Picture of a Train

Well, I figured that this blog is starting to look dull with most of my posts lacking images or videos, so here's a picture of a train at the platform.

Writing stories for this blog started just like any other post that came before it back in... I forgot when that was. August 2008? I don't remember. I wanted to put in illustrations or pictures, but it turned out that it affected the quality of the content or spent too much time finding the suitable image that it died quietly.

The schedule of me releasing my blog stories is originally when I felt like it. It's quite short compared to the more recent ones. Now, it's supposed to be once a week after the previous part that might be for an another story, but, instead, I do it every other Sunday. Then again, I have never actually gave out an actual schedule.

I do mention on my twitter profile once in a while with a #takhsiru hashtag in it, but I usually give a blog story number instead of the title of the story itself. This number is according to when I started writing for it. The "Part(s)" are actually what I could think of since I started writing that part and never corresponds to an actual Chapter. If you were to look at an example on the Wordpress version (not the ones imported from Blogger on the main page), I've combined an split sentences of "Part(s)" to form a Chapter. Again, it's too time-consuming for me to do this as it hampers me writing more stories. I do not have anyone helping me.

Let's end this post here before it becomes too lengthy. Oh, I'm working on Story 2, Part 61 since earlier this week, and I had been... deleting a lot of text I feel uneasy about. Some of it might have been slipped through since my mind can't differentiate if the text in my mind has been removed or not.


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