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723rd post: Ongoing DDoS attacks

Many US-based servers are currently apparently having denial of service attacks, which includes Twitter. I have never seen it down for this long before. I don't know what is going on. Here's a news article in greater detail: USA Today

722nd post: Fixing an old motherboard

Wondering what happened? Well, you wouldn't have noticed anything out of the ordinary if you have been following me on Twitter , but I need to take my mind off things from the stress of finding jobs. (Still not successful about it, if you are wondering.) This meant I stayed away from anything that required a lot of thinking. As of the time of writing this, I do not have any new content to publish. Also, legitimised my Minecraft copy and hopped onto a multiplayer server, which meant a lot of time spent away on it like any new game I purchased with an interest in. How long have I played Minecraft? No idea, but looking at changelogs, I'm pretty certain it was before release v1.2 (released March 2012) where hoppers and redstone lamps weren't a thing. So enough about that, and on to what I want to talk about. Now that I'm in the mood to do some soldering, might as well replace these bad capacitors. Need to remove the whole motherboard. — H