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Chasing After Rainbows: Learning Japanese

30 July 2006

Learning Japanese

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TheJapanesePage.com - Useful tips on the Japanese language.

A few years ago (around the year 2003), I became interested in the language. Even more so recently. (more about that at the bottom).

Anyway, on a not-so unrelated note, an article on "The Sunday Times" (Singapore) on 30 June 2006 state that among those surveyed, 56% of the people in Singapore would like to emigrate and 4 in 5 would like to work overseas.

(The following is copied directly from my YouTube profile)

This year, I am preparing for my GCE "O-Level" examinations which starts in October (the prelims is in September, oral in July/August). So I might spend most of my time revising and not have time for other things, including going to the internet.
I do understand some Mandarin Chinese, though to a certent extent. As for japanese, I can recognise most kana and some kanji characters. (eg. 今,日,水,私,北,時 and so on)

The excite.co.jp translator (the one i am using, one example is the text on the channel info box) is more accruate than Altavista's babelfish (which everyone uses). So accruate that you may think that my Japanese is fluent. (Although I learned some by watching Anime. Though I have trouble reading Kanji chars besides those like the above example.) Since Chinese (of which Japanese originated from) is the 2nd most spoken languange in Singapore, though I can't understand (Mandrin) Chinese as much as Japanese.

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