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Alternate Dimension (Part 64)

Kotomi's unexpected immediate departure after attending the funeral of Nanami's family on the same day as her arrival left Itsuki and I speechless, but at the same time relief our fears of the possibility of bringing her to our parent's house as there's the mess and questionable things left lying around in there. Our parents already knows about Itsuki's change of appearance when wearing his work attire (mother is always at home when Itsuki comes back), but they were not told to not say anything about it to Kotomi. Her graduation day is just a few months away, so I'm guessing that she is busy preparing for her final exams or project. I don't know when exactly her graduation day is, but I know the school year there starts in September instead of April here. Our parents already see Itsuki and Kotomi like a married couple since they first met the latter. They say having a girl who is pretty, with grades far better than him, and her loving him like she can'

Disorientated Feelings (Part 34)

Being the head of this branch for some time not only means that I know more of my staff, especially the senior ones, but also my set of personality differences for family and work gets blurred. The office is filled with copies of certificates I received, and family photos. I've been here for almost a decade to have me decorating the place, but most of the things do not belong to me. They either belong to the company or the supervisors of this branch before me. Golf and traveling brochures hidden in the drawers serves as a reminder of how much they do not care about the staff. My picture at the end of a row of portraits of supervisors who had been here, and their years in office below the picture in the frame, tells me that I'm the first female supervisor here and had been in office for longer than each of the previous supervisors. Although that's a fact, I don't actually care about that, but my colleagues (including from headquarters) kept praising me for it. The years

How to NOT be well known

From what I have discovered as I wonder around, here are some things that publishers/broadcasters do to indirectly say that they do not want to be well known or make more money. That is, assuming that the subject in question has nothing wrong with it. Use " copyright infringement " as an excuse to remove free promotion by others. With these videos removed, fewer people would know about it, and popularity dropped People who have heard about the takedown might have lost interest about the subject that has been removed and would boycott any future releases of the subject concerned, or even the party that has requested the removal If (1) doesn't happen, they might just block it, place ads, or mute the audio. Limit viewing to only certain countries and a few others. People from countries outside the allowed places can't view them, even if the person viewing it is form the allowed country, but on a holiday or working/studying overseas. Munchy Crumbs iCylinder Koro

Alternate Dimension (Part 63)

I explained to Kotomi of how I was the same person as she met 5-6 years ago, but in a different body. She seems to be believing every word I said even though I have been expecting otherwise. She seemed more friendly towards me than Itsuki. Then, as though I'm hearing Itsuki's voice from inside my head, he tells me that he has done changing and hidden the Mizuho uniform somewhere in the car. Come to think of it, I haven't changed mine too: I was intending to change into what Kotomi is used to seeing me in, but time constraints didn't allow for that, and I can't wear anything over the uniform, except a lab coat. Since transferring into my current body, I've always found myself always wearing a skirt of a length halfway between my hips and knees, with the longest I could wear barely reaching my knees, and unable to wear longer ones or anything else, including jeans and traditional outfits, for reasons unknown to me. The timing of the new Mizuho uniforms seems as

What to do with an annoying ad

So, you were happily clicking around when something pops out at your face or hear some sound that did not came from what you were interacting with, or some redirect page just for the ad. There are no additional software/plug-in or coding hacks involved. There are three of the most annoying kinds (besides pop ups/under) I'm talking about here, though I don't think these points would be useful. I'm complaining mainly because less than 1% of the ads I come across are even reverent to my interest, and none of that 1% could attract my interest to click on the link. Banners that enlarge and/or play some animation, static ad that pauses the video underneath it This is kind of annoying if you are hovering over one and the link you wanted to click on is obstructed by the banner. Here's how to deal with it: Tolerating Using an ad-blocker Complain to the owner of the site Subscribe to some "premium" account to have it not appear Redirects you to some page that

Alternate Dimension (Part 62)

