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Learning Languages

*poke* *poke*

Learning languages can be quite challenging. How difficult it is depends on the following things:
how much you already know that languagelanguages that you already know and how smilar they are to the language you are learning
the age you started learning it: the younger, the easierlearning ability
how you memorize iteverything else, because it affect your concentrationAs I have learn English since erm... I can't remember when exactly, but it appears that I somehow already knew some form of it prior to entering primary/elementary. Since I have learn it at some age, I can understand it better than my peers who started learning it later. I am able to understand various slangs, heavy accents derived from another language, official documents written in it, and obviously, menus and signs. On top of that, I am exposed to at least 15 different languages and dialects.

Despite the above, I, for some reason, am unable to start or continue a conversation with someone, due to me being…

list of spring 2008 anime that I have been watching

I rarely put up new blog entries less than 24 hours after the previous one on the same blog

With Summer 2008 anime approaching and have been paying attention to my anime watch list since early April this year, you would notice that those mentioned here (and here) are hardly mentioned under "likely to watch" are currently there and some of "not likely to watch" are actually listed.

For most of them, I would just watch 1 episode and see if it's good. But for some of them, I might watch more and sometime more than half-way through the series before dropping it. For anime that falls into the latter include:
Neo Angelique Abyss (just plain boring)
Kanokon (far too much intolerable sexual scenes than To LOVE-Ru; character design is decent, but the picture quality is like crap)
Kamen no Maid Guy (same as above; storyline doesn't seem to go anywhere; character design and picture quality looks like crap)
Wagaya no Oinarisama. (I actually fell asleep watching this)
Persona …

疲れた… (Tired)

What seem like a long day now seems shorter than usual. Today is the day my juniors of the 生徒会 officially entered.

Anyways, despite knowing that if I sleep for less than 9 hours, I ended up sleeping less than that. For going to sleep, I have the habit of sleeping around midnight, though it used to be at 2-3am. As for waking up, I woke up around 5:45am (obviously less that 9 hours latter) as my school is quite far to get to. If I were to take the train or bus , I have to leave by about 1-2 hours before class starts. However, if I were to go by taxi or car I can leave up to 30mins before, assuming that there are no irregular traffic jam along the way.

There was a drum performance in the morning, I think I fell asleep as I don't recall what exactly happened most of the time. In class, I also felt sleepy, but it's not so bad as compared to just a week ago where temperatures were about 5 degrees centigrade higher than normal that lasted for more than a month, until yesterday. During …

146th post

Above image is best viewed when wearing those "3D-glasses"

The exams are over! Now I can take a breather with all the crap pushed to me aside, for now. I have to admit, school is fun, but the lessons are getting harder and harder for me to understand that it seems that I'm getting further and further away from catching up. So, unless I'm really interested in the subject, I don't normally study for a subject, even if the exam is just the following day. :P

So anyways, I have translated the text of a chapter of To Love-Ru (とらぶる) not long ago due to the boredom I had when typing in the original language. It wasn't easy trying to translate as I had no references to the earlier chapters except for the anime (which at the time of this post, at episode 8). I know that there are errors in the translated version, but translating from a language from one to another that has a completely different sentence structure and writing system, inaccuracies can happen. Speaking of …

Long and very tiring day

I need a break...

Yesterday (24 May), was the outing for the 生徒会 (I somehow became a member of it), we went to an offshore island. We waited for a long time for everyone to arrive at the meeting point before heading there. As we reached the part of the island with a lot of people, we had lunch that wasn't so bad.

After eating, the members who organize the event explained that there would a racing game that is somewhat like a particular U.S. reality TV show (don't know why) where we run around the entire island searching for clues and doing some tasks. Before the start of the race, they told us to leave our belongings behind, which would be brought to the finishing line.

Searching for an unknown place was difficult at a place you aren't familiar with. The distance between places was quite far, but fortunately, air-condition transport and a map are provided, though not so as most of the locations they told us to go are like off-the-beaten-track kind of places. Thanks to the fac…

143th post: feeling sleepy

The hall where sports activities and performances are held.

Do you ever get the feeling of your eyes forcing themselves to close and your head moving uncontroably, possibly ending up on the shoulder of the person sitting next to you, even for a while?
Also, do you find yourself just before getting up, your body is annoyingly hard to move and that even the dimmest light that you first see very glaring?

Wait, what am I talking about? Oh yes, I was saying that later on today, that the Jan 2008 intake of SC would take place over there. I have yet to get ready, but shouldn't be that difficult.

