she's in control of me, I can only watch. If she lets me, control the other one. It's hard to be someone whom I'm not, except that I am forced to.


What on earth was Saeko thinking about? I can tell it has something to do with me... Anyway, I took over control of her and met up with Kousei, Izumi, and Shin'ichi again. They were at the building opposite Kotomi's classroom of 2-1.

Izumi: "Eh? Weren't you supposed to be helping Kotomi-oneechan's classmates with the performance? What are you doing here? Aren't you the leading actress of it?"

Shin'ichi was looking for the barely visible distinguishing factor between my original and cloned bodies which gave him the wrong impression of something else. I can tell from the whispers of the people around me.

Me: "Well, I got bored from the monotonous acting, so I took care of it. And Shin'ichi, I know what you are trying to do, but the way you're doing it gives the people around us the wrong impression."

Kousei: "Huh?"

I'm confusing myself if continue to keep a secret about the other me. Not to mention that people might have already seen the 2 of us together or not too long earlier. I don't see the point of keeping this so-called secret.

Me: "Shin'ichi, I did tell you earlier that there are two of me, right?"

He nodded. The other two were shocked.

Me: "And that the two of us behave differently, right?"

Shin'ichi: "Yes, you are the one whom I talked to this morning, but I don't see you wearing that inside even though you said you can't remove it."

Kousei: "What are you two talking about?"

Me: "Well, if you all come to Kotomi's classroom with me, you'll know why."

It shouldn't take that long to get there, but the crowd made it harder to get around. The students in charge of admission outside class 2-1 recognized Kotomi's siblings, but got a shock when they saw me. In a state of panic, he look at the me with the siblings and the me acting currently inside. He didn't say anything, but he let all of us in without paying or waiting in the line. An acting section has just ended. People of 2-1 were shocked to see the both of us.

Me: "Oh, don't mind me. I'm just her twin sister dropping by to watch."

Izumi (whispering): "T-There are t-two of y-you! W-What i-is g-going on?"

Me (whispering): "The one right here is like an android, but was originally a human. Since my mind is merged with it, I can control it as though I am that android. The drawback is that my mind is somewhat trapped in it because of that and can't control my original body for long, which should be shortly before the festival ends today. It's strange for me to say this, but I was actually programmed to perform today's act by your sister."

Kousei (whispering): "Speaking of Kotomi-oneechan, she's been acting rather weird lately."

Me (via cloned body): "Oh, that's because..."

Ack, my voice came out from over there. A sign that I'm losing control of my original body for a while.

Me (whispering): "...I travelled to the future and your future selves showed me about an tragic incident that is to happen in Winter next year."

I explained what it was about after we headed to the computer room Kotomi dragged me to earlier that now has the "Authorized Personnel Only" sign on the outside. I also mentioned that the files were placed on her old computer at her birthday last year, but she never saw it until some days ago.

Izumi: "You mean that it will happen?"

Me: "Only if she is not aware of it taking place. Though this could change, like how changing the past affects the present. Since she and all of us know now, this could change, but we don't know if they would still attack her or how differently."

Kousei: "But what can we do? I can only think of stopping them, which is impossible for me."

Me: "And if their attacks hit my other body, I would be limited in movement and can't do anything for a while. Really get killed if they go after the one I'm in now."

The door suddenly opened. It's Kotomi! She's also wearing the student council and organization committee armbands.

Kotomi: "Well, I wanted to keep it a secret, but this involves my life. Unlike Hisakawa-san here who has somewhere to fall back to that can't die, I fear that I would fade into nothingness if it were to actually happen, especially when I have not yet experience life in full before even becoming an adult. I think I can reprogram you so that attacks would not penetrate you and prevent your body from going into a 'pretending-to-be-dead/killed' mode."

The way she addressed me was as though she neither knew nor care about me. She also looked at me for a while but had a sigh of disappointment.

Kotomi: "I forgot... The one capable of what I just said is not here. Saeko, bring her to your workplace at the end of the day. I will be there. I have a lot of things to do now."

At that point she left. She didn't even let us say anything, not that we have anything to say. However, her eyes says something completely different, something that her straight-to-the-point tone of voice did not give a hint of. She's quite good at hiding her true emotions and only showed her true feelings to me. She didn't this time because her siblings are with me.

