Disorientated Feelings (Part 53)

We got around Kyoto by bus and train to places like the Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷神社) for the countless number of the arches, and Kinkaku-ji where the famous golden pavilion is. What they did not mention is getting around is seemingly long and endless that people don't go far from the main entrance, or the other things those temples had the guide didn't mention. What we saw along the way might have changed since I had went there on my school field trip, but the attractions themselves remain unchanged.

However, I couldn't escape the nightmare from home of seeing an increase of the number of young females. I noticed more young females and the absence of the elderly. With people like my dad already turned into a girl far younger than me, it's obvious what happened to the elderly and where the surge of young girls come from. Sadly, that would also mean that it could happen to me one day and lose some of my memories, like knowing who my middle school classmates were as it could become irrelevant.

Authorities and experts on the human body are aware of what is happening, but without knowing what is causing the transformations to happen from a scientific point of view, they are unable to come up with a way to reverse this or stop it from affecting more people. During an interrogation of a man known for committing a lot of crimes at the police station, he randomly turned into a girl, including belongings and clothes worn. The girl could remember who she was before the transformation happened, but not the crimes she did as a man, and neither did she looked like she would do any more crimes. Further medical checks on the girl revealed that her body structure is that of anyone who was born female with the body biologically at the age of puberty. However, the last check up as a male had showed no sign of being intersex, and completely male with minor signs of aging. This is what researchers are baffled about: how is this even possible?

People are unsure if this should be treated as urgent as it's happening to everyone, but nobody is dying or getting sick from it either. In fact, anyone who had disability or health problems had those gone without a trace after transformation. As a matter of fact, crimes actually fell rapidly, and none of those caught were the transformed people, including those known to have committed crime before. The government is facing problems finding these people a place to study due to the law of mandatory school attendance up until middle school, even though more than 90% chose to continue on their studies.

The government came up with a way to track people's actual and biological ages. To avoid discrimination, the use of a person's biological age, instead of actual age, should be used. For date of birth relating to biological age, it would be the day they are transformed, minus their biological age. In the possibility where already transformed person transforms again, that age is carried over. I don't know how people would come across this, or react when they age of what they think they are is completely different from on this site. The latter situation is likely happen to those who had their memories wiped, or born after everyone had changed.

Taking a break from Kyoto, we decided to take side trips to Osaka and Kobe. It's funny how there are still women-only carriages on the trains to there when a large majority of people these days are women. Isn't it sad that more and more men are disappearing? Kind of as good as them gone completely as all the "tough men" are gone since the very first wave happened.

The first wave involved a lot of people: which included tough men, and the elderly at that time. This did not happen for the subsequent waves, but their memories were wiped clean as if they were really born a girl, and anyone who used to know them wouldn't remember, but of course, nobody could ignore the sudden increase of girls that nobody was able to tell who exactly. I know I had grandparents and great grandparents, but I have no memory of them as they are likely to be the first batch of transformed people and erased from my memory. Since my parents transformed later, they remembered me, but it's awkward talking to them as girls younger than me, probably the same biological age as my only son.

The purpose of this holiday with my family is enjoy the way we are now before my children gets older, and the inevitable and unpredictable moment where I will be reborn as a younger girl and possibly loose some of my current memories to some degree. I don't know how the concept of marriage and family would work in the future if everyone is a female of about the same age.


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