I don't like my sister. She keeps nagging (in a loud voice) at me if she doesn't like what I had done. I also don't like the way she dresses too, from the clothes to the hairstyle. As for my parents, let's just say they are not so tech-savvy as they are born around the early 1960s. (I don't know how they met either.) So, I am old enough to make my stand to make decisions for myse…

142nd post

The last 4 images of the previous post would explain some of the busy things I'm going through this month, which includes test and various events that might not allow me to prepare the former. I wonder how much time I would be able to shave different my life would be if I didn't join the SC... In any case, I'm at the limit of handing the situation I'm in right now. Just don't make it worse by even nagging at me. (Asking whether I understood something more than twice in a row at a time is also considered nagging.) Add that to the current hot El Niño/Summer season and the La Niña/unusually cold winter that happened not too long ago.

The visitor map now shows increasing visitors from Japan, India, Europe, and North America. I wonder where exactly were they viewing. As for visitors from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philipnes (not sure about Singapore; too small to tell), they are mainly contributed by views to my friendster profiles. If you want to have your own, go to t…

141th post: Untouched photos on my phone

Motion blurrrrrrrrr............

When it comes to taking pictures, I wouldn't be the kind who would go into a photo frenzy and take almost everything I see, unless it's at a place beyond the 100km radius of where I live, which hasn't happened yet partly because I have never been overseas but I have seen those taken by other people to know what it's like there. You know, being there in person is better that seeing images of it on the screen. Besides a mobile phone with a built in camera, I have never taken a photo for quite a long time. At least 3 years ago. The only (real) digital camera I have lying at home is a 2-megapixel Fujifilm camera with a 16MB XD memory card. Compare that with my K850i's 5-megapixel and several MemoryStick Duo and SD/MMC cards with the current one at 2GB.

Here are some of the images that had been sitting on my SonyErricson W750i/K850i for quite some time. I know they look terrible, but it's better than nothing... (Due to lenghty HTML code…

To Love-ru (とらぶる) manga chapter 99 text

For no particular reason, I decided to type some of the text from the manga that appeared on Young Boy Weekly Jump (週刊少年ジャンプ) issue 24 (26 May 2008).

ララ:ゴメンね~ 妹たちが迷惑かけちゃって…
女性1:いいって いいって!
女性3:私らは何も気にしてないよね お静ちゃん?
???:キャッ ちょっとララちいってば
リト:(あれ以来 変にララの事意識しちまってる…)
リト:(あの時はとにかく 今の気持ちを言わなきゃって必死だったけど)
リト:(冷静になってみたら オレ…春菜ちゃんの前ですげー事言っちまったんだよな…)
春菜:私に声かけたら (好きかもしれない) ララちゃんに怒られるわよ
春菜:っていうか私 優柔不断な人はキライなの!!
春菜:さよなら ってか死んで
健一:おいリトー 昨日はララちゃん達とどこ行ってたんだー?
リト:(ああ…そうなっても仕方ねーよな… オレってばホントダメダメ君だ…)
校長:ルンちゅわ~ん なたセクシーなヨロイ姿見せて~~~
レン(女):来ないでよーーっ 私はリトくんのモノなんだからーー!!
レン(女):! やんっ
レン(女):(バナナ!?) なんのっ!!
リト:悩みがなさそーていいな 校長は…
リト:ああ そりゃもう…
春菜:…今日 ずっとうかない表情してるよね
リト:…ああ そうだっけ!?
春菜:もしかして… この前 ララさんに言った事で何か…
リト:!! え…な… なんで!!

Cleaning up the house

Oh look! A snowman!

(I'm drawing something as I typed this.)

I know I have said this several times earlier about cleaning my room, but now the rest of the house is kinda erm... messy. With all the mess around, you can barely walk around without bumping into something, let alone carry bulky items (like a tower PC casing, large stack of old newspapers or a CRT monitor).

On closer observation, they are mostly made up of my sister's things (she's in a well known art school), trash that for some reason aren't thrown away, (almost) broken and old electrical appliances (including a 29" CRT TV bought in 1997), unused boxes with the original Styrofoam and plastic still in it, some old furniture, unused PC casing, some cassette and video tapes, and many more.

If those boxes and old, broken appliances were to get rid of, it would create space. Not sure how much I would get out of them, but they are heavy, bulky and are mostly made out of plastic and metal.

Looks like I'm non-existant to them

1: Hey, isn't that where I think it is?

2: Look at all that cake...

3: Everyone except me...

4: Another one...