Besides the crazy things that Yuko told me on my first day about the academy, Mizuho is actually a normal school and does not have strange lessons like what I feared might happen. With this strange rule of Mizuho students not being able to physically change out of the uniforms until graduation, I would wonder how things are done or what to do should I find myself drenched or be splattered with paint or mud. I have to do some paperwork to let myself in the restricted areas of the Powell institute since the staff are going to see me as I am now a lot. The staff processing my forms thinks that the one approving it and the person being allowed in are two different people while it's actually letting myself in while in disguise. They might expect me in my disguised form to be "employed" in the near future. I mean, why would I want to be employed by the very same company I founded? Simple: to experience what my new staff go through, and to see if my staff would do things that

Alternate Dimension (Part 61)

The downtown district of the academy resembles very much like the downtown areas I know of. The upper floors of these buildings has offices, or dormitories. To get here from the main entrance, you would have to take the subway as it's quite a long walk in and the only roads in the campus are only between the vehicle entrance and the sector where most of the offices in the campus are. It's almost like walking and the subway are the only way to get around. Running and cycling is actually allowed, but nobody except students were seen doing so because they physically can't. The subway has entrances at various places around the campus. As there are only young ladies here wearing the assigned mandatory Mizuho uniform, there are no clothes or shoe shops at all. I see products that are only sold in the campus, like milk with higher-than-usual nutrition and is quite popular, but the quantity stocked seems relative to the number of people in the campus the day before. Handbags with

Picture of a Train

Well, I figured that this blog is starting to look dull with most of my posts lacking images or videos, so here's a picture of a train at the platform. Writing stories for this blog started just like any other post that came before it back in... I forgot when that was. August 2008? I don't remember. I wanted to put in illustrations or pictures, but it turned out that it affected the quality of the content or spent too much time finding the suitable image that it died quietly. The schedule of me releasing my blog stories is originally when I felt like it. It's quite short compared to the more recent ones. Now, it's supposed to be once a week after the previous part that might be for an another story, but, instead, I do it every other Sunday. Then again, I have never actually gave out an actual schedule. I do mention on my twitter profile once in a while with a #takhsiru hashtag in it, but I usually give a blog story number instead of the title of the story itself.

Disorientated Feelings (Part 33)

We had found documents that strongly suggests that the company might have been able to do bad things if Hatsuya institute has given them the technology they lack, which has been strongly rejected. Some of these evidence support events as far back as decades ago where Hatsuya staff were attacked or killed for failing to give in to their demands. Documents dating from the late 1990s are probably stored on the computers we couldn't access yet as we couldn't find any physical documents of those. The rival company was not brought down back then as the evidence discovered then did not point towards them and police concluded that the attackers were only groups of individuals that were acting on their own. Hatsuya suspects that their rival had cleverly hidden any links to the attackers, or had some spies in the police force. The rival company is quite good with the security of information against them, but not with those from before that was available. None of the documents we found

Alternate Dimension (Part 60)

I wasn't late for class, but the uncertainty of its location and little time left did make me feel anxious. I did notice that there are things in the school that an average school doesn't have, but I wasn't paying attention to them. The gardener and the granddaughter I spoke to earlier creeps me out even more than Itsuki's change while in here in terms of how dramatic the change was: a baby who looks and behaves like a teenager, and an old man with age-related problems appearing to be a healthy young woman. Although the academy itself being well known for academic results, it seems that absolutely nobody is even aware of this thing happening. Hidden in what seems to be a female-only population, there are male students and staff in the academy. The Mizuho uniform temporarily transforms them into females in every aspect until it's removed outside the campus (which itself is a complicated process) when nobody is watching. Adapting is not a problem, but it does if the

Alternate Dimension (Part 59)

It's now the transitional period between winter and spring as I could see the snow slowly melting away and the cherry blossom petals growing. The weather's getting warmer, but still cold enough to wear warm clothing. Over there is the karaoke box Kotomi once told me she went to with her middle school friends, and how she saw her dad when she came out from the uniform store across the street. Strange. Seeing juniors I didn't know from the schools I had attended makes me feel superior over them, but sad that I'm no longer a student. If I could be a teacher there, it wouldn't be the same either. People I know from Mihara and the schools before that would not even know me. I have just graduated from high school, but would be entering another. Getting to know people in school and the high portability of not meeting them again after graduating makes me feel sad too. Not counting graduation day, the days after the last lessons before the college entrance tests until afte

