Journal for 2nd half of March 2008

[There was an NDP audition at college west last saturday? I didn't know about that...]

{Do note that the stuff mentioned here is already in effect since 24 March and won't be lifted until 18 April}

As this post is long and full of text, I have inserted links and images used earlier to keep your attention.

Friday (14th): There was a camp organized by the student council. At the beginning there was a search for clues and somehow got lost as to finding some of the clues. The food was like crap: I never liked curry and vegetables in the first place. In one of the "games" segment, the excos told us to change into "old clothes" before starting. During the game, there was some funny coloured "Indian" powder/dye. They told us to mix it with water and use it to attack the opponent's "King" (who wore nothing more than newspaper, masking tape and a trash bag on top of their clothing; 5/6 in total) all around the field. It was crazy. In the end, everyone got hit by the coloured dye (except me, who looked like I never played at all): some have their shirts completely coloured to have multi-colored stains on their shirts. I wish they told us why we had to change to our "old clothes" earlier... Decided to leave the camp in the evening (around 7pm) instead of staying overnight as I don't feel like doing so. D.Grey-man is just as boring as BLEACH: full of fighting with storylines that don't seem to be getting anywhere for a long time.

Saturday-Sunday (15-16): Was sleepy the whole day. One of my schoolmates called to say that she was tired from the camp and don't feel like going to the birthday party that evening with me. As I was still sleepy when she called, I just said that I don't feel like going too. I don't know where exactly the place is but it seems to take a longer time to get there from home than to school. Managed to catch up with the latest episode of H2O, Hayate, Minami-ke, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and true tears.

Monday (17th) : Was happily sleeping when my mother woke me up. I just remembered that I had some enrichment classes. Looking at the time, I would probably be late by about 10mins. Had to skip taking a shower and breakfast. I made a mad rush by running to the nearest subway station about 600m away. By the time I reach there, the information display showed that the next train would arrive in about 1min. So I made another mad dash from the entrance all the way to the train platform. Managed to get on the train. After about an hour, reach the destination station. (Along the way, one of my classmates called me to ask where I was) It appears that I would still be late. So I made another mad dash for about 800m, past the crowd and traffic.

Manage to reach there. Was to tired to pay attention. (The PC I was using at first is annoying: it would download and install updates and keep prompting me to restart. After which, it behaves like the earlier session never happened and the process starts again that I decided to change) Since he was teaching the stuff I already knew, I manage to finish the assignment ahead of time and still have time to create a long list of links here and here from scratch. During lunch break, went to the shopping centre's toilet (the ones in school is like crap) before heading to the nearby library to borrow a book. Before heading back to the room in school, I remember that I would be going to a bookshop later on. Wanting to avoid the unnecessary hassle of the detector placed at the bookshop's entrance/exits detecting my library book as an unpaid item, I put it in the school's locker to pick up tomorrow. Lessons resumed and then ended around 3pm.

There was the rehersal of an even of which I can't remember the name happened right after that, somewhat like the one for graduation night (or is it nite?) 2 weeks earlier. It ended late around 7. Went to the bookshop I was planning to go earlier by train to the station near there. Along the way, the people whom I wanted to avoid the most called me and handed the consent form for a camp which would eat up my holidays and would drive me nuts starting from the following week all the way until the school reopens. I could have avoided them if I had taken a different route or went there later.

At the bookshop, I notice there is only one copy left of the magazine I wanted to buy. This could be either that many people before me took it or the bookstore did not stock much of it. In any case, the reason was that there is a special DVD included (is it region coded 2 or is it region-free? I never played that disk) that contains trailers of the upcoming anime and behind the scenes footage. Seeing that it's barely an hour since I last exited from the train station and thus eligible for a transfer rebate (on top of an already reduced fare which adults pay about 3x more and the fact that my parents top up my farecard on top of giving me allowance [though little compared to the salary of a low-paying job]), I decided to save money by taking the bus. It was 9pm when I reach home. Was very bloody hungry as I only have a few snacks and drank from the water cooler (both only available in school). I don't think I would turn up for that event mentioned earlier...

Tuesday (18th): [[Click here to view the events on this day of one of my classmates in broken English mixed with some Chinese. (I could barely understand what it was saying.)]]
Waked up on time unlike the day before, but still didn't have time for breakfast. Same as yesterday. At lunch, I bought a reasonable meal (which I couldn't afford the day before as I left the cash at home) and chatted with friends. Then there was this so called test. What made the test difficult was that you have 3 attempts for each task. A mistake, even by clicking the undo button or clicking on other parts of the spreadsheet, would trigger that attempt countdown. I was lucky as I got the set of questions with the least amount of tasks that are doable with 15mins left. The classmate who was sitting just next to me face the most difficult set of questions and was the only one who failed (i think the passing mark was 90% as I saw that she got 85%) and had to retake (after paying a fee). The course has already ended, but I chose to hang around as I had a lot of things that needs to be done online. Then there was another break before the rehearsal like the day before. Took the book I borrowed the day before from the locker before heading home.

Wednesday (19th): Went to school at 3pm for a meeting. Talked about changing the notice board. Helped with the decorations a bit before going home.

Thursday (20th): Had to report in school at 7:30am. Turned on and checked the equipment. Brought my laptop just in case. The event passed by like the earlier rehearsals with this video added near the end. At the "tea reception", student counclers and staff from other campuses appeared from nowhere and seemed to be there only for the food. I grabbed a lot of snacks, but was quickly finished when I wanted seconds, including the refreshments. (The formal attire for the college east female student counclers looked very nice compared to the rest. I want to wear one of those...) Had rest the whole day.

Friday-Monday (21-24): Good friday, bought a new bag, cleaned up the hidden corners of my room, watched anime: of which some were finales or 2nd last episodes. Other than that nothing much happened.

Tuesday-Wednesday (25-26): Went out with my mother. Ate at a fast food restaurant, bought ink for the printer (which was running low). Top up the fare card. Then went home that evening. Spent most of the reminding time installing OS for the virtual machine and their updates. Watch the entire series of Clannad on my PSP while during the time spent waiting during installing and updating. Removed about 400 (100MB) redundant anime images from 1 source that I downloaded between October 2006 and yesterday. Still have another 30 more sources to check, but I should tackle the one with the most amount of images more.

That should be all for now...

During the search, I managed to find nice images to draw from. Would put up the scans somewhere when done.


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