5: Not as much as the image before the previous one, but still...

6: They are having all the fun... (points to the people in the background)

7: Erm, I wouldn't even think of protesting...

8: This picture is just random, though I wished my school was like this...

I was randomly viewing my friend's profiles and to my horror, the pictures above (except 7 & 8) were found on some my friend's blogs with events that I could be at, but wasn't informed about it. Pictures 2-4 were taken barely a few days ago...

And to add "insult to injury", except for a few, most of my friends' blogs do not in any way link to me. Well, Friendster, Windows Live Messenger and Facebook are another thing, but...

Speaking of how sad my life was, I recall very little of what happened between when I was young and just a week ago, except for significant events. Here's what I re…

First attempt at drawing a photo-based image

I have changed the layout template again, though not much visible difference as before. The earlier one seemed to take up too much processing power and has the inflexibility to edit certain text without editing it via the template's HTML.

Here is my first non-anime based drawing that I have done. For simplicity's sake, I have omitted the background and simplified the texture of the skirt.

Since it was my first time drawing (besides anime), it was a nightmare figuring out the shades of some of the areas and drawing it as detailed as I could.

The difference between this and what you always see me draw? Obviously more life-like. Since Japanese comic (manga)-styled have more simplified details than photos, you would notice that the ones based on the former are clearer.

I personally think it looks ugly.

Dropdown list links and other changes

This post was originally supposed to appear here, but realized that I was typing for the wrong blog when I was more than halfway through typing this. But since it's concerning about this blog, I would just leave it here anyways. Text that are in italics here are not part of the original post.

I have replaced the regular link list with a drop-down menu with a "Go" button next to it due to an already long list of links (mostly other people's blogs) and possibly add more. This would save a lot of space as the sidebar alone is so long that you can fit 12 (twelve) of my longer-than-average posts in it. Kind of a waste of space actually, especially when you are viewing only 1 (one) post.

I have moved "RSS feeds of the sites I go to", "My Profile" and "IMEEM music player" to the side where the posts normally appear, so less space is used since they are text and uses less vertical (top to bottom) space if there is sufficient horizontal (left to ri…


Image my dad's birthday. He turns 49 years today, but with him smoking cigarates, I wonder how much longer he would live.... Anyways, tomorrow, would be my grandfather's, cousin's and aunt's birthday. To tell you the truth, I have no idea when their birthdays are or how old they are. On top of that, I have at least 16 cousins, of which, I'm not close to any of them, let alone meet them on a regular basis. Their ages ranges from 26 to 4 years old. One of them is married and another has completed his university studies quite some time ago and is currently working in a middle/high/secondary school somewhere.

Anyways, I have bought another portable hard disk to complement the other one which is used by my sister most of the time and cant use it and the fact that it seems to be falling apart. It also has larger memory space with 160GB compared with the other one (bought in 2005) with 80GB.
Now I don't have to worry about transferring a large amount of files (mostly mu…

A very crappy day

A lot of things happened today that dragged my day towards the pit that on normal days, none of this would actually happened.
Woke up with a lot of (what seems to be) mosquito bites all over me. And they are annoyingly itchy. Couldn't sleep because of it. I suspect it's because of the water cooler not being used for some time.My sister was using the PC in my room when I wanted to change after taking a shower. I had to change elsewhere, which aren't desirable.
Father sends me and my sister to various places. 1st, left home around the time like he would only send me (6:45am). 2nd, my sister is starting her first day of work in the downtown city area and has to be there by 8am but I have to be in school (which is quite some distance) at 7:30am! 3rd, My father for some reason sent my sister first and reached there at 7:15am before reaching school at 7:36am! (according to the car clock, but I don't know how inaccurate that is). Luckily, the traffic was mostly clear and most o…

the current situation in yangon

__  ______
        , '  /\     `ヽ、
      ,.'' ゝ / @ \   ノ  `ヽ
      、' /⌒y'へ-'⌒i' ̄ヽ_,.へ__l
      とヘ-,─'´ ̄`ー--^ー---、_フ
      i ィ  / .ハ /!,!_t!、ハ │ i
      .イ i iイ.ヽノ レ´ ,. - 、ゝ,イ |  |  
.      レ ヘ i,,'´`    ,,,, ン ! |  ゝ、
       i 从  ヽフ   ハ.イ. |、ノイ
.       ハ |ノ>.、.,,_   イゝ ハ . iヽ-´
        `ゝ、i_.r'` -r' ヽ、iノレ´
          / ゝ[><]/!/^'ヽ          「=(  §  },=∞{         く  !__§___〈  . '>

I couldn't find any related images at this time.
Left: Hu Jintao (胡锦涛) at Waseda University (早稲田大学), playing table tennis
Right: A Shift JIS Art image of a character. Closely related to ASCII art.

