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Learning Japanese

Image - Useful tips on the Japanese language.

A few years ago (around the year 2003), I became interested in the language. Even more so recently. (more about that at the bottom).

Anyway, on a not-so unrelated note, an article on "The Sunday Times" (Singapore) on 30 June 2006 state that among those surveyed, 56% of the people in Singapore would like to emigrate and 4 in 5 would like to work overseas.

(The following is copied directly from my YouTube profile)

This year, I am preparing for my GCE "O-Level" examinations which starts in October (the prelims is in September, oral in July/August). So I might spend most of my time revising and not have time for other things, including going to the internet.
I do understand some Mandarin Chinese, though to a certent extent. As for japanese, I can recognise most kana and some kanji characters. (eg. 今,日,水,私,北,時 and so on)

The translator (the one i am using, one example is the text on the channel info …

This Blog... (and MSN/Windows Live Spaces)

I'm new to blogging in general and I normally don't type much (mainly because I don't know what to type). I don't really have anything specific to put here. So I might put random things like school to a particular anime.

Below are blogs from my MSN Spaces (in reverse Chronological order):

School carnival - 14 July 2006 16:03:54
On 15 July, there will be a carnival at my school. The thing is that everyone has to go and it lasts from 7:45am till 2pm. Not sure what to do there. (entering this from one of the auditorium room at Temasek Polytechnic)

School - 25 June 2006 13:28:17
(i am entering this from the 17th floor of the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh) the new term is starting tomorrow. Since i am in Secondary 5, that would mean heavy revision of subjects until sometime before the actual o level around November. Too much things to study. (i scored an F9 on most of my subjects.)

YouTube videos - 22 June 2006 13:12:16
I have recently (well 2 weeks before this post) created a YouTube acco…