Izumi: "See? She's acting weird."

"How did she know we are here?"

Me: "She was the one who placed that sign outside and she programmed today's act for me here."

Izumi: "Booking a room for the whole day just to tell us this?"

Me: "Well, this room is rarely used, not to mention that it was never planned to be used at all during the festival. People won't come in here even if that sign weren't there."

Shin'ichi: "Wait... Hisakawa-san? Weren't you that mysterious girl who dragged around a dead body in a wheelchair I saw during the holiday trip with our cousin's classmates not too long ago?"

Me: "Erm, that wasn't a dead body. It's just paralysed and can't do anything even if it wanted to. Had to let customs check the heart or use a mind reader to prove that it's not a dead body even though it looks like it. Since a part of me was her, I can say that it's frustrating that people do what you don't want them to do, but unable to do anything about it. But yes, the two of them are me."

Shin'ichi: "You didn't make your presence known to us. No wonder I didn't notice you, not to mention that I don't recognize you as a girl back then."

Me: "Speaking of which, why wasn't your memory about me modified like everyone else? Only employees of my company did not have theirs modified."

Shin'ichi: "Well, onee-chan brought me to her workplace for help with uncle in the middle of May. The place is messy and searching around is hard with the place in a mess. It took me whole night. So, in some ways, I was working for them or was inside one of the buildings of the company when whatever happened to you happened."

Izumi: "Our memory of you?"

Kousei: "Modified?"

It looks that I have a lot of explaining to do that could take all day. I lost interest in the school festival anyway.

Chapter 6
Part 29 | Part 31

[Author's note: Part 29 seem to have a lot of conflicts with earlier parts...]

17 August 2009

397th post: Unsure on continuing

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(written on 12 June 2009)

I know I had just recently published "An Unexpected Wish (Part 3)" just last week, but I can't really think of anything to write for it. "The Story of a North High Student", as you can tell, is not an original of mine, so I won't be continuing that. Part 15 of "An Original Story By Me" was written as the final (though I did feel that it is abrupt) as the timing seems to be the best to end at as finding out the truth and various events had already happened and can't really think of anything else. However, the storyline does coincide with the 2nd story (Alternate Dimension) which itself is closely related to the 3rd story (Tokihi).

Since I know how to write the 3rd story, that would continue on. I may write in a different perspective of any of my stories or expand/edit existing parts. "Alternate Dimension Part 1.1" is one such example. Since the 3rd story is closely related to the 2nd story, I would have a rough idea of what to write for the latter, but since the 3rd story is behind in the timeline, it may take a while. I should also avoid writing about cultural festivals as those have the most to write for a 1-day event, but can't be helped due to the relevance to the storyline. Time paradox/travel make things more complicated though...

I think the titles of the 1st and 4th stories should be swapped...

15 August 2009

421st post: Addressing me

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(written on 2 August 2009)

When people address me by my surname, I feel weird as even though my full name contains what they had called me, it feels as though they are calling someone else, especially when addressed formally.

On a related note, the previous entry (419th post), I mentioned about changing my username. Well, that has now been just been reduced to coming up with a good name to replace the1iam due to confusion to how much "1", "l" and "I" look alike and with so many the ones around. Examples of names I have spent a lot of time thinking in the recent past include injuration.blogspot.com and nijitoki.blogspot.com.

(Looks at post date)

Oh wait, the 419th post is not scheduled to be published until 25 August 2009, 10 days after this post. In case you where wondering what the 420th post was, it's not scheduled to be out until 3 September 2009 with the title: "Disoriented Feelings (Part 17)".

I know the numbering is confusing, but it's done by the nth post and not when they come out. Like how the previous published is numbered 377 and the next is 397, but scheduled posts (except stories) do indicate when it was written so as to answer why my latest posts might contain outdated info. Also, stories are not numbered except by what part it is.

12 August 2009

An Unexpected Wish (Part 3)

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Since that day, Nanami has gotten over the grieving of her family. However, she still feels lonely in the large empty house. It's impossible to get around without being reminded of her family.