After Hurricane Nargis has hit Yangon, Myanmar/Burma, about 100,000 people had died (compared to 225,000 of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquate). Besides North Korea and some other countries, the country has one of the worst human rights since the current military government took over. To make matters worse, they made foreign aid for the above-mention situatio…

132th post

Be afraid, be very afraid! Whuuu......

First things 1st. The background mentioned in the previous post was supposed to be this image. But it turned out to be too large and does not look nice in any position unless the entire thing can be seen. If I were to resize in photobucket, the dimensions would become too small. If Imageshack, there's a possible chance that a "forbidden" error would appear for some unknown reason and a difficult-to-use interface.

Today seemed like a long day, even though it's actually shorter than other days.
「My Paper / 我紙」 (マイ・ペーパ / ヲーパウ) をもっていた後、クラス途中行くに、サリナ先生は出会いあった。なにが話には忘れた。4階に私の教室があります。
って…なぜ言語が日本語ですか? ね、英語 英語 お願い 今から 早く。 あああああああああああああああaaaaaaaaaa... is it working? Good.
Anyways, today is just as warm like any other days. A few days earlier, I saw an orange sunrise in the morning or what appeared to be an unusually early sunrise for almost a week. It kind of gone around when I heard that there was a typhoon/tornado/tsunami hitting some part …

new batch of images arrived and list of ugly ones put up earlier

It's hard to tell what I'm writing on the table if what I'm seeing is of myself from my bottom right. Somehow, when I try to look to my right, I can only see my eyes moving to the left with my vision unchanged.

The images you see at the top of posts you see here seen here since 10 April had kind of run out until now. Actually, I still have a lot of images, but they are deemed unsuitable or too large to be put up here. There are a few images that I would normally put up, but majority are crappy as I couldn't find a nice image to put up.

Here's a list of crappy images but are put up because I couldn't find better ones at that time:
7 May: There's nothing particularly interesting in this picture. The background is terrible. There are old people in the picture.2 May: You might have seen this in the news not too long ago. The colours are terrible. There are too many things in the background.30 April: I normally don't put up images with vehicles in the foregrou…

Facebook app request

It seems that I am surrounded by unfriendly & narrow-minded people, idiots, people that are too concevertive, boring surroundings, (very) warm weather, and stuff that are difficult to remember or get. Basically, there are a lot of things I don't like.
Knowing that I dislike looking at pictures of myself (don't ask why), my profile pictures (like at facebook) might have been changed and would have to look through deeper (eg. in photo albums) to find pictures of me (and other people) in it. The privacy level is set to such that anyone can see them, though I have nothing to say about my self.
Speaking of facebook, you might have received a lot of requests to add applications by me. I do apologize for that. The truth is that, when adding an application, or invite to receive extra points, I would randomly select friends from my friend list under the "unselected" tab until I have reached the maximum for the day. Because of this selection criteria, people at the top of t…

129th post

The moment I step into my house from the outside, it feels like entering an oven. Opening the windows and turning on the fan doesn't seem to help. There is also no air conditioning. With the hot summer approaching, I wonder how it would be.
Anyways, I have replace non-playable youtube videos with new ones in my friendster media box. An exact copy of its HTML can be found on this blog at the very bottom, which was moved from the bottom of the sidebar not too long ago. Due to the values for the width, you may see 1-4 or more youtube videos per line and the size of the drawing may be larger than the ones at friendster, which itself is larger than the original original width of the image file.

128th post

Spot the odd one out!

I am bored. I am suddenly faced with increase in difficulty. Seems that the money I needed far exceeds what my parents are giving me. A lot of old things have to make way for new ones. Jobs offered by the armed forces does not suit me at all. Prices are increasing like nobody's business. People are living without even knowing who their neighbors are for many years. The population of developed areas are dropping. People are coming/leaving abroad to work. Those who are too much in their comfort zones are likely to reject new changes or are in for a rude awakening when it happens. Smoking is bad, anyone who says otherwise are running away from the truth and it's negative impacts, especially their future. Do not adapt a "it will not happen to me" attitude just because it hasn't happened to you yet. Things will loose their "newness" after some time. Help the needy, poor and disabled. If piracy were to be stopped, you should see why they …