421st post: Addressing me

(written on 2 August 2009)

When people address me by my surname, I feel weird as even though my full name contains what they had called me, it feels as though they are calling someone else, especially when addressed formally.

On a related note, the previous entry (419th post), I mentioned about changing my username. Well, that has now been just been reduced to coming up with a good name to replace the1iam due to confusion to how much "1", "l" and "I" look alike and with so many the ones around. Examples of names I have spent a lot of time thinking in the recent past include injuration.blogspot.com and nijitoki.blogspot.com.

(Looks at post date)

Oh wait, the 419th post is not scheduled to be published until 25 August 2009, 10 days after this post. In case you where wondering what the 420th post was, it's not scheduled to be out until 3 September 2009 with the title: "Disoriented Feelings (Part 17)".

I know the numbering is confusing, but it's done by the nth post and not when they come out. Like how the previous published is numbered 377 and the next is 397, but scheduled posts (except stories) do indicate when it was written so as to answer why my latest posts might contain outdated info. Also, stories are not numbered except by what part it is.


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