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354th post: Some cleaning up

As mentioned on my Twitter feed yesterday , I have 3 identical boxes (47cm x 33cm x 36cm, about 1.5ft x 1.5ft 2.25ft ) stacked on top of each other and haven't touched those in a while. In fact, I barely touch anything in my room other than the area around the laptop I normally use lately. As my priorities of cleaning up my room are low, since it's not so bad. However, I can see dust and dirt gathering on the surface and that most of the mess are not so visible. In fact, it still looks a lot better than back in November 2006 , shortly/during the time I made a major tidy up and moved the furniture around. Under the new arrangement, the mess level has somewhat kept to a minimum. It's hard to tell what has been thrown out and what's still around, but here's what what is still kept besides the furniture: Digital clock on top of the CD shelf Blue and pink pencil sharpener the stickers on the door and CD shelf 1998 Dell PC set (white), at the spot where the newer 2002 Com

Disorientated Feelings (Part 8)

[revised 5 April 2009] (Continued from Part 7 ) (Related: Alternate Dimension (Part 19) ) Today's lessons seem to involve a lot of writing of notes into the notebooks the teacher wrote, some of which are handed in to the teacher. However, each year I progress since primary school, the hiragana of words I'm familiar with have been slowly been replaced by kanji that gets more complicated as I progress through each year . To tell you the truth, I don't know when I started learning this language , but it somehow seems to be my native language by the time I know what was going on. I also seemed to have learned another that has a completely different writing system and way of pronouncing words to the extent that the ones that are being taught in schools are like a joke, but is useful only when communicating with people of other countries. Anyways, with the learning kanji that has more strokes becoming more of a necessity, my hands are getting tired from all that writing. T

【一覧:2009年春アニメ放送開始】At a glance: Spring 2009 Anime

1 st (Wednesday) Charady no Joke na Mainichi Mainichi Kāsan Sengoku Basara 2 nd (Thursday) Asura Cryin' Basquash! K-ON! Pandora Hearts Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ Queen's Blade -Rurō no Senshi- 3 rd (Friday) Hayate the Combat Butler!! Higepiyo Slap Up Party -Arad Senki- 4 th (Saturday) Gokujō!! Mecha Mote Iinchō Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen Shinkyoku Sōkai Polyphonica crimson S Valkyria Chronicles 5 th (Sunday) Before Green Gables Cross Game Fullmetal Alchemist 2 Guin Saga Hanasakeru Seishōnen Jewelpet Metal Fight Beyblade Natsu no Arashi! Saki Shangri-La Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity- Tears to Tiara 6 th (Monday) 07-GHOST 7 th (Tueday) Sōten Kōro Sugar Bunnies Fleur 8 th (Wednesday) Ristorante Paradiso 9 th (Thursday) Eden of The East 11 th (Saturday) Hatsukoi Limited 2009-03-30: クッキンアイドル アイ!マイ!まいん! 2009-03-30: チーズスイートホーム あたらしいおうち 2009-03-31: マリー&ガリー 2009-04-01: キャラディのジョークな毎日 2009-04-01: 戦国BASARA 2009-04-01:

351st post: @_@

It may sound strange if I put it this way, but I have this strange ability to make myself feel scared for no apparent reason. This time however, I don't even know what triggered it. Just a few hours ago, however, thinking about what I would be doing 5 years from and just cleaning up my room earlier (23 March) seem to somewhat triggered just as I head to bed. As I was sleeping I suddenly started to feel scared and want to cry for no apparent reason. Opening my eyes into a dark room seemed to only make matters worse. Could be someone's comment while I was cleaning, could be thinking too much, or something built up over time faster than I could relief it, could be a video of someone saying life-changing events that they are or will be experiencing. I didn't know wanting to do something as straightforward as cleaning my room can trigger weird things happening to me...

