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Disorientated Feelings (Part 56)

No one became aware of this as it happened until there was a large deviation when data was being gathered for the population census of the year after it happened, or people noticing the absence of the elderly, or an unusually high number of schoolgirls that replaced them. Indirectly, the number of deaths from age-related illnesses has dropped too. Of course, a lot of time may have passed for this to be noticeable. These transformed people had also been genetically modified to seem as if they actually the daughter of any random couple, as well as the memories of the people who knows either the new or old selves. This is technically still going on today, but the difference being everyone remembering who they were. The earliest knowns report of it happening was from my aunt, whom she claims that a man she saw on the train transforming in front of her , or suddenly having a sister she never had before living with her. It is difficult for me to use her words as an official eyewitness acco

Disorientated Feelings (Part 55)

Hatsuya has spent many days and nights figuring out how to undo what my aunt did, but it is like modifying the back-end of how our world works. How can we modify that? I can't think of any other explanation of how nobody could remember who these people that had changed were on a massive scale. If possible at all, we probably would be making a wild guess as to what to do even if we could somehow gain access to it, and possibly not see all the changes until a lot later on. Being a candidate to be the next head of the company for my performance, they do let me access to everywhere in the company. This means that I can go to any department that I think would have useful information. I didn't think this could even be possible with me being their lab rat. I guess they have to overlook that for my performance. It took us months of research, but a gateway has been found. Not the same way as how my aunt discovered it, but there it was. It is kind of cryptic, but there is enough of a

Disorientated Feelings (Part 54)

So how did this whole incident of people being mysteriously turned into girls begin? Was it that abandoned ski loge that Saeko found where we first heard of it? No, it was already happening at that time. I didn't realize before, but the answer is actually closer to me: my aunt. Yes, she may be younger than me, but it was my dad's parents and dad himself having a child too early caused me to be one generation ahead of what it should be. You see, this aunt of mine, Nanami Fujibayashi, vanished in front of my eyes at her house when I went to check on her on one of those days between me arriving back from my university and getting married. She was living alone with... That's odd; I can't remember who it was other than that person being a relative, and nether remember who my grandparents and above were. My memory tells me she has a younger sister, Naomi, but Saeko and Nanami insisted that Naomi was one of those people who were among the first batch of people to be transfor

Disorientated Feelings (Part 53)

We got around Kyoto by bus and train to places like the Fushimi Inari Shrine (伏見稲荷神社) for the countless number of the arches, and Kinkaku-ji where the famous golden pavilion is. What they did not mention is getting around is seemingly long and endless that people don't go far from the main entrance, or the other things those temples had the guide didn't mention. What we saw along the way might have changed since I had went there on my school field trip, but the attractions themselves remain unchanged. However, I couldn't escape the nightmare from home of seeing an increase of the number of young females. I noticed more young females and the absence of the elderly. With people like my dad already turned into a girl far younger than me, it's obvious what happened to the elderly and where the surge of young girls come from. Sadly, that would also mean that it could happen to me one day and lose some of my memories, like knowing who my middle school classmates were as it

Disorientated Feelings (Part 52)

For the summer school break of my children, we took the time off from work to bring my family on  a vacation to Kyoto. I don't think the opportunity to do this would happen again before my children gets older. I've been there before as part of the school trip and business meetings, but having a schedule to stick to is not exactly enjoyable with pressure of keeping track of time. Excluding my time in university at California, I never travelled much. I don't know why the thought of travelling never occurred to me before. I'm the head of the family because I did all the documents, fed everyone, and practically almost everything that has anything to do with the family. It's not the first time doing something like this as I also had to take care of my younger siblings (I was the eldest child). To tell you the truth, I don't want to take care of other people: I would prefer to be taken care of than to take care of others. What is my husband doing? He's an idiot

Disorientated Feelings (Part 51)

It been a week since my son entered middle school, and it seems that he has already made some friends, which is surprising to me as he didn't have any before. What I'm even more worried is if he could cope as he's only seven years old, though him having friends kind of reduces my fear by a little bit. He never had any friends back in first year primary school or kindergarten, but yet could get friends in middle school first year like it's easy. Maybe I'm just too worried, but my son is my first child to be in middle school. My son chose not to stay at the dorms there, except when there's something up that he stays late there, or be early for the following morning. My daughters told me that he sometimes bring his friends along, sometimes long enough to meet Saeko or my husband, but they are gone by the time I reach home. Like my husband these days, I never saw my son changing out of that Mizuho uniform (though, for middle school this time). He doesn't eve

Disorientated Feelings (Part 50)

(Last modified: 4 August 2012) Me: "I just told you earlier that I am ranked higher than you, worked with the same company, and had been there before. Maybe it's because I am also your spouse, or a niece of the director, or a close friend of Saeko, that I could see it. Possibly a combination of factors too." I honestly did not know that I had just seen what only highly-ranked people could see. However, the video I just recorded proved that I can't prove or talk about it to anyone except those who already knew. Me: "Anyway, what was that you just did that normal people are not supposed to be able to see?" Itsuki: "To tell you the truth, nobody I know of could control that from happening. Even the high-ranking people of Mizuho are not excluded from feeling this too. Out of curiosity, what did you find yourself wearing while in there, or a general description at least? However I need you to be very specific with the colours." As my uniform

