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Chasing After Rainbows: 351st post: @_@

24 March 2009

351st post: @_@

It may sound strange if I put it this way, but I have this strange ability to make myself feel scared for no apparent reason. This time however, I don't even know what triggered it.

Just a few hours ago, however, thinking about what I would be doing 5 years from and just cleaning up my room earlier (23 March) seem to somewhat triggered just as I head to bed. As I was sleeping I suddenly started to feel scared and want to cry for no apparent reason. Opening my eyes into a dark room seemed to only make matters worse.

Could be someone's comment while I was cleaning, could be thinking too much, or something built up over time faster than I could relief it, could be a video of someone saying life-changing events that they are or will be experiencing.

I didn't know wanting to do something as straightforward as cleaning my room can trigger weird things happening to me...

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