Disorientated Feelings (Part 7)

The first thing I knew when I woke up was that a pillow was stuffed at my face and that I'm lying facing down on my bed with the sound of birds chirping outside. Even though I'm now awake, I found great difficulty trying to get up, giving people who are seeing me at my current state the impression that I'm still asleep. "Can someone help me get up?" was what I wanted to say out loud, but my body did nothing as it continues on to sleep. My body has been out of sync with my mind lately... Come to think of it, I might have seen that Hisakawa-san I met yesterday in school. Itsuki Hisakawa, isn't it? But since I don't know him before then, I might have easily pass him off as just another guy in school. Well, there are a lot of other guys that are interested in me, but why is he the one that catches my attention? As I lay in bed deep in thoughts about Hisakawa-san with my body still asleep, Izumi finally manages to wake me up, saying that mom has prepared br

Pre-2006 anime

Since 2006, I have started watching mainstream anime that airs late at night. Not because of Suzumiya Haruhi (though I did watch it), but as a departure from the ones that were mostly targeted at children and/or don't seem end after hundreds of episodes like Pokemon and Naruto. I did, however, watch ones from before that year later on like Serial Experiments Lain , Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (did watch this a long time ago, but was too young to know what was going on), Midori no Hibi , Negima (1st season), etc. Apart from the aspect ratio being 4:3 (letterbox) instead of 16:9 (widescreen), there are noticeable differences. Comparing the Winter 2002 and Autumn 2006 versions of Kanon , I would say that the newer version has improved quite a lot. There are however, recent anime that are based on something that has been around for quite awhile (Clannad), while there others that are of original content and are quite good (Code Geass, True Tears) Why am I posting this? Well, it&

Disorientated Feelings (Part 6)

Some time after golden week , Hiroko-chan invited me to her house as she was behind in our school work. She said that she would drop by her father's workplace for something. We got of at the same station of a small town she normally alights at, where the only way to tell it apart from other towns are those tall, expensive-looking apartment complexes that are near completion. As we left the station, we crossed to the other side, separated by 2 roads and a mini-park in between. I had never been here. What I wasn't expecting was for her to enter the building right after crossing the road. What was even more surprising was that the building she entered has the logo of the company I work for. Hiroko-chan then made her way to the office room marked supervisor, but has no name on it. In there, there was a man with some grey hair on his head, which means he is in his late 40s or early 50s. Hiroko saw him and called the man there as her dad in a voice that sounded as though she wa

Alternate Dimension (Part 23)

When I am done with the music club for the day, I met up with Kotomi and my cloned self, who is sleeping. The former was surprised on seeing me, but was somewhat expecting me to appear. Upon seeing the device, she said that she saw sketches of it in her uncle's office in April last year, some time before I first met her. However, she did not know what the documents with it says as it was written in a language she couldn't understand and that she only had a glimpse of it before the director tried to hide it from her. That was when she found it suspicious. However, that was the last time she knew about that device. Recalling that I was cloned, she asked me if the device with me is the same as that of my clone. Without touching it, Kotomi thoroughly examined the device on my sleeping self to her left, compared with mine and I told her what I knew about it. Judging from her facial expression, she seemed to have found something interesting that I might not know: she didn't t

Disorientated Feelings (Part 5)

The sun is setting down by the time I reached the hospital, so the lights inside have already been turned on. The hospital has visitors, and some patients moving about. The staff who normally greeted me as I entered either ignored me or had faces of having seen me before but wasn't sure who. Huh? You don't know who I am? I knocked on the office door marked with "Director" and say that it's me and waited for a while. Instead of a reply, I hear silence. I opened the door and realized that there wasn't anyone inside. The desk has a nice looking computer with notes stuck on the screen. The desk is filled with a lot of notes on something recent, some stationery, and some photo frames of his family and mine that were taken. The bookshelves are filled with several identical-looking books that talks about medical $science. Normally, he would be present when I enter. Then again, I started working here not even a year ago. I headed to my work area in the mean ti

Video: progress of Tokihi (Part 5)

I have found an open-source program that I can take video captures with. So I made a video of the portion I typed a few hours ago. Well, I messed up with the settings: had the number of frames per second and/or the frequency to shoot a frame too high. However, the default settings were what you would see when connected to a remote PC client.

344th post: costs on owning a car

Recently, I did say that I was thinking of getting a driving license and someone commented that it is a useful life skill, since I am already at the legal age to get one. However, even if I do get one, I would only use it in emergency as my father is the only one with a valid driving license. He also has a license to drive a motorbike, which I'm not going to get. Reasons why I don't want to own a car is mostly cost, inconvenience and safety risks that can be completely avoided which includes: there are too many cars on the road road lanes and parking lots are too narrow have a fear of traveling at speeds faster than 50km/h inconsiderate drivers cost of fuel, parking, tolls, fines, maintenance, legal stuff, accessories, etc., easily exceeds the cost when compared to taking public transport in the same period of time. Possibly by several times more. large cities have this mandatory inspection of having a car inspected after a few years that would, for some reason, not pass. need