Nanami has been living at this house since she was born. Her parents met each other somewhere in the capital, rent an apartment, and accumulate enough money to settle down into the current house. Since it was newly built when they bought it, the house is of the same age as Nanami herself.

Until Nanami was 10 years old, she had never met her relatives before as they live quite far away. Most of her relatives, including her grandparents, live in Hyogo Prefecture. However there is a family she is related to in Nagano Prefecture, which is also close to the capital, but would take the whole day to get to. The odd thing about this particular family is that in the family tree, the father is at the same level as her, but is a lot older. He has a lot of children, of which, the third oldest child is just a year older than her. Their mother, though not linked to Nanami's family line, is the younger sister of the director of a well known company in the country with branches all over the world. Nanami doesn't know what that company does other than what is publicly available.

Nanami has a lot of memories of the town she grew up in: from the time her brother rescued her from the river, played games with the other children, the annual summer festival with fireworks viewable from far away, among other things strong enough to not want to move out. Even to her relative's place.

Out of concern of Nanami not having relatives living near her, Nanami's grandmother, Ajisai Miyazawa (宮澤 紫陽花 | あぢさゐ), moved out from one of her uncle's house and into hers. Asaji's father, Nanami's great-grandfather, was killed during the second world war and, even earlier, her mother died from a disease that could have been cured with today's medical technology. Being conservative, if they had been alive for a bit longer, Ajisai would not have married her late husband, Mikhail Gorbachev (Михаил Сергеевич Горбачёв), due to his non-Japanese background. She has went through times that were worse than her granddaughter.

At first, Nanami did not want her grandmother to move in, but when her grandmother said that Nanami is quite lonely most of the time and doesn't really know how to take care of herself, seeing at how frequent she eats out or the amount of instant noodles and junk food she had bought, Nanami eventually gave in. Nanami wasn't sure whether to hate her or if this was a good idea as she knows little about her grandmother. She also wonders how her grandmother knew the type of food she had been eating right up to the specific brand and flavoring. After she moved in, she tries not to disturb Nanami, but be around when Nanami needs her.

It wasn't until Nanami recalled a particular science topic about human reproduction that she doesn't know how she existed, or why she is so attached to the couple she has been calling "mother" and "father" for as long she could remember: she is their offspring. Now she knows what her mother said in the strange dream she had while drowning in the pool meant. However, she is also shocked on what her body is able to do: being able to create offspring of her own, but would need a male partner. That would explain a lot on why guys are so interested in girls and the unexplained feeling of why Nanami would want to attract guys.

Part 2 | 日本語版 | Part 4

09 August 2009

422nd post

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I have stuff lying around and I don't know what to do with them.
  • a 1997 PC & 15" CRT monitor: Obviously considered "ancient" by today's standards. It's so slow that I can't play YouTube videos at normal quality without lagging. Let's not even talk about 720p videos.
  • VHS tapes: They are seriously taking up a lot of space, but the contents are not important or have digital/DVD/BD versions.
  • Old game console: GameCube, (1st Gen) Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced/SP/Color, PS2 and their accessories, games, cables, etc. I haven't touched any of them lately.
  • Assignment books/papers from primary & secondary education and learning centres: Not only are they old, they contain written work I had done, but I don't even look at them now. They take up the same space (or more) than the VHS tapes. Should I keep them for future use or something my (future) children to look at?
  • Empty shopping bags & boxes, used batteries, and 2008 calenders: Seriously, why am I keeping them?
  • Reams of paper: You know, those used for printing you see in offices. I get them faster than I can use them.
  • Unused PC casing/parts: I actually want to make money for getting rid of them and some of which are spoilt or are considered outdated. It's heavy and contains a lot of plastic and metal.
  • Burnt & Unburnt recordable/rewritable CDs/DVDs: They take up space, but still less compared to those papers & video tapes. Should I copy the data to a hard disk drive? Some of them have difficulty reading, but how much space do I need, and what will I do with the discs after that?
  • Cardboard boxes: Some are big, some are small, some are empty, some are used to hold what I mentioned above. They look unsightly as they are of different shape and sizes, not to mention worn out.
  • Etc.
Looks like I have a lot to do. Ugh, look at the dust around too...