Disorientated Feelings (Part 49)

I don't like the idea of my son being sent to Mizuho because of its dark secrets it has that I know of. It being a subsidiary of the company I work for doesn't exactly ease my mind either. I searched for alternatives, but I am very concerned about how others would treat him because of his age. No luck so far. At least, not without waiting for my son to get older. Without an alternative besides my son remaining in primary school, he got enrolled into Mizuho. True enough, my 7-year-old son got transformed into a 15-year-old girl: anyone who is not between 15 and 30 would become of an age closer to the outer limits of the age group. Anyone who is 15 or older before wearing the uniform would have their biological age frozen to at the time they wear it, and resume from that point upon removing it (if they could that is). Which means if someone who is 16 years old wearing it for 3 years, and not wear it for an another year, that would make her biologically only 17 even though her a

Disorientated Feelings (Part 48)

The only school that is best suited for my son is Mizuho Academy: the school that seem to have some special magic to it. Saeko and my husband, who have both respectively studied and worked there for a number of years, claim that they have no role in it. It's more of based on the situation, my son's character and age, and so forth. Sadly, there's no other school that could accept both my son's feminine behavior, and prevention of being picked on because of his young age and quite a number of people whom I don't even know being able to recognize me on the streets because I hold a high-level position of Hatsuya, which many people are familiar with. Sending him to a normal school would mean that he could be an easy target to be bullied, or, worse, be kidnaped to force me as a highly ranked Hatsuya staff to do something undesirable. This would be a different story if my son could even defend himself. I have 3 daughters and a son, but with this, it's making my onl

Disorientated Feelings special: College Graduation Trip

My friends and I have planned a trip to head to New York via car as part of the graduation trip. My university is located about 40 km south east from San Fransisco, but New York city, which is on the other side of America, is 5000 km away from here. I'm leaving behind things that I don't need with a friend, so I had to fly back to California to pick them up before heading back to Japan. It's hard to book flights due to the unpredictability of the trip that could exceed the original plan by as much as a week or more. I could get a standby ticket if I want to get to the earliest available flight at that time, but only if there are still seats available at the time the regular check-in closes, which, considering that the international airports of California and Japan are major stopover airports, that's not guaranteed. For this trip, we would be traveling in two cars. Whose car? Well, from someone who is joining the trip who lives closer to New York than California: one o

Disorientated Feelings (Part 47)

Author's note: This chronologically happens after " Alternate Dimension (Part 84) " Ever since I found out what the genders of my first two children were, I could finally be able to see their faces and hear their voices. My first child, whom I've always thought was a boy, is a girl. Likewise, I thought my second child was a girl, but is actually a boy. Previously, they seemed like a fuzzy presence with a fused aura of me and Itsuki before, and I couldn't hear their voices, but somehow understood what they were saying that seemed like they were talking to my mind. Sadly, I have now only just realized the damage that I had done from treating those two children as the gender opposite of what they really are: my daughter (first child) seemed aloof and morose towards me. The things I gave her that she didn't like were given away to someone else after accepting it from me. No wonder Saeko asked me to stop buying gender-specific things for her, because I always

Disorientated Feelings (Part 46)

[Author's note: the first child is a girl, but the mother (protagonist) thinks she's a boy. The opposite is true for the second child.] Itsuki and I considered the options available for the future of our first child. No, cost isn't a problem as the both of us have well-paying jobs. What we are more concerned is the outcome of the child's future if we decide on the option, which is mostly in the unknown. I want the child to be normal, but neither do I want to restrict what my son's potential. I see that he's not studying, but yet, score full marks, so if he studies, he could be learning that older people would usually learn. This indirectly means that he could have a college degree at a young age, or maybe higher. However, him being a smart kid and having me as a parent who hold a high job position means that he could be popular, but also means harder for him to find a friend. I want him to be normal, but I'm not exactly normal myself, biologically, but t

Disorientated Feelings (Part 45)

( Author's note: Mentioned in " Alternate Dimension Part 82 " are 4 children in the family. Only the second eldest child is a boy, while the rest are girls. This part is describing the eldest daughter, 1st child, about how good she is that she could do exams that are above her current grade quite well. From the mother's point of view of course.) Me: "My what?" Seems that my own ears is preventing me from hearing a particular word of what the teacher said. It only happens when a gender-specific term about my first two children, whose gender even I don't know, is being talked about or shown. Don't know why myself, and neither can I do anything about it. I can't ask someone to help cure something only me in the whole world experiences and there isn't any medical evidence that proves that I'm suffering from it except suggestions that I may be mentally unstable, which I'm not. It's a mystery as to what caused it, as I could see my