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Wireless keyboard and mouse

I just bought a wireless keyboard and mouse. It's for the PC that's connected to the LCD TV in the living room. I haven't tested if it works when booting up or when the wired ones connected via the PS/2 ports are removed. As for the range, it's enough to sit at the sofa with the keyboard and type, though the range appears to be slighter shorter than the keyboard.

It's still better than the wired ones though; with those you had to seat closer to the PC/TV in an uncomfortable position. To make matters worse, all of the connections are at the back, making the cord shorter. (the motherboard does support it, but the casing (which dates back to before 2000) does not.)

Speaking of the motherboard, you could also connect a 3.5" floppy disk, but the length of the IDE cable between the motherboard and where the drive would be mounted is too short. With computer networking and flash drives, I don't see that as a problem unless I'm retrieving data stored on it, or l…

105th post

Windows 95 desktop with Windows Vista sidebar and taskbar! ;D

"Clannad" and "Shakugan no Shana Second" has ended. The former was nice to watch, but for the latter, it wasn't as exciting as the previous season. I don't know how I manage to watch through it...

My sister was complaining something about the education system in Singapore being too capitalistic and sees things like music and the arts as an "extra" (=lack of freedom). [What the heck is that? Is it even edible?] I somewhat agree with that. In this article would explain regarding a ban some months ago, the prime minister said that "the city-state should keep its conservative valuesandnot allow special rights for homosexuals". What a load of crap. There weren't even any homosexuality of the game in question to begin with, any why be conservative?
[No, it's not yet the end of the post yet. ] If you look at what is missing compared to other (developed) countries or the number o…

Applying for a job online

I went there and fill in the necessary things. However, midway, a "time-out due to security reasons" and a "website is experiencing technical problems" error. If sucessful, it should only take about 30mins. With this problems, it's going to be longer. Alternatives are working at a fast food restaurant which I know little of, but has branches in the region and as a cashier at a supermarket which denied my earlier application for a different position.

It seems that most of my friends are already working or have worked before...

Journal for 2nd half of March 2008

[There was an NDP audition at college west last saturday? I didn't know about that...]

{Do note that the stuff mentioned here is already in effect since 24 March and won't be lifted until 18 April}

As this post is long and full of text, I have inserted links and images used earlier to keep your attention.

Friday (14th): There was a camp organized by the student council. At the beginning there was a search for clues and somehow got lost as to finding some of the clues. The food was like crap: I never liked curry and vegetables in the first place. In one of the "games" segment, the excos told us to change into "old clothes" before starting. During the game, there was some funny coloured "Indian" powder/dye. They told us to mix it with water and use it to attack the opponent's "King" (who wore nothing more than newspaper, masking tape and a trash bag on top of their clothing; 5/6 in total) all around the field. It was crazy. In the end, ev…

Running virtual PC

(Read this if you don't know what a virtual machine is)

I found out earlier today (evening of the 25th) that Microsoft have released Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 for free on both Windows and Mac (PowerPC only) based PCs. I tried to install it despite Windows Vista Home Basic not listed there (though the Ultimate and Business editions are) and it works well. The amount taken up by the virtual drives is the same as the used memory space, not the total allocated (virtual) hard disk space.

Anyways, first, I installed Windows ME for the fun of it as I already know it's no longer supported since 2006. Everything went well, including the LAN, reading the CD, music and stuff. The only problem is stuff that would have been fixed in later versions. You can switch between the guest and host PCs by pressing the Right Alt and the Return/Enter key at the same time. Anyways, there were only 30 or so critical updates after you had install IE6 (and something I can't remember) as they had to be …

101st post: Testing new template

(Wow, 101 posts already?)

(Click on image to enlarge)

Recently, you might have saw the layout for this blog (the one you are reading this at) edited. I could use the 3rd party ones, but a lot of them uses the old version (ie. doesn't support the "widgets"), and the ones for the new version are only a handful.

Seeing that my blog for IT stuff have very little stuff on other than posts, I decided to use that as a testing ground for my blog layouts as I don't have anything to loose in case I decided to revert back to the original or use the classic template.

For the screenshot you see at the top, it's the edited version of "Harbour" by Douglas Bowman. Using the anime episode numbers to replace all the images there, I have manage to put the images at the correct images and see what would happen if an image is larger than the original assigned image or put up an animated gif image.

It appears that I can't change the main background colour without editing the…

Updates to anime blogs layout.

(Originally posted at my 1st blogger blog on the same day)

After playing around with the HTML coding of my main blog, I have decided to change the layout for the anime blogs for both the English and Japanese language versions.

