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Twitter profile

Link to Twitter Profile: I have joined Twitter about 9 days ago, after a podcast site I usually listen to  keeps mentioning it and out of curiosity on what it is all about. It turns out to be somewhat similar to the status updates on Facebook. I can follow other people's updates, and others can follow mine. I did a check among my (real life) friends and it seems that only one out of the so many has an account. Compare that with Friendster, MySpace or Facebook. To update my status, I can just type in there (at the "Home" link in the screenshot), or through mobile phone via mobile web or text message to a number mentioned there, as you can see for the first 2 entries for 28 Jan. For the latter option, you first need to enter your number (including the international prefix. eg. "+81") so they will know whose account to post it to when they receive. I have set up on my Windows Live Profile (as Web Activities) and Facebook (as an application) acc

about v0058

You might have seen me putting this up last night. It's a vector trace of the image that has been lying around on the same folder as my earlier vectors for many months now. (There are currently 125 images waiting to be vectored.) I had to re-size the largest length (width) to 1180px instead of the usual 1280px as to meet the image host maximum limit of 1MB, so at 1180px, it's at 999KB (or 1,023,208 bytes). Width for other versions are unchanged. You may be wondering what are the titles on those books you see scatted around since the title are too small to be seen, here's a list below. I have rearrange them so that you can see them. "Weekly Shonen Jump" (週刊少年ジャンプ) Volume 8 of the light novel series of "To Aru Majutsu no Index" by Kazuma Kamachi (とある魔術の禁書目録⑧ 鎌地和馬) Volume 3 of the manga series of "Our Dear Tamura-kun" by Yuyuko Takemiya (わたしたちの田村くん③ 竹宮ゆゆこ) Unknown volume of the light volume series of "Our Dear Tamura-kun" by Yuyuko Takem

Losing Identity (Part 12)

The summer vacation is just around the corner. I want to visit the parents of my overseas childhood friend, but I don't want to go there alone, and my parents are still away. Students who did the recent test badly are required to take remedial lessons, which would eat up the holiday period, partly because that there would be no lessons for quite a while after the holidays due to preparations of the upcoming cultural festival. Fortunately, nobody in my class failed, which is considered quite rare. Me: Hey, everyone! Who wants to go to that country with me for the holidays? I will be paying for all the expenses! I am heading there to visit the parents of my childhood friend who lived there but passed away back in May. You guys need not follow me around when there and you would be staying in a hotel in the downtown district there. Seems that only a few people responded. Yukari: That Country ? oh, おk(^O^) I don't have any plans anyway. Nagisa & Saeko: Me too! Ky

Disorientated Feelings (Part 1)

It's some time in November and I am busy preparing for the entrance exams into High Schools as I am in my my third year of Middle School. I can pretty much see the leaves turning yellow, orange, or brown, on the trees. The weather is getting colder too, which means I had worn the Summer uniform for the last time just last month, and had switched to the Winter uniform, which is thicker, but warmer. Not sure what year it is now, but I know I turned 14 this year, and November 1 is a Sunday. There are many schools to choose from, but what the ones I'm interested in are the two schools located at the opposite ends from the train station near there, which has trains serving the station a short bus ride away from home, and the downtown area of the city. The school at the top is quite well known from all over the country due to its facilities and most of the students there do quite well or are a relative of someone famous. The other school is well known too, but not so when compared

Alternate Dimention (Part 20)

Kotomi showed me around the school to all the stalls and exhibitions. They include a ghost house, cultures from around the world, science-related activities, food like crepe, chocolate-coated banana, milkshake, and of course, ice-cream. She said that performances and bands would take place there throughout the whole day. Oh yes, this reminds me about the time we spent there last year: I purposely chose the role of promoting my class so that I could sneak off to go out with her. When we walked along the corridor, there were whispers around us. This time however, they were about what I was doing there and why I keep visiting the school more frequently lately. As we walked past her class (which seems to be decorated for either a play or movie screening), she asked me what I would be doing for the festival at my current school as she could drop by to see me. Normally, for her to say something like this would make my heart skip a beat and feel shy, but that feeling didn't happen

Inauguration of the 44th U.S. president

The left clear and smooth, but the right is more current. As at the time of typing this, I am watching the live web telecast of the incoming 44th president of the united states of America, President Barrack H. Obama. Like what I said earlier , he promise to make changes that should have been done. Well, I don't know what else to say right now, but you can find out more about what happened in the newspapers around (most of) the world and, in the (near) future, books and online articles too. Another screenshot: As this happens at noon there, right here is half a day ahead, which means that it's past midnight. That means that I should go sleep now. "Yes, we can!"

