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Chasing After Rainbows: August 2011

31 August 2011

New domain

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I have purchased a new domain for this blog.
the1iam.blogspot.com, and any posts/pages with that will now automatically redirect you to takhsiru.net. The new URL should work by 2nd September for everyone.

Note: takhsiru.blogspot.com would direct you to my anime blog instead.

27 August 2011

Disorientated Feelings (Part 39)

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The principal looked at me quite uneasily. He seemed as if he wanted to say something to me, but stop short of saying anything.

Me: "You said my mum would have 6 children back then, but there's only 5 now. Did I have an older brother?"

Principal: "Well, your mother was getting exhausted from being made pregnant and giving birth for 6 straight years after the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th child. We determined that she has lost the willpower to have another, so we let her have a break and had the 5th as the final one. You noticed that, in that video, there was a male child, but you recalled that they said that the baby was the first child. You also noted that, including you, there are only 5 children in the family, and you didn't have an older brother. Well, that baby was... er..."

Me: "What happened to him? He died before I was born?"

After quite a number of hesitation, he picked up the confidence to say it.

Principal: "That baby didn't die... you were that baby."

That sent me a moment of disbelief. The principal is not the type who would tell a joke about a person, but the logic from what I've learnt and experience doesn't seem right. There's no way I could have been born a boy...

20 August 2011

555th post:  (・_・)

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Although I'm not being paid to write the stories by me on this blog, or was asked by anyone to write, I need something to cover my day-to-day expenses. Since my focus is on my real life day-to-day activities, and those blog stories, my other blogs seems somewhat neglected. Twitter seems to have become the medium to talk about the updates to my blogs, though if I feel like I might want to search for it later on, or something so detailed that it wouldn't fit in a tweet, I might post it there.

Having received no comments on most of my posts, sometimes I wonder if people are even reading my blog. If I didn't have Twitter followers in the hundreds or have people following this particular blog (via Google Friend Connect widget), I might have felt demotivated to continue from the lack of support.

You know, these banners on this blog has been around for a while, but after a very long period of time (years), I've not made anything out of it. Oddly enough, the usual one, even though small, says that I'm not earning anything, which is a historic low since it started. However, the others, it's nothing and it's clear that I should remove them, to enable the site to load faster, and to you, possible less of an eyesore. (On second thought, my blog would look plain without them.) Maybe the FAQs might tell you more.

Oh, I'm working on "Disoriented Feelings" part 40 now, but it's not ready: I see very huge chunk of text that has not been broken down or edited.

13 August 2011

Alternate Dimension (Part 75)

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The day of the annual Powell Research meeting that I'm supposed to show up has arrived. I personally don't want to show up, but being the founder, my absence could lead to a negative reputation to many people. Some of the major reasons that I don't want to show up is that my Mizuho student uniform can't be removed until I graduate from there. I entered there only April this year, and Hatsuya Research had made me attend it.

Most of my employees almost never seen me in person as their founder, where photos of me were in in my formal corporate attire appear in the company's publications, and press releases from our clients, which I normally wear in official meetings. They have, however, seen me as the high school girl that runs around the company's premises daily, but they never see me as the founder or the schoolgirl as being the same person. The fact that I couldn't take the Mizuho uniform off to wear the formal one, on top of me having to attend the company meeting, is forcing me to reveal my double identities. If they were to look at me, they would notice 羽田奏 (Haneda Kanade) on the name tag of my Mizuho student uniform, and a supervisor-level pass with my photo and 久川沙江子 (Hisakawa Saeko) written on it. It's going to cause unavoidable confusion, but it can't be helped. Takagi knows about this, but I'm not sure telling her supervisor was a good thing either. It's been some weeks since I've told her, but there hasn't been any change of my employee's behavior when they see me.

The said meeting involves all of the supervisors, and a few plain-clothes people that I assume are shareholders. We are seated in such a way that the staff/visitor passes could not be seen clearly while seated. In past years, I am usually one of the last to enter the meeting room, so being in there early and everyone not knowing who I am does give me an idea of what people may be trying to hide. So far, nothing in particular to note, but some people were glancing at me.

The meeting started. They talked about peculiar things that happened since the last meeting, maintaining standards, and the company's finances.

05 August 2011

Teary Promise (Part 7)

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Waking up the following morning, it seems that yesterday was just a bad dream. Brother was the first person I saw when I left the room. I thought I had a nightmare of him being turned into a girl, and a very strong earthquake and tsunami happened.

Brother: "Oh, you're awake. I completely forgotten about it when I came back, but here's the thing I collected yesterday."

He brought me to his room and opened his school bag that was on the floor. He took out what seemed like video game casings with American and European gaming rating symbol on it instead of the local ones. He also took out some products that looked as if it were to be sold in many different countries, except Japan. Is this unnecessary spending?

Me: "How did you order these things?

01 August 2011

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