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Today (at night), i did tracing of an image with a 2B pencil, eraser, 2 A4 sized paper, a flat surface and a LCD monitor (though I recommend using a CRT monitor or a projector that produces images on the wall) to help me do the tracing. What I have traced can be found on volume 6 of the "Welcome to the N.H.K.! / N・H・Kによこそ!". Scans of it can be found via bittorrent, though chances of being able to download, let alone become complete, are reduced as times goes by. How much it is reduced depends on how long it has been out and how popular it is. Anyway here are the images. The photographed version on the left and the scanned version on the right: (click on image to view in full size) It seems that tracing is much faster than vectorizing although vectorizing is useful if you want to make the image larger without it appearing to be very pixelated.

I am bored

Since i'm so bored ( PangyaSEA is under maintainence at time of typing), i decided to post random pictures I found on various blogs. (The ">>Next blog" link seem to keep switching between the center and the right, sometimes none at all. That is so annoying)

what a waste of time

Friend called me late in the morning. He offered me to watch a movie in Bedok at a cinema behind McDonalds. Went there on time but never showed up and found that the cinema was closed. He then called me and followed his directions to meet him. In the end, about 15 minutes later, he decided not to go. Took the train from Bedok station to HarbourFront station. Entered B2 of VivoCity from the station. Rode up the escalator to 3F from B2. There was a rooftop pool there with a view of Keppel Harbour and Sentosa Took several pictures there. Went to Orchard Road from there. Walk around there aimlessly until I reached Books Kinokuniya inside Takashimaya shopping center before heading back. Remembered that the underground link between Wistma Atria and Orchard station is closed due to construction works above it. Waited 6 minutes for the train to come. (It is normally 3 minutes) Transfered to East West Line from North South Line at City Hall. Noticed a lot of foreigners on the train and all of

letting you know

In case you are not aware, posts not relating to Anime can be found here . While posts in Japanese language (and some translations of the earlier mentioned blog and this blog) can be found here . (5 Dec 2006 edit: URL changed from fnfd-jap to asuna888) I'm not feeling well right now, probably because I have been cleaning my room extensively ( update ) I also plan to change the header image and converting the images on the bottom left of the page into thumbnails as the current ones are actually full size images that are resized and need to save bandwidth so that these images load faster (and "save our (imageshack) bandwidth").

Need to clean my room badly... (update 1)

( Read this if you want to know what this is about ) I have been making some progress... Images are taken from the same angle as those in the previous post. Picture 1: Picture 2: Picture 3: Picture 4: Picture 5:

Need to clean my room badly...

(I haven't been online lately due to O-Levels) It seems that my room is very messy and needs to be cleaned up badly. Although I had cleaned it up before, I only do one section which means that it gets messy again. So, to make more space (and not leaving things around the house; outside my room), I have to remove the junk like tissue boxes and tube (the cardboard thing at the center of the toilet paper/kitchen roll). While cleaning, I found old stuff (including empty food boxes with an expiry date in the year 2002). I will post pics later as i'm downloading 17 episodes of "mahou sensei negima" and "negima!?" (about 246MB and 173 MB each respectively) at the original time of post. Speaking of anime, I should be updating the "Anime i'm currently watching" section here and here . When it finishes downloading (or at least enough to upload images), I will post screenshots from the anime i'm currently watching. BTW, japanese anime that are broad

Zune theme

I was checking Paul Thurrot's SuperSite (that's the name of the site) if he had added a review on the final version of Windows Vista when I came across this article which has a link to download the Zune theme (for operating systems based on Windows XP) It looks nice, in fact, much better than the one than came windows XP. It look so similar to the theme that came with Windows Media Center Edition 2005, only that it's black instead of blue. The only thing I don't like is the orange coloured start button. It's too strong. And the font does not seem to work with cleartype (sub-pixel rendering, make text more readable on LCD screens) for text in languages such as Thai, Japanese, Chinese (both simplified and traditional) and Korean (although it works fine in Russian, Arabic, Greek). This would be troublesome if you try to read a 汉字/漢字 text with many strokes (eg. 憂鬱). However this can be sloved (except for things like the taskbar) by installing fonts that support


