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Story 9 Part 4

I laid down on my bed after returning from a day at work, reflecting on the oddities of Yanagi's transformed body. She's like a living female mannequin of those well dressed store displays, but like those mannequins, she can't do anything to me no matter how much she wants to: her body is forcing her to not be able to look or interact with intimate parts of pre-transformed people like me. I can see her struggling to force herself to do it, but her body just refuses to respond. Similarly, I can't do anything to her because her body is rejecting me. She didn’t mean to turn me down, but her body isn't allowing her to look or handle non-evolved private bits. She's so desperate that she tried to look at porn, but because of the heavy involvement of what she's not allowed to see, it's like trying to read a heavily censored book where the uncensored bits are the more "tame" bits between sex scenes that make up less than a third of the content. It