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I know I haven't been doing updates to my blogs, but I have been busy with other things that I am unable to find the time to even bother updating, including one that just invoves copy and pasting from elsewhere ^^.

Since I'm busy with stuff, you might have noticed that I don't log in to various sites regularly, let alone update. However, even when I'm not busy, I almost never log into MySpace or Facebook. For the former, it's because there are hardly anyone I know there. For the latter, you can't customise the profile much and full of annoying/boring and "useless" amount of "applications". If you want to add to either, feel free to do so but do note that it may take a long time before I approve them.

The thing that I do update is that banner thing you see at the top, the colour of the chatbox (dark backgrounds don't go well when it's transparent) and the blog itself. I would probably need to crop and/or resize the image for the banner though. Also, there is really no name for this blog. The one you see there is just for filling in the blanks and the url is the username I use at sites some years ago. I didn't change it since it's linked from my friends. (Actually, I did, but this blog was put in it's place originally ment to redirect to the change of urls.)

You also might have notice that I barely talk stuff about my daily stuff like friends, family, the weather, the terrorist who escaped recently, the stuff that I buy, politics and other stuff, To tell you the truth, these kind of things don't interest me. Even if I did talk about it, it would'nt be here or treat it so minor that you would miss it unless you paid close attention to post in which have nothing to do with it at all.

I'm no good when it comes to adding tags to images and posts...

Warning sticker placed on an iligally parked bicycle.


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