I just felt like posting this: If you were here a few days ago, you may have notice that I had hidden all of my real information in all languages in white, the background colour of the section there as I have put links to this blog from various sites where huge amount of people whom I don't know (unlike friendster, which is mostly my close friends), may come here. .            -‐ '´ ̄ ̄`ヽ、 .             / /" `ヽ ヽ  \ .         //, '/     ヽハ  、 ヽ .         〃 {_{ノ    `ヽリ| l │ i| .          レ!小l●    ● 从 |、i| nyoroーn .          ヽ|l⊃ 、_,、_, ⊂⊃ |ノ│    .        /⌒ヽ__|ヘ   ゝ._)   j /⌒i !      .      \ /:::::| l>,、 __, イァ/  /│ .        /:::::/| | ヾ:::|三/::{ヘ、__∧ | .       `ヽ< | |  ヾ∨:::/ヾ:::彡' | The above is best viewed in MS Pゴシック (MS P Gothic). By the way, In my english profile, I made most of the text in the last paragraph (below my info) in white and purposely make it in such a way that you can only see these words: gender, female, location, Japan. (The image and

Huh? What?

(Walking happily) "Lalalalala......" (Hears something and then turns around) (Sees something) キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!! (Remains frozen for a while before screaming) (Slowly open mouth) Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! (Runs away until that thing is out of sight) (Panting) "Wait a minute, what did I run away from?" Hehe, I was bored. XD XD XD BTW, to those who know me in person (my classmates, obiously), the O-Levels written paper starts on 6 November 2006 (37 days from now). That is not long now. (Looks at the above date) Huh?! That means that I should be studying now!!! Ps. That drawing I made has been uploaded at Imageshack .

New Layout

As you can see, I have changed the layout and added an image here. The prevous layout was one of the default layouts of and was boring. One more thing, my prelims are in just a few weeks and a major exam 2 months from now, so I don't have much time left to study. (P.s. Sometimes I ask myself why I chose pink as the colour for the layout.) 14 April 2007 edit: testing 123

Learning Japanese

Image - Useful tips on the Japanese language. A few years ago (around the year 2003), I became interested in the language. Even more so recently. (more about that at the bottom). Anyway, on a not-so unrelated note, an article on "The Sunday Times" (Singapore) on 30 June 2006 state that among those surveyed, 56% of the people in Singapore would like to emigrate and 4 in 5 would like to work overseas. (The following is copied directly from my YouTube profile ) This year, I am preparing for my GCE "O-Level" examinations which starts in October (the prelims is in September, oral in July/August). So I might spend most of my time revising and not have time for other things, including going to the internet. 140. I do understand some Mandarin Chinese, though to a certent extent. As for japanese, I can recognise most kana and some kanji characters. (eg. 今,日,水,私,北,時 and so on) The translator (the one i am using, one example is the text on th

This Blog... (and MSN/Windows Live Spaces)

I'm new to blogging in general and I normally don't type much (mainly because I don't know what to type). I don't really have anything specific to put here. So I might put random things like school to a particular anime. Below are blogs from my MSN Spaces (in reverse Chronological order): School carnival - 14 July 2006 16:03:54 On 15 July, there will be a carnival at my school. The thing is that everyone has to go and it lasts from 7:45am till 2pm. Not sure what to do there. (entering this from one of the auditorium room at Temasek Polytechnic) School - 25 June 2006 13:28:17 (i am entering this from the 17th floor of the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh) the new term is starting tomorrow. Since i am in Secondary 5, that would mean heavy revision of subjects until sometime before the actual o level around November. Too much things to study. (i scored an F9 on most of my subjects.) YouTube videos - 22 June 2006 13:12:16 I have recently (well 2 weeks before this post) created