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Chasing After Rainbows: July 2014

31 July 2014

Teary Promise (Part 21)

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The electrical appliances seem a bit more recent than the others: the TV displays were still of those bulky square-ish screens that were common until the past 10 years. Only a small number of them used the more recent widescreen flat screen TVs, which I assume were replacements of broken screens. The computers were provided by the prefectural government, so those are the only recent ones as they are standard issue across all schools in the prefecture.

The location of vending machines may seem odd, but since the school is known for vandalism and violence by the male students, they are strategically placed at locations where there is a recording security camera nearby like the main entrance of the building, or where several staff working nearby could see and hear people using it, like at the cafeteria and outside the teacher's room. The school board has warned on removing most of vending machines when there are any damages to them that would render it inoperable or theft to the contents of it.

I was assigned to take pictures around the school. I should not speak to the students in case they ask me things relating to the school that I cannot answer. As Nishizawa is also a teacher here, she went around asking the students and other teachers, and has access to certain places and information that neither students nor visitors could access.

Speaking of access, I have no idea where Saeko went since the three of us has parted ways. Her blazer school uniform certainly stands out from the traditional sailor and gakuran uniforms designs here, so it is not that hard to figure out that anyone who does anything odd would get mentioned by students that I would overhear from. Students of this school talk loudly to each other unless they see an outsider or a teacher around, but since they talked loudly in my presence, I guess they do not know everyone and assume that anyone in the Yosaka uniform that looks of the same age is one of them. I wonder what is Saeko doing? Quite a number of them mentioned about her hugging a pillar like a panda, and the expression of being on the verge of tears.

I walked towards Saeko. It wasn't that hard as I just need to walk in the direction opposite of the general direction of students that had mentioned her are walking to. It didn't take long for me to see Saeko hugging a round pillar (while on the floor) like it is the most precious thing to her that she would not want to let go of at all costs. Why is she emotional over a regular round pillar?

Saeko: "Oh! Inami-san! I wanted to gather information from anything that is plugged into the school's electrical grid, including wireless devices connected to wireless bases powered by the same grid. I was thinking of any electrical socket that I can find in here..."

Ah, plugging into an electrical socket. I did not know there was one there from her skirt obscuring it from view.

Saeko: "...but since I figured it may take a while for me to gather data, I figured it's better if I could get into a comfortable position first. I chose this round pillar because I do not want people to see an electrical wire dangling out between my skirt. I do not know why there of all places myself, but want to be comfortable as I do this so I chose to sit down on the floor, which is at level with the socket. However, my legs can't be too wide apart, and certainly not at 180 degrees that flat walls require to meet being me as close to the socket as possible, so that is why I chose the round pillar: my legs could get more comfortable, and even more since my legs could go around it."

She explained why she was at this wall, but I do not understand it, and does not explain the desperate expression she had as she does it. Is she used to not talking about it?

Me: "Are you sure you are okay? You looked like you were quite stressed out when I saw you. I should help you get up."

It seems as if her body is a part of the pillar, since I can't pull her away from it, or change her position.

Saeko: "It is part of the data transfer process where I can't be removed if I'm in the middle of data transfer. Any expressions you may see me having in the process were likely to be involuntary."

[insert content here]

I reviewed the photos that I have taken so far, and thought about what other kinds of shots that I could take. I've covered damages to school property, so next up are about the bullying around the school. How do I capture it happening as "naturally" as possible?

Just as I was wondering about what I should do next, I heard voices from one of the empty classrooms.

Female voice 1: "So this is what the past looks like? It looks dirty, and different from what I have heard about this era."

Female voice 2: "Oh? What is that heavy looking box with some odd-looking glass at the front that is hung on the wall?"

Saeko: "Ako, that is a television of the era when I was young.  Sakae, this place is away from the city. The school building we are in has now been demolished in our time, but this particular school was poorly maintained unlike other schools of this era. The things you see here are from an even earlier era."

Sakae: "Would this outfit you had us wearing be effective? I feel no different apart from a needle stuck into me."

Saeko: "Well, our bodies did not change when we entered this time pane that we thought had a fifty-fifty chance, so I guess it should. But remember, we are the first ones to enter the past to the time before it even happened, so this is an untested and undocumented theory."

How did Saeko get there so quickly when I saw her stuck to a pillar a short while ago? She is wearing a different uniform. Those three were talking as if they had just time travelled from the future, with the two of them not knowing what it was like. I took a peek inside the room: there was indeed Saeko in there, as well as two school girls in blazer uniforms that I cannot identify, with one of them wearing black tights. I also can't identify what Saeko is wearing, but it does have a design that only Mizuho Academy would have.

Hold on. Did the Saeko I met earlier had a chest of that size? It's quite a distraction to just have it in my field of vision.

Saeko: "Um, you two wait here for a moment. I think I saw something outside this room."

Sakae & Ako: "Okay, sure."