Unknown family details

Since young, my parents never explained to me about why things are for what they are. Even if they did, they would give a biased or unconvincing reason. Also, despite them living, at most, 2 hours away by train, I never visited my extended family members, including grandparents, and only see them about once or twice a year. In fact, I hardly interact with them and only remember their faces more rather than by name. The latter of which, is relatively unknown to me. I also don't even know what they are doing in their lives or what their age is. What I do know is that the youngest is still in primary school and the oldest has a child somewhere above 5 years old. As for my parents, I never see photos of them earlier than when I was a baby. I might have seen some old photos, but I don't really recognize them at all since it was taken when they were kids, and a B&W photo on top of that. I can't seem to find pictures of them when they were in school at all. Even my grandparent

Alternate Dimension (Part 19)

Several days has passed, and I still haven't recovered from that high fever, though somewhat better. Normally, I would have difficulty thinking and moving about when I'm in this state, but since a powerful clone of me was (accidentally) created and my mind merged with it later on, it's easy to forget that I was even ill as my mind is now spread between the two bodies. In fact, even though it's done by myself, having my cloned body to feed the unwell me in bed feels strange since I am being fed and feeding someone at the same time. The worrying part is that this fever is so high (40.3℃ when I first found out) that it could be life-threatening enough to be sent to hospital, which I have been to for different reasons. Seems that I was too excited that my cloned body doesn’t need to be fed at all that I somewhat neglected my original one. The day of the festival is getting closer. Most of the classrooms had the desk pushed aside, some of which are arranged in groups of 4

Alternate Dimension (Part 18)

I unloaded the groceries when we reached home and place them at the respective places. Just as I thought: my violin case and the pass holder is in there too. Frozen food are still cold, and the eggs are in the same condition as when I took them off the shelf. In fact, everything I put in there remains in the same condition as when I put them in. Quite amazing considering that where it was stored (inside my cloned body) was brutally stabbed earlier. We changed into identical clothing and then proceed on to put our purchases at their respective places. One of us head to work while the other would do the school holiday homework and practice the violin. I saw this the news on TV sometime at night: Mamiko Hisakawa (16), second year high school of [name of my school] Academy, was brutally stabbed and badly injured at several meters away from [station of place I went to earlier]. Many witnesses say that they saw the recently escaped prisoners specifically attacking her with a knife from

background-less vector

Background-less version of v0053 (not out yet at time of post) Like the outlines about a month ago , I have created a version that does not have a background in it. These have the same dimensions as the outline. At the same time I have redone the outline by having the white background being replaced by a transparent one and the unnecessary unused spaces omitted. For convenience sake, the text you would see that has the URL of my drawings blog would be excluded too. v0050 on the right is an example as you can see in the main version is that most of it is just the background. If what I mentioned earlier were to be included, but not adjusted (which is time-consuming given how many vectors I had done), it would take me the whole day. Currently, these can only be found at the same place as the high-resolution. In case you were wondering, here are roughly the dimensions for each versions currently: Regular: 1280px for width or height, whichever is larger . May be auto-resized by the image

New Winter 2009 anime

Apologies for posting this late, especially since some of the below are airing currently. Had a lot of things to do lately. This is slightly different from Japanese version I put up last week as I would simplify the timings, added more info, and excluded specific Japanese channels air times since you probably won't be be watching it there. If you're, however, interested on the timings and the channels, I have put up the English (英語) or the Romanized (ローマ字) title next to the Japanese title there for easier reference. All times below are in Japanese Standard Time (UTC +9, or 17 hours ahead of Pacific Time) of the first regular airing. Start times are converted to the regular 12-hour format. So if, for example, I state something like "(1月7月から)水曜 25:00~25:30" on the Japanese blog, I would convert the time to "Thursdays @ 1am from 8 January". Chrome Shelled Regios (Japanese: 鋼殻のレギオス) Website : Description: A light novel series by Shūsuke

performance issue fixed and problems with old hardware

(not my very first post for the new year ) For the past several weeks, I have been wondering why my laptop is still somewhat slow, but still acceptable, sometime after upgrading the DDR2 laptop RAM from 1GB (2 512MB) to 2.5GB (1 2GB, 1 512MB). This problem is even more obvious when playing 3D games, editing my vectors after zooming in a lot, or playing videos at 1280x720 (720p) or higher with sharp details or a lot of motion. Just a while ago, I checked the battery icon to click on it and saw something like the image on the right. To my shock, the "balanced" option was selected. That would explain everything as I never checked it for a very long time as I rarely bring the laptop out of the house (let alone my bedroom) as I would otherwise refer to it when running on battery. I was also expecting it to switch modes when running between plugged in and on battery power. I use this laptop most of the time as it's the newest computer in my house bought slightly more than a ye