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649th post: Testing out twitter embedded tweets

Hey Judeの歌詞早見表わろた… — ʞsɯさん (@masuko_o) 2013年3月1日… Petabyte bytesTerabyte bytesGigabyte bytesKilobyte 1.000 bytes — Mikko Hypponenさん (@mikko) 2013年2月4日

647th post: Getting around abroad

In recent years, I had travel to countless number of different countries around Asia. I travel because I hear so much about different countries, but never actually visited them. Back then, I had thought that you could only go abroad through "packages" by travel agencies, which I found expensive and inflexible. Not a fan of tour guides that travel around in large "herds" I see around me either. Just visiting a tourist spot near where I live and I could already see how expensive it is over the "less-touristy" ones. Expensive: Hotels they offered, which is typically 3 to 5 stars, and may include meals containing food I do not want to eat. Inflexible: They have schedules that are made up of mostly visiting tourist places and, looking at it, there is only little time where we aren't herded around except perhaps arriving and departing days, which, depending on what time of the day, can be short or long. I hate following schedules. Anyway, during my

Disorientated Feelings (Part 53)

We got around Kyoto by bus and train to places like the Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷神社) for the countless number of the arches, and Kinkaku-ji where the famous golden pavilion is. What they did not mention is getting around is seemingly long and endless that people don't go far from the main entrance, or the other things those temples had the guide didn't mention. What we saw along the way might have changed since I had went there on my school field trip, but the attractions themselves remain unchanged. However, I couldn't escape the nightmare from home of seeing an increase of the number of young females. I noticed more young females and the absence of the elderly. With people like my dad already turned into a girl far younger than me, it's obvious what happened to the elderly and where the surge of young girls come from. Sadly, that would also mean that it could happen to me one day and lose some of my memories, like knowing who my middle school classmates were as it

Yononaka no Okugi (Part 1)

It has been days since I saw the magazines that opened up my perspective about what the world was like in the recent past that I previously never knew about. I hadn't told anyone else about it because I don't know how they would react to it. It is also hard to convince them too as the current world looked as if it has always been that way for years. Neither have I yet to find any convincing evidence which, in an age where pictures and video could be edited easily or, if looked at without context, be misinterpreted. The magazines aren't a reliable source for what life was like and what the publisher wants you to do or buy, but they do tell you the fashion, trends, or whatever makes you feel good or desire for in those days. There's hardly anything else that would tell me what life was like, no matter how difficult it might had been. I need more sources to confirm if my suspicions, but where? There are too many places to look at, but I know for sure that my local and sc