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Chasing After Rainbows: the current situation in yangon

10 May 2008

the current situation in yangon

         __  ______
        , '  /\     `ヽ、
      ,.'' ゝ / @ \   ノ  `ヽ
      、' /⌒y'へ-'⌒i' ̄ヽ_,.へ__l
      とヘ-,─'´ ̄`ー--^ー---、_フ
      i ィ  / .ハ /!,!_t!、ハ │ i
      .イ i iイ.ヽノ レ´ ,. - 、ゝ,イ |  |  
.      レ ヘ i,,'´`    ,,,, ン ! |  ゝ、
       i 从  ヽフ   ハ.イ. |、ノイ
.       ハ |ノ>.、.,,_   イゝ ハ . iヽ-´
        `ゝ、i_.r'` -r' ヽ、iノレ´
          / ゝ[><]/!/^'ヽ          「=(  §  },=∞{         く  !__§___〈  . '>

I couldn't find any related images at this time.
Left: Hu Jintao (
胡锦涛) at Waseda University (早稲田大学), playing table tennis
Right: A Shift JIS Art image of a character. Closely related to ASCII art.

After Hurricane Nargis has hit Yangon, Myanmar/Burma, about 100,000 people had died (compared to 225,000 of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquate). Besides North Korea and some other countries, the country has one of the worst human rights since the current military government took over. To make matters worse, they made foreign aid for the above-mention situation worse by only allowing only a few foreign aid in and they only wanted the local government to distribute the aid.

I wonder what is the government there up to? No wonder there are so many people emigrating from there.

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