Currently, I have only change the colours to the same as what you saw on my main blog (at time of post). I plan to use the same template from the main blog and apply it to here. The problem is that I can't copy directly due to the problems with the header image; you had to manually edit from the lengthy HTML code and have to upload the image at 3rd party image hosting sites.
I plan to change the header image, but have yet to find a suitable replacement despite haveing tons of images. Also, I am clueless on using image editing software, so I might end only cropping, changing the saturation (richness of the colours) and stuff I can do with Paint and Windows Live Photo Gallery. (the default colours in paint for vista is better than the ones found in the earlier ve…

Added archives to here

Post that I had put up at the 1st blogger blog and 2nd blogger blog not relating to what they are supposed to be now before this blog (4th blogger blog) was made around September 2007 are being added here. The date, time and content (including html codes and images) remain the same/unchanged, though some links might have changed

Spring is around the corner


Besides updating online content, I should be cleaning the stuff around the house during the holidays. I have stuff chucked to one corner and somehow forgot about it and have dust gathering on it. I also have worksheets accumulated since primary/elementary school but the ones from secondary/middle/high school are in a mess with probably useless junk stuffed in-between.

The one I did in November 2006 was basically handling the obvious ones (as you can see from the pictures in that post) and maximize the space given by creatively using that space and arrange them neatly. I manage to finish it the following month, barely resembling from the image you saw. Since then, I have bought several books and magazines (like Newtype), but they wern't enough to fill in the spaces. I have also bought some boxes from IKEA to accommodate more things like PC parts (PCI cards, mainboard, power, USB cables, CD drives, speakers). On top of that, stuff have accumulated and now looks messy.

Right now there …

Today's event

I didn't take any photos at the event as I was busy with all the "behind the scenes" thing. Action speak louder than words, so I managed to get the video of one of the segments.

I think some of my friends might have images. The links are on the side and contains "ITEBS/SC:".

Changed layout and colours again. If you were here at least 3 or more hours ago, this blog would have looked different than what it is now.

Windows Vista SP1 is out

The service pack for Vista is out since this morning. If you have Vista, you should upgrade to this instead of downgrading to XP. You may have to install updates that are listed as optional first before SP1 appears in the update list.

Vista has been out for more than a year and is more stable than when it first came out. In fact, unless it came with Linux or Mac OS X, PCs made from January 2007 should come with Vista pre-installed. Windows XP has been considered outdated since Oct 2004, but it's predecessor has been delayed to end-2006 due to setbacks and the people behind it being busy with XP SP2 and Server 2003. I don't see why people are not switching, or worse, downgrade.

The time difference between release of Windows 95 and XP is 6 years (98 and ME are somewhat like service packs of 95). But the time difference between release of Windows XP and Vista is 5 years originally as a minor upgrade of XP, which XP SP2 has taken over. Normally, minor OS updates are released every 3…


TCPMP 0.72RC1 crash report
Access violation(c0000005) at 00000000 (:00000000)
Read from 00000000

cpu dump:
eax = 0037f950
ebx = 00000081
ecx = 00000001
edx = 00000001
esi = 00377c88
edi = 00b1a730
ebp = 00000000
esp = 03bafe58
eip = 00000000
flags = 00010202

stack dump:
03bafe58 00f159e2 (F:\tcpmp.win32.0.72RC1\mpeg4.plg:000059e2)
03bafe5c 0037f950
03bafe60 00000001
03bafe64 00000001
03bafe68 00000000
03bafe6c 00000002
03bafe70 00377c88
03bafe74 00000002
03bafe78 00000000
03bafe7c 00000000
03bafe80 00000000
03bafe84 00000001
03bafe88 00f13e68 (F:\tcpmp.win32.0.72RC1\mpeg4.plg:00003e68)
03bafe8c bfffffff
03bafe90 0c171054
03bafe94 0000026d
03bafe98 00377c88
03bafe9c 00377dac
03bafea0 0000026d
03bafea4 00f13b80 (F:\tcpmp.win32.0.72RC1\mpeg4.plg:00003b80)
03bafea8 00f13bb9 (F:\tcpmp.win32.0.72RC1\mpeg4.plg:00003bb9)
03bafeac 00000000
03bafeb0 0c171054
03bafeb4 00000000
03bafeb8 008f9f4c
03bafebc 00377c88
03bafec0 0037f950
03bafec4 008f9f20
03bafec8 009fb0cc (common:0000b0cc)
03bafecc 0…

Long tiring day

Even though the holidays have just started, I am already facing a ton of stressful stuff to do this week. On top of that, it doesn't look like it would end until the first week of the new school term. By then, I wouldn't be in the right sate of mind. I already didn't have a proper break (including the cristmas season) since I started in that school and did not reveive much assistance due to "lack of manpower" or get paid well for it. If I go for the one next week, I think I'll go crazy.