08 August 2009

Disorientated Feelings (Part 15)

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I woke up late the following day, so I was almost late when I arrived in school. However, I didn't see Itsuki today. Well, today is only a half day, being a Saturday, so it is possible that he either skipped classes, or headed home early. However, I didn't see him the following Monday, so is he really sick?

I went to class 2-6, Itsuki's classroom. I asked everyone, including his best friend, Kenjiro Tanigawa, about his whereabouts.

Student A: "Oh, Miyazawa-san! What are you doing here?"

Me: "Do you guys happen to know what happened to Itsuki?"

Student A: "Itsuki who?"

What do you mean "who"?

Me: "Itsuki Hisakawa! My boyfriend and your classmate! Ugh! Tanigawa-san, do you know where he is?"

Kenjiro: "Who? Sorry, I there's nobody I know with that name."

How can his own best friend not know who he is? I noticed that his desk is unoccupied and I pointed at it.

Me: "Then who sits there?"

There was a pause. It seems that they did not realize that there was an empty seat there until I pointed at it. Huh? That table is positioned somewhere at the front left if you were to be facing the blackboard.

Student B: "Nobody has been sitting there since the school year started."

Me: "Argh!"

I left the classroom out of anger. They are useless to talk to, but I can sense that they were genuinely not knowing who I'm talking about. I talked to the teachers, and they don't know him. I went to his shoe locker, and I noticed that his name is missing. Looking inside, there's nothing. Not even the indoor shoes. I tried to call him, but I get a message from the operator that the number is not in use. What the hell?

(I thought I saw a girl I never saw before from my cousin's school that looks somewhat like him. She didn't see me, but we alighted at the same station and was walking towards my colleague whom works at that branch.)

I even went to his house, but to my horror, another family is living there. And looking at the things scattered around, it looks like they have been staying there for a long time. I started to break down in tears.

Itsuki, where are you? Why does it seem that you no longer exist? Why does it seem that I'm the only one that knows him? Itsuki! Itsuki!

I wanted to propose to say that I love him, but he mysteriously disappeared from me just as I was about to. Not only from me, but also from the memories of the people around me too, as though he never existed and that I'm the odd one out.

From then on, I remained depressed that nothing would cheer me up. Not even mom cooking for me my favorite food. Since I have a lot of free time that would have otherwise been spent with Itsuki, I finally decided to join the student council. They had been pestering me to join since last year because of my characteristics and popularity. Also, I have been writing a lot of programs and debugging them. Good thing I have my laptop, because the time of being bored in the train could be spent writing code, that is, if the train driver were not to suddenly accelerate and break at each station and random places along the way that I don't know why we are stopping for, but that's quite rare.

Well, uncle and Aiko are babbling about something the following month, but I'm too depressed to care. Neither am I interested in going for a holiday with my cousin's classmate. However, all of my siblings (except Kuniko, who is only in kindergarten) are interested.

*sigh* I'm hard for the upcoming festival starting from around more than halfway through the summer holidays. I don't see the purpose of working so hard. Maybe I'm just too depressed over Itsuki being missing for quite some time now.

That night, however, I saw a news report that caught my attention. The news was about a girl of the same age as me being brutally stabbed. Mamiko Hisakawa and her sister, Saeko Hisakawa... those are the names my cousin has been babbling a lot lately. Come to think if it, she did tell me that that Saeko suddenly appeared on the same day Itsuki disappeared from mine, and Mamiko some time before the holidays. In both cases, my cousin seems to be the only one to notice their sudden appearance. Everyone else seem to think that they been there all the while. She didn't dare ask the Hisakawa sisters about it.

Looking past the bloody footage, I noticed that the faces of those girls resembles a lot like Itsuki's parents. Hmm, I wonder...


While helping people with the decoration, I have been hearing a lot of rumors that someone from my cousin's school has been appearing here a lot lately. I don't know why she's here, and neither have I seen her. Hold on, if she is from there, she could be a spy from there to see what we are up to as her school would have their own festival (and on a grander scale) earlier than my school. Sure enough, I caught her wondering around. Being the organizing committee and a student council member, one of my duties is to stop trespassers, though I stop her out of reaction to a stranger wondering around than knowing what my role is. My authority did, however, stop her dead in her tracks.