Huh? What did Saeko see?

The next thing I knew, I was being dragged away from the classroom into another empty classroom two rooms down and was not released until I was in the middle of that room. It turns out that the big-chested Saeko was dragging me. I guess that something she saw was me looking in.

Saeko: "Is that you Yumiko-san? I have not seen you in a while. Sorry for the treatment, but I need to be cautious about what I do and how I am seen while I'm not in my time. If you are here in this school, that means that Nishizawa-san is here too, and, um, you might have seen me stuck to a pillar a while earlier from your point of view. Please don't tell my past self about this."

Me: "Who were those two with you?"

Saeko: "Remember that Nishizawa-san, of your time, mentioned where the human population in the future, from your perspective, would be made up of nothing but females? Well, that has already happened in my time, but with organs modified to help us to still be able to reproduce with the absence of men, though our bodies have become incompatible with the old system. We have no idea how we could still reproduce with our new bodies, but those two girls with me are actually less than a year old, and yet they already have a body and behaviour of a teenager!"

Saeko noticed that I was visually distracted by her body, but her reaction to it was as if it never happened. Were girls of her time having a chest of that size common? It would be hard to concentrate on anything if it's everywhere. Maybe she gets asked about it a lot that she does not want to talk about it.

Me: "Huh? Less than a year old? But they don't have a body of an infant or behave like one."

Saeko: "Yes, that is one of life's biggest mystery with our new bodies. Not even the scientists have any idea on how our new bodies work. We came here to the past to see if our bodies would change to that of before the evolution, and if any of those two with me became male if that had happened, but as you can see, we still have our evolved bodies even though we went back to pre-evolution era. What we wear has changed due to some mysterious force that forces us to wear certain types of clothes all the time. Can you imagine women in a formal business attire for construction workers, firemen, or sports athletes? I know it seems to be an inappropriate outfit for those occupations, but that is the reality! Our evolved bodies are forcing us to wear nothing but feminine clothing that must include skirts. Otherwise, they would get strongly repelled out of our body like magnets of the same polarity. Since we can't get naked either, previously worn accepted clothing would appear if we fail to wear acceptable clothing within given time. It has become awkward for pre-evolution people like me to look at each other. Even more so if we feel angry over something, but our bodies now lack the ability to be able to express anger at all."

Me: "Sounds like a man's dream with a certain fetish of their ideal woman to come true."

Saeko: "I agree with you. But there are no males left in my time besides old photos and animals, and our bodies would react strongly if we were to even think of men as our evolved bodies did not anticipate it due to their absence, even though some of us were formerly male and there are photos of males everywhere in books from eras before it happened. Also, we have no idea on what is changing us, but we know that everyone changing at the same time is certainly not natural."

Me: "Hold on. How is this transformation thing happening?"

Saeko: "Since 2012, we had found a way to ensure that the transformations could not modify our memories, where we also found out that people transformed prior to that has been reassigned and changed genetically match random families. It explains why we were not able to trace where the sudden increase of adolescent girls, but unfortunately, we cannot find out who they are now, or who they were due to the nature of how they were changed. One thing for sure is that people noticed the absence of elderly people. In order of transformations, all the elderly, as well as people known to be evil to society, were the first to be transformed. Subsequent transformations involved only men, where how soon they were transformed depends on how manly they were, which meant that, shortly before the final stage, the only men left untransformed were ones that weren't manly at all. It is sad to see the last males to behave and dress like girls due to the strong female influence and the absence of manly men. The only thing close to what would be considered manly were women behaving like men. Then the transformation happened in 2030 where everyone became a single new gender forced to only be able to move their body in a way that is very feminine in every aspect, which excludes mentality, but includes behaviour. You can go crazy having your non-feminine thoughts to be forced to be expressed in a feminine way, though people have figured a way around that with computers. Companies with fast working pace, require workers to be fearless, or require clothing that conflicts with the policy of the clothes we are forced to wear, suffered the most from the transformations: they are forced to either adapt to the changes, or close business. Companies have dismissed workers that were unable to perform because of the transformations, only to find that they have nobody that meets their needs as replacement."

2012 and 2030? What year is this Saeko from that has her talking about these future years like it is the past for her? If this Saeko is from a year later than 2030, why has she not aged where, apart from the size of her chest, she seems to resemble the Saeko of 2011 very much?

Part 20 | Part 21

07 July 2014

Teary Promise (Part 20)

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After what seemed like an eternity for an oddly short walk from the park, we arrived at Yosaka Middle and High School. I was not expecting both the middle and high school education levels together, which is quite rare in this country. Well, those large academies in this region do have those two in the same campus, but those two are treated separate and are not counted.

Immediately as soon as I could see the front courtyard of the school, I could already see how much I appreciate that I am not sent to this school. The state of the school building and the greenery alone has seen better days with those looking no different from an abandoned place with noticeable damages to some facilities. Well, I am not saying the school is really in that bad state, but certainly not as maintained as the schools I have been to.