How little things seems to have changed

When I look at footage from around 1999 and  2000 and compare to that of today, things don't seem to have change much for the past decade. Except for mobile phones and maybe the online world, advances in technology don't seem quite obvious at all. Like there aren't any as compared to the decade before and the most part of the 2000s decade seem stagnant. Well, I don't really have much to say right now: time seem to have passed by quickly. This is not really confirmed, but the latest blog story should be out around the weekend. Watch out for my tweets with the #takhsiru hashtag for updates relating to my blog stories. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Alternate Dimension (Part 58)

As though it was because of Takuya's happiness he didn't show to me, the cherry blossom trees started blooming the following day. Though my view of how the company runs is no different than that of a newbie, I don't want staff to know that. Neither do I want to be deceived by the possible cover-up by the supervisors either. If I were to announce my arrival to check on things, everyone would hide stuff from me (as someone important) and be unnaturally formal. How much things they could hide from me depends on how far in advance the notice was given, and how frequent I do it, which might give them the ability to predict if there was a pattern. Seriously, the more important a person is, the more others would hide things from them, unless they don't know that. The chief executive officer is the one who oversees the company on a daily basis, while I can just hide somewhere to the point that I'm forgotten, but, if I want to, override his command without warning as I have

Disorientated Feelings (Part 32)

Like at dinner, I did not dare to ask the question on my mind about the video footage my husband just showed me. Daisuke: "Kuniko-chan... I didn't know your family was this big..." Kuniko: "Me too. With my oldest sister born before my parents are married and that brother I talked about earlier, my own family seems strange and mysterious. Except for mom and I, everyone seems to have inherited the foreign look that originated from my great-grandfather on dad's side..." The mysterious past of me and my parents when I was born: why did my parent had me before they were married? They were barely graduated from high school at that time. What did uncle did to me shortly after I was born that is enough for dad to treat me like a mutated child that he doesn't want to look at? Kuniko seems the only one who didn't inherit the foreign-like appearance from dad and, behavior-wise, almost as normal as Izumi and most girls. She was supposedly one of the thre

Old Family Photos

I've come some old photos of my family from before I entered primary school (小学校) . The people in it seem different from what I had always known them as. The majority of these photos that were taken before the 1990s were starting to become brown/red-ish. Roughly, there are about 2000 images of them. Restoring the above-said images is time consuming due to the vast quantity, and amount of defects on the photo at the time it was scanned, it could take forever. It's very hard to restore them, and certainly very difficult to make it look like their digital counterparts. Not counting phones with camera below 3 megapixels, nobody in the family had a camera until late-2003. Imagine how excited I was, despite memory card space volumes back then being tiny for today's standards. I have even seen some rare photos of my mom and dad from their high school days (separately of course), and a set of grandparents that had died before I was born. Shame I don't know anything about them

Alternate Dimension (Part 57)

My position as the Kamisugi High's Computer Club President has been handed over to the person whom everyone has elected months earlier, just before every third year became very serious for their college entrance tests. Initially, I wanted Takagi to take over my position, but he revealed to me that he was in the same year as me. That left me an uncertainty on how the newly elected club president would lead. As I cleared out my things, I came across that strange doll again. It's the doll that, according to rumors, people who had came across this doll had their lives completely changed, like my Mihara classmate and her childhood friend some years ago... Wait. Could I also be one of its many victims too? The day it happened is about the same... No, it can't be, right? But, I've seen that thing several times, and my life now is completely different from before I first saw it... I think I should leave this thing behind and... what is he doing here? Me: "Takuya-kun,

Alternate Dimension (Part 56)

The new year has started, and I'm approaching my graduation from Kamisugi High. Knowing that my endless life would go on like a never-ending loop, I stopped caring about what year it is now, other than this feeling that Kotomi would be back from her college studies in America and hopefully side with me to deal with my annoying other self. I haven't seen her for at least three years. With the duration of not seeing a person exceeds the time between meeting that person for the first time and the last you see them, there's an increased chance that the other person might not recall you. The school that I will be headed to after Kamisugi High is Mizuho Girls' Academy. They have officially dropped "High School" from the name due to the confusion with the other departments it has there and office areas within its grounds. They have also introduced an optional 4th year where they could graduate with a master's degree, making Mizuho look like a shortcut for Middl