Me: "Hey you! Stop!"

She turned around to face me. She was trembling.

Me: "I have been hearing a lot of a girl like you wondering around here with that uniform and...."

Eh? Her face is the same as what I saw in that news report. Where have I seen that face before? I've a feeling that I have seen it a lot of times prior to this month...

Hmm, that girl... is she my boyfriend? But it's a girl and Itsuki's a guy. She looks a lot like his parents, but he never had any siblings. Thinking further back, I did felt something weird with my head. Is it that weird feeling that prevented me from my memory of something being modified? My company is known for making weird, but useful things. Itsuki was working on something that could make things change in some ways the night before he disappeared. Back in February, he did look like he is fed up with life. Hold on...

Me: "AH! Now I remember! You were that Itsuki Hisakawa-kun I bumped into last year! I didn’t recognize you at all in that female body with that outfit. Even your voice is different. I heard from Professor Hirano (my uncle) that you had dramatically transformed that you don’t even recognize yourself. Oh, I didn’t tell you this before, but I work in the same company as you, but at the hospital department. That's why you did not see me. I’m not sure if it was you, but I did hear someone who has the same family name, but different given name, being admitted there after being hit by those bad guys. Am I right?"

Crap, I said that without thinking or making sure.

[Author's note 2: I know the below looks confusing or a typing error, but it is mentioned in Part 19 of the 2nd story that Saeko has fallen ill and is now taking control over Mamiko.]

Mamiko: "Er, you are correct in some ways. I do work in the same company as you, but I don't get what you were saying earlier, Kotomi-chan."

I knew it, though I wasn't expecting a reaction like that. Wait, did she call me by my given name instead of my family name? I haven't even introduce myself! Wait, what's with that "-chan" suffix? Only my family and boyfriend use that to call me... Must be hearing things...

Me: "Would you like to look around?"

Mamiko: "Sure! Why not?"

Part 14 | Part 16
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Author's note: The pace is a lot faster than my 2nd story, which already covers a lot of the person the protagonist of this story was referring to.

05 August 2009

377th post: It's my birthday today...

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(written on 13 May 2009)

Today, August 5th, is my birthday. I turn 20 today.

Apart from restrictions lifted from when I turned 18, another set of restrictions would be lifted. However, this would also mean that I would become an adult, though not officially until 2010. Being born in August, I spent more than half of the year in the previous age number (eg. 14 for most of 2004, even though I turn 15 that year).

As I was born around 14:30 GMT, my birth date could have been on the 6th if it were to be just a little later or in the GMT+10 and later timezones which covers most of the Oceania area. Not sure about Brisbane, which is in the GMT+9:30 zone.

02 August 2009

Disorientated Feelings (Part 14)

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(continued from Part 13)

After a long day of exploring the capital, we headed back home with my new computer. I can't wait to try out this new computer. I had also bought a new mobile phone as the previous one looked quite old with the bi-directional navigation buttons and the monochrome screen. I also like the clamp-shell design and that small screen on the outside so I can check who's calling without opening the phone. Also helps preventing pressing keys by mistake: my friends kept complaining to me that I had called them but didn't say anything even though I didn't, except that the call logs said that I did. What a nightmare.

When reached home, the first thing I did was to put aside the old computer by disconnecting the wires and placed it on the floor. I notice that the area underneath where the old PC stood was dirty, so I had to clean that before placing the new one there. Since it's a mobile computer and not a desktop one, there are fewer wires to deal with. I carried the old computer to the storeroom without doing anything to it for the last time. There's nothing important in it, since the last I used it a long time ago. I don't want to use it now partly because it's too old to run the latest software. Ohh, the new notebook PC is shiny! I can switch between this OS and that OS whenever I turn it on. Of course, I have to do it myself. Let's see, I have to create a user account for both with a password, download updates, and all the other stuff. Oh, before I even connect to the internet for the first time with it, I should enable the firewall too. I wonder what programs can I make with it...