There were students still in the school. Some of them stared in our direction, not because of me, but how glaringly obvious Saeko's Mizuho uniform sticks out. A uniform of a prestigious school, at a school full of delinquents, is asking for trouble.

Nishizawa: "Oh yes, Inami-san. This always happens when students here see a student of an another school entering the school, especially if they aren't wearing a gakuran or sailor uniform like that of this school, and even more so if it is what they see as an "elite" school. Someone would have shouted at Hisakawa-san by now if she was a boy and not accompanied by someone else."

Me: "Why did she not change if we knew this would happen?"

Nishizawa: "Well, we aren't allowed to say why, but let's just say that her clothes are a part of a body and no modifications are allowed."

Saeko: "Hey! I did not ask for this!"

What kind of an explanation is that? Sounds like a stupid reason to me, but there were indeed things odd about her, like sending me messages when I could clearly see her being too busy to even send me any, and the context of her messages don't seem the kind that could be sent in advance!

Nishizawa: "Let's see if I could say something that would automatically stop me from saying it if you aren't supposed to know. You see, the Mizuho uniform could... For students... The uniform was designed because..."

What is with the abrupt silence midway through saying a sentence?

Nishizawa: "That's odd. I am supposed to be able to say what the uniform does. Oh right, if anyone who could hear us isn't supposed to know that is related to Mizuho, I can't say it even if the person I am talking to could, and I forgot where we are right now."

Me: "What is this problem that had you bringing me to here?"

She looked through her notes as if she herself forgot why we are here. Well, there were distractions along the way here.

Nishizawa: "Well, our systems in Hatsuya are showing that people regardless of age and gender are being turned into schoolgirls, except that our memories may have been modified in a way that we would not notice it even if someone is being transformed in front of us. [1] If this is indeed happening, and assuming that it would keep going at our predicted rate, our population would be made up of nothing but females within our lifetime [2], which is an issue. Do not think that this does not concern you, as this will affect you being able to find a husband and having children. You probably might not get to have grandchildren as there might be a lot fewer males when your future children reaches adulthood than there are today."

(Author's note 1: Related to Story 4, Part 10)
(Author's note 2: It will happen as it has already happened in Story 2, Part 87, which happens at a later time)

Saeko wore a look that she was the one who discovered it, but unhappy that the words Nishizawa used has discredited her. However, she did not say anything about it. Not sure if she has been made not to say it, or what she said was true in some ways.

...Hold on. People being turned into girls? What is going on?

Saeko: "So, what we are doing here is to document this school before the changes become more noticeable. It was chosen because of how the students here behave, particularly because of the male-majority student body, and they are... quite defiant against the school authority. Plus, there are a number of unused classrooms. It would be noticeable if this school were to have more girls than boys all of a sudden, and those empty classrooms were to be filled up. The challenge here is making sure that we are not manipulated to think that there has always been a lot of girls here when the change happened."

Nishizawa: "Basically a surge of female students enough to overthrow the current male-majority, and of course you need room for more students if these transformed older people enter, as young girls of course, but no change to the existing cohort."

Me: "So, if you are aware that this phenomenon is fundamentally changing mankind, why are you not doing anything to stop it? Is it the same thing as... what happens when the outfit of where Saeko studies at gets worn?"

Odd. I tried to said "Mizuho uniform changing people" directly, but the words that came out of my mouth after the odd pause was not in my words, but does convey the general idea.

Nishizawa: "First of all, it is difficult for us to even remember that this is happening, and secondly, we have no idea what is changing us. It's like we are characters in a game where we are at the mercy of some unseen force that changes us, including what we can remember. And third, this is not something that medicine or gas could solve. We don't even know if it is spread around like a disease or we were randomly chosen by the unseen force to be changed. As for your next question, no, it is completely separate. The one we are talking about does not have anything involved and, sadly, it seems to be a permanent thing as it's not reversible as there is no trace in their genes left that they were ever male at all."

Saeko looked as if she was guilty that this even happened in the first place.

Saeko: "It is a good thing we are all... girls... as we aren't affected by this directly. We would not be get pick on easily if we behaved the same way as boys as we go surveying this school. Although, I think my uniform stands out a lot."

Saeko seemed troubled referring to herself as a girl. I wonder why.


Inside the school, the interior looks like it is a first generation of schools to have been built with concrete instead of wood. Whether this was actually a replacement of an older wooden structure, I do not know as I don't know the history of this town or school before I moved in, and signs that there was one were probably covered up except perhaps in old analog photographs.

The layout seems typical for middle and high school, but with the size of a primary school since middle and high school are combined. From the school corridors alone, that the school is falling apart with things that are in need of a state of repair. There were some odd mismatches for some fixes due to the difference of style used between the era of the original, and when the fix was made.

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