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Chasing After Rainbows: January 2011

30 January 2011

Alternate Dimension (Part 65)

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This happened after funeral of Nanami's parents and brother, but before Kotomi arrived back from her college graduation trip. A time long enough to know people inside Mizuho and knowing how to get around.

Since my first day here as a Mizuho student, it's strange that I have not heard of any complaints with the strangeness about the academy's uniforms that it's making them do. Nobody complained about not being able take it off, even for sports activities. Current students and a few people who have not been able to meet the condition to be able to remote the uniform, have practically been wearing it for months and its condition is the same as when brand new. There is a specific reason for this as, in Mizuho, everyone becomes a young woman both mentally and physically. (Coincidentally, the majority of the campus population are actual young females outside Mizuho.) This measure is to make sure that a person's true identity is not known, and have everyone not to have gender, race, age, or language be an excuse to not mingle with each other. The female gender was chosen for being the least likely to cause trouble, more likely to be loyal and intelligent, and doing everything with grace and beauty at the same time without feeling of being forced to.

The summer version of the uniform, which I've not seen until now since it was not issued or shown, only appears when the temperature for the day is around 30 degrees Celsius or higher. It's the raining season of the beginning of summer now, so we are still wearing the winter version due to the colder weather. If the temperature is at the borderline between hot and cold, you might see everyone alternating between the two versions, though nobody has control over it due to the same system that detects the wrong version being worn and morph it into the correct version automatically. I have never seen a man at all in the campus, not even a male teacher. All the girls here wear only skirts that are quite short, but, except for students, long and tight enough to be able to walk normally but unable to run or put one's own hand into it. None of the Mizuho uniforms have other types of bottom clothing. Anyways, enough of the uniform and on to what happened in the summer before Kotomi came back after her graduation from an American university.

03 January 2011

Disorientated Feelings (Part 35)

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I had started working for Mizuho since back in Middle School for being his favorite niece of his sister (my mother), doing little things like sorting things out. He would also ask me to help me with sensitive things that only trusted people or relatives could handle. I guess relatives are included since they can't really get away with confidential information, and least likely to betray.

Uncle Kenjiro just told me to just sign a blank employment information sheet to be officially become an employee then. I didn't think he was serious even back then as many of the people hired into Hatsuya Institute for anything other than customer service are required to have a minimum qualification of a college degree or prove that you could do something they are looking out for quite well, but I was only just a middle school student. His daughter was also employed the same way as me, which makes the two of us, and later Itsuki, the youngest employees at that time.

From the way I was treated, it seems almost as though I am the likely candidate to take over my uncle as the director of the company more than his own daughter. I never understood why. Also, he also gave financial support to my family with no questions asked for as far I could remember. I thought it was for mom being his younger sister and dad could not find good jobs, along with 5 children to support, but it almost as though it was related to that foreign-language document I saw accidentally about my mom dating from a few months short before my birth.

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