I don't know if I would care about this news, but the apartment complexes in the area where Hiroko and Itsuki live and work has just been completed. It looks quite nice from inside the train. I never thought it would look like that when it was under construction.

Anyways, Valentine's Day is just 10 days away, Friday February 4th. Oh, I don't know what to give to Itsuki... Speaking of him, he told me his parents came home the other day, but left again as they were posted to a job overseas. I headed to his class to pick him up and head home together, but I didn't see him there. His bag was at the table though.

Student A: "Oh? You're looking for Hisakawa-san, right? Our previous teacher brought him to the staff room or something to discuss about something. Something to do with his grades I heard. It's almost the end of our first school year."

Kenjiro: "Ah, I'm a close friend of his. From what I observe, his grades have been falling. He already barely manage to get into this school."

His grades have been falling? I though I had been teaching him all along, being the top scorer in school and his girlfriend... Was he too nervous during the exam to think?

The lecturing seem to be going on forever. I sat at a desk next to his and waited patiently. The sun was already starting to set when he reached back. From the window, I could see the sports clubs starting to store their equipment. Was it a long lecture? Being asked to do something as punishment? Or were there other people before him? I dare not ask because I fear it might make him feel worse when I do. Since I like him, I don't mind him asking me the same thing for a repeated number of times, unlike everyone else.

Me: "So how did it go?"

He wasn't expecting to see me in there, but was relieved when he did. He looked as though he's at the verge of crying.

Itsuki: "Ah, I tried my best and with your help, but my grades are still falling. The teachers said that if this trend continues, I might have to... have to... and... *sob*"

I can already see him crying, saying that he's sick of life. He must be feeling bad. I have to cheer him up before it gets worse. I kissed him on the lips as a hint that I like him. I can't get closer to him because my breasts are in the way and are already touching him. It became apparent that I am shorter than him. Then again, it's typical for girls to be slightly shorter than guys of the same age. It seems the opposite when I was in the latter part of primary school though.

Like magic, after I kissed, it seems that he has become more motivated. And somewhat more happier.


My brother has managed to get into a private middle school. In terms of ranking, it's somewhere between mine and Aiko's academy. The academy is too large for him, and public schools don't really allow thinking out of the box. It may be good for those who aren't well with grades, but for someone in the family of smart people (except maybe my parents; I might have indirectly inherited my grandparent's genes via mom that was also passed to my uncle), it's not good and limits their abilities.

With me working and with uncle's help, our family expenses has been reduced and the slow change of old, almost-unusable, things being replaced with new ones. Did I mention that there's air conditioning in my room now? Well, I'll only need it if I feel too hot though. Of course, him already starting school there means that I have already started my second year.

I feel so happy with him now that I want to propose to Itsuki sometime this week. It's almost a year since we first met. I'm so exited! We had lunch at the rooftop earlier today and I look forward to more of it.

That evening, I called Shin'ichi over to my workplace to help our uncle to clean up the mess. Our uncle can't just call anyone due to sensitivity of the information of the scattered documents. A family member is more trustworthy than an employee who is an outsider that may unknowingly steal infomation and give to other companies or, worse, use for evil things.

It took us quite a while to get things done, but my cousin and uncle joined us when they were done with work, so that speed things up. However, even though with all that help, we were only done sometime past midnight. I could have called my other siblings, but they are not mature enough to help with the situation. In fact, they could do more harm by running around, yelling and screaming, and tearing stuff. I'm just exhausted.

I noticed that my head fells weird at some point in time when we were almost done with cleaning. I don't know what happened, but everyone in the room felt the same way at the same time. What is going on? It didn't seem like an earthquake, as nothing fell and broke, neither was the ground shaking. Why is my head the only one that felt it?

At that moment, my uncle received a call from someone informing that one of the candidates chosen from last year's programming convention was killed in an accident: He was in a taxi when a speeding truck crashed into it at a traffic intersection. My cousin recognized him as a classmate's childhood friend, who is currently in a coma somewhere in the hospital.

(to be continued in Part 15)

[Author's note: In case you haven't realized, this is the point where my first and second stories starts, with some parts indirectly mentioned above. Oh, and the valentine's special of the second story too.]

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