344th post: costs on owning a car

Recently, I did say that I was thinking of getting a driving license and someone commented that it is a useful life skill, since I am already at the legal age to get one. However, even if I do get one, I would only use it in emergency as my father is the only one with a valid driving license. He also has a license to drive a motorbike, which I'm not going to get.

Reasons why I don't want to own a car is mostly cost, inconvenience and safety risks that can be completely avoided which includes:
  • there are too many cars on the road
  • road lanes and parking lots are too narrow
  • have a fear of traveling at speeds faster than 50km/h
  • inconsiderate drivers
  • cost of fuel, parking, tolls, fines, maintenance, legal stuff, accessories, etc., easily exceeds the cost when compared to taking public transport in the same period of time. Possibly by several times more.
  • large cities have this mandatory inspection of having a car inspected after a few years that would, for some reason, not pass.
  • need to be alert and keeping an eye on the road most of the time
  • inconvenient if a car breaks down, especially if help is difficult to get
  • risk of injury or even death if involved in an accident
    • even if there was no injury, might still be liable to pay for damages or held responsible for injuring the other party.
  • jaywalkers/drunk people
  • stopping at almost every traffic light, especially in the city where there is one every few meters. (also applies when taking public buses)

To tell you the truth, the city is not car-friendly and is more practical in lower density areas. Besides, there is already a good rail network around the country.


Anonymous said…
Coming from the person who said that getting a driver's license isn't a bad idea...

Yeah. That's why I don't have a car. =D

Maybe I'll get a scooter someday... I love those!

For me, it all depends on when I get a job and where it'll be. Without a car or a scooter, it's tough to get around the rural parts of the United States.

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