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Chasing After Rainbows: 疲れた… (Tired)

28 May 2008

疲れた… (Tired)

What seem like a long day now seems shorter than usual. Today is the day my juniors of the 生徒会 officially entered.

Anyways, despite knowing that if I sleep for less than 9 hours, I ended up sleeping less than that. For going to sleep, I have the habit of sleeping around midnight, though it used to be at 2-3am. As for waking up, I woke up around 5:45am (obviously less that 9 hours latter) as my school is quite far to get to. If I were to take the train or bus , I have to leave by about 1-2 hours before class starts. However, if I were to go by taxi or car I can leave up to 30mins before, assuming that there are no irregular traffic jam along the way.

There was a drum performance in the morning, I think I fell asleep as I don't recall what exactly happened most of the time. In class, I also felt sleepy, but it's not so bad as compared to just a week ago where temperatures were about 5 degrees centigrade higher than normal that lasted for more than a month, until yesterday. During physical education (or whatever similar name), worked out at the school's gym for a while until half-way where we moved to the hall (I wasn't wearing a watch nor was there a clock, so I'm not sure what time that was). Between the time I entered the hall and the time the "lesson" ended, I sat at a corner and took a nap.

I'm not sure what exactly I would be doing when I complete school in March next year.

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