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Alternate Dimension (Part 53)

Sure enough, mother wasn't around when we reached home. Itsuki: "I would like to show you me transforming back, but it wouldn't work if you were to even wait for me outside our room or have active cameras pointing at me. Why don't you cook dinner or watch TV while waiting. Since I was distracted, I wasn't paying attention to how much time has passed. Then, I could tell that Itsuki calling me and what he's saying to me, but I couldn't hear him. I could see Itsuki in this form better than earlier, but something is odd about how my mind is registering what I'm seeing. Not wanting to wanting to wait for mother to come back, along with the work that I have to do, I headed back home.. I thought I heard Itsuki wanting to give me a "force to stare at myself" sometime in the future, but didn't think about it. ***** Fast forward to the beginning of my third year there. As a rough gauge of what time I'm in, the topics that anime f


Since around 2005 until January 2010, there has been someone who has been copying everything I did and claiming it as theirs, even the way words are phrased. It started from a particular site the both of us went to, but never knew each other, that allowed customization to the profile layout. At first, it was just a random "view other people's profile through another" thing, but I was shocked to see how similar to my profile it is, or a revision before the current one. I kept a close eye on the situation, but careful not to alert that I'm being copied. As I was creating the initial version of the "Anime Watch List" with text as transparent background PNG images (the site didn't support non-ASCII characters then), it became more apparent that the person is copying me due to the blue or white background being added to the copied image that is mostly due to IE6 ( yes, the browser most business stubbornly still use today despite 2 newer versions out already

Disorientated Feelings (Part 29)

My peaceful sleep was rudely interrupted by my children who were shaking me desperately for whatever they wanted. Saeko isn't around, and my husband usually leaves and arrives back from work without his presence known. I seem to be the only one who didn't see him as my children and Saeko saw him. Speaking of my children, I don't really know much of them, including their names. Saeko does seem to treasure them a lot, and, when they are younger, they couldn't tell Saeko and my husband apart. How a child grows depends on what their parents do (or don't do) to them, things they encounter, and actions of others at a particular given time. Something as simple as not letting the children out or fetching them directly from school can make a difference in them finding a friend, encountering something dangerous, discovering something new, and so on. They could have not even unveiled their hidden potential and might rely on me too much if I am too protective of them. I don'

Loosing things

For the past few weeks, I seem to be loosing things without me noticing, it's like there's a phantom thief at my workplace. The value I lost from this mysterious thief (or thieves) is about 36000 yen worth of things. This includes my 3rd gen iPod Touch you might have seen me being upset about around then. I've also lost some high-denomination notes too, but the low-denomination ones are still there. The problem is, I don't even have a clu What a bunch of dishonest colleagues of mine. When lending my stuff to people, I have to look at the location and situation. More importantly, their personality. With my colleagues, there's a 20% that my stuff would be returned. This has been dropped from 75% and above when I first came. Heck, those colleges already gave me a bad first impressions during my first few days there. A lot worse than the people I've met during my studying years combined. I've lost my emotions for many years now that I don't know what