To show that I'm serious about it, I won't turn up for school-related activities starting next week and turn off my main handphone until the end of holidays. My pre-paid phone number at +**-***2****. (I won't be logging into any messenger service or properly check messenges sent via electronic means either.)

A large hamster up close.

My camping experience

Even though I have been to camps since I was young (overseas trips are different), I never liked camping, though some are better than the rest. They all have some things in common: terrible food (or contains food that I don't like), away from my usual stuff and irregular bathing

The first camp that I remember was back in 2000. It's located somewhere with thick vegetation (like a jungle) facing a wide river. The main building looks run-down and the area where we set up the tent is on concrete! (thankfully, it didn't rain during the stay) The instructors are too demanding, and obstacles too scary like ab-sailing or something like that; it's like rock wall, but it's flat and you start from a >3 story high structure.

In 2002, there's another. For the 1st half, it's located in a decent location: near a large park next to a busy highway. The sleeping areas are like tree houses. For the 2nd half, it's on an island and the area is somewhat smillar to the camp …

updating of blogs and stuff

I know I haven't been doing updates to my blogs, but I have been busy with other things that I am unable to find the time to even bother updating, including one that just invoves copy and pasting from elsewhere ^^.

Since I'm busy with stuff, you might have noticed that I don't log in to various sites regularly, let alone update. However, even when I'm not busy, I almost never log into MySpace or Facebook. For the former, it's because there are hardly anyone I know there. For the latter, you can't customise the profile much and full of annoying/boring and "useless" amount of "applications". If you want to add to either, feel free to do so but do note that it may take a long time before I approve them.

The thing that I do update is that banner thing you see at the top, the colour of the chatbox (dark backgrounds don't go well when it's transparent) and the blog itself. I would probably need to crop and/or resize the image for the banner …

Using Linux

I have used various versions, distributions and GUIs of Linux. I prefer the GNOME or KDE interface. As for the distro, I prefer Ubuntu (and it's variants like Kubuntu and Xubuntu) and Fedora. For those 2, I have used version 7.06 (latest 8.01b) and F1 (latest F8) for the respective distro. However, I have stopped using them due to compatability & hardware issues with the old PCs and the diffculty of installing programs on top of terms that I am not famillar with, like "repository". Not sure if Linux supports NTFS, the last I know was that it can be opened as read-only.

I'm not sure if VLC Player is already pre-installed in fedora but to install on Fedora Core v8, you need to install livna-release-8.rpm by using the following codes in the console (ms-dos/unix like interface): $> su -
#> rpm -ivh
#> yum install vlc
#> yum install python-vlc mozilla-vlc (optionnal)
I'll probably use it when that PC is hardly used…

This can't be right...

It can't be taking that long... (21994 days = 60 1/4 years) It used to only say "Calculating time remaining...", but this is too much. If you look at the amount left to transfer and the transfer speed, it would take aproxmately 1min 20sec to do so.

Journal entry for 66th January 2008

(Friend requests at my 2nd account is very long. Add that to the current 2800+ and my other accounts and you would get the idea how large it is. I don't know what to do...)
Woke up at 0605h but still sleepy from the day before. Manage to turn off the alarm before they ring at 0610h. Dad asked me to shower before him. After finishing stuff and changing at 0640h, ate breakfast. Dad send me to school. Have to leave by 0710h to avoid massive jam. Since there is quite some time before class start, asked him to drop in the neighbourhooding town as usual. As it's raining, I asked him to drop me elsewhere. Manage to get to the nearest bus stop that has buses that goes to my school. In the bus, I played my mp3 player.
When I reach there, I walked to school. (It was still raining and still listing to my mp3) When I was almost reach the usual junction, I hear a voice that I don't recall being in the music. When I turned around, I saw an angry Chinese man in his 50s on his bike. I was s…

70th post

Lately, I have been seeing more and more people playing with their Nintendo DS Lite and PSP, with the latter being more common. I want one..., a laptop is too bulky to be carried around and a mobile phone screen is too small.

On a side note, my grandparents' (father's side) house is repossed by "them" for not paying the installments. It appears that this could have been avoided if they lived in a 4-room or smaller and/or my uncle (in his 30s) who is living with them is actually working. I don't know what will happen to them; I'm not really close with them anyway. As for those on my mother's side, I don't even know them as they appeared to have died just a few years before my elder sister is born.

Btw: I have another phone line. It's prepaid btw and it (apparently) can be used overseas unlike the other one. The number is +** - ***2****. It's easy to remember. Also, I am currently removing inactive (2 weeks or more) people and those who forward to…