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Chasing After Rainbows: July 2010

25 July 2010

Disorientated Feelings (Part 31)

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The unknown girl left hurriedly, but what shocked me the most was that she entered my house right in front of me.

Me: "Hey wait! You trespasser! That's my house you know!"

I caught strange girl by the hips. It wasn't hard as her reaction time was slow on top of me being stronger (from all that carrying at work) too. All of the girls from Mizuho seem to strangely have identical physical traits that makes them all appear identical unless you look closely. Saeko, seemed to have continued on to my parent's house with my children but not without making a face at the girl like they both know each other quite well. Saeko probably did not want my children to be involved in the argument.

Me: "Now, what dark magic did you use to make my children call you their father? I'm the mother and I have never seen you before."

The girl gave up struggling and sighed.

Story 5 Part 1 - Prologue

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The sound of shop shutters being closed at night. That was the earliest clear memory I had. I remember that the place was the shops next to the train station and was being carried by my mother. This sound was the loudest I have ever heard back then that it made me cry. As to when exactly that was, I have no idea. I would say that was between 1990 and 1993.

There are other memories as a baby, but I don't know if they are based on photos I saw later on, recorded dreams, imaginations, or what others told me. Odd ones include dad leaving to serve the army from mom's point of view, and me in a water bag with nothing but darkness around me. There was also me in a pram and being played with my older sister at the doorstep, drinking from a cup or bottle of milk that had a I-have-no-idea-what-it-is added for me to drink from, and even crawling under the blanket of the bed my parents were sleeping in.

18 July 2010

Disorientated Feelings (Part 30)

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We walked around the entire building when Saeko, without warning, stopped to unlock a door that is doesn't seem to stand out from the other rooms there except for the words on the sign. The room appears to be where things like stationery and old documents are kept. I don't know how old the stationary are as they seemed to be in mint condition, but the design of the packaging looks old. It feels strange to see something that is old as when brand new, though it is possible for the manufacturer to not change after all the years, particularly ones made overseas.

Saeko: "I have asked some employees that I've known from my Kamisugi High days to come here for help. They are on the way here from the research departments now."

She went searching through documents, theories, research, and sketches that are handwritten dating to some months before I entered university in America. I could actually recognize some of them. They had Saeko's handwriting with her name on it, but she has previously repeatedly denied writing it. She has never regarded herself as an important person to the Powell institute and is holding some position there that has the highest authority over the president of the company. If she's not the president, what is she? I only know that she is the so-called founder as this version of Saeko with me had all the assets duplicated from the person her body is cloned from, so although they are all legally hers over here now, she doesn't recognize them as hers. It wasn't long that we heard someone opening the door of the room we are in.

Male & Female voices: "Excuse us. Is Hisakawa Saeko-sama in here?"

They were looking at us and looking around at the same time.

Saeko: "Ah! Takuya-kun, Takagi-chan. It's good that you have received my message. I have found something interesting to show you."

The two gave a blank stare at Saeko. What's with them?

11 July 2010

Reflection of time passed

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My 21st birthday less than a month away and how times seem to have passed.

My memories before 2006 weren't clear: probably the trauma I had that year that had the old me placed aside. My stress level was so high that my mind couldn't handle it and probably made me forget things. I don't even remember anything from kindergarten and primary school other than what the place looked like. I don't remember the names or faces I've met. What I've learn has so much become a part of me (languages, etc.) that I kind of forgot where and how I learn it. My coming-of-age-day was just earlier last month, and my mind is saying that it's still winter even though the heavy rain and the hot weather of summer. It's like the time has been fast-forwarded.

Coming across a (64MB) memory card that had media relating to Spring 2007 anime, I realized that it was from more than a year ago. I was thinking that it's still 2007 or 2008, but it's already halfway through 2010. The anime in question is probably not well known though:

In the recent months, I've mentioned that old stuff at long-forgotten corners of the house are being thrown out. Among those, those that are not to be thrown out are "temporarily" placed in my room. I would be taking some time off from writing my stories. Parents are nagging at me.

05 July 2010

Alternate Dimension (Part 54)

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Walking along the street, I thought about the course of action that I should take. It might not seem hard at a glance, but the chain reaction as a cause of it should be taken into account too, which is a complicated thing to predict. Before I knew it, a group of foreigners who were looking at the city map stopped me to ask for directions as I was the only person around they could ask. I wonder where they are from? They look foreign, but they don't seem to be from western countries either.

It seems that they are trying to visit a house of someone they know who was sent here for work reasons. However, only the address in Latin characters were given and nothing else except the phone number, which is of a mobile phone. The address system in Japan can be quite confusing, even to the locals, without a map. To make matters worse, all of the signs that mark the posting areas and maps of the city like the one they are looking at, contain only Japanese text. Even the order the address is written in western order is different than in Japanese.  They probably don't even know that the character before chome (丁目) is a number in kanji instead of a more familiar Hindu-Arabic digit that is used in the western format.

So, after analyzing the address, I showed them from our current location (which is already marked on the map) and pointed to where their destination is. Since they understood English, I mentioned what they should see along the way and wrote down names of places in Kana or Kanji as there's most likely no signs in romanised characters along the way. I would like to follow and guide them, but I'm not familiar with the area of the city they're headed to, and neither do they seem to trouble me further. As a token of appreciation, they gave me some denominations of their currency that I've never seen before in an unfamiliar language. I don't know what language it's in, but it does have the numbers in that language along with Hidu-Arabic numerals in them that says the digit value of it, which makes me wonder what is it's value in yen. Probably not much, and it's worthless here as the closest currency exchanger don't seem to offer this currency. Also, I've read somewhere that it just so happens that the two largest cities I know in this country are ranked the highest in the list of the cost of living of cities around the world for many years. Feeling generous, I gave them some of my money in exchange for the foreign money they gave me earlier. They had surprised smiles on their faces as it seem to have covered more than double the expenses they had spent getting here, including accommodation and flight costs. I assumed they came from the Indochina region from as they have they looked neither local (not understanding kanji) nor foreign (appearance-wise).

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