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organizing music files

I used to add various songs to the music playlist and figure out a way in such that my favorite songs are in it. Now (several years ago actually), with the music library, I can now just view by album, artist or genre. However, the files themselves remains unorganized.

Recently, I saw a "Keep files organized" option (under Edit->Presences->Advanced) in iTunes. What it does is that it moves all the files that you had already added to the library there (unless deleted/moved to elsewhere without updating) your iTunes music folder. Now, what used to be a messy folders with inconsistent names are sorted nicely. Though there are some minor problems. If the original folder contains files other than the mp3 files, only the mp3 files are sorted into the appropriate folders. Since they are going to be moved from the original folders, make sure that the details are correct as it may be hard to relocate it if you are not familiar with the song is. I remove songs that I don't li…

68th post

I was doing stuff to my face when something white accompanied by near-transparent liquid (and blood) came out from inside my face like a rocket. Before that happened, it felt like a lump. Wonder what created that thing...

All the Volvo B10M MKII buses are being replaced by the Scania K230UB (pictured) this year.

want to emigrate

I find that life in singapore is too stressful and cramp and surrounded by many weird and rude people. In just a year alone, there is already a noticable increase of vehicles, people on public transport, and more tall buildings. On top of that, is the hot and humid envronment, the lack of a close friend of the opposite gender and my family.
I havent decided what country to emigrate to but the likey countries are Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany. (Countries in italics might require me learning a new language).
Here are the list of things that are holding me back from emigrating: still studying (already completed Secondary/High school though)insufficent money (is US$5k enough?)knowing location and cost of accomodationNS (Nice Shot! :P)haven't learn enough of the language to undersatnd what is in the non-english language newspapers of countries in italics part time job yetknowing the immigration/emigration issues…

not well

I think I'm not feeling well. The signs is that i feel sleepy, feel cold even though the thermometer of the room says otherwise. On top of that, I have a mouth ulcer on the side of my mouth, so you don't see me eating much and when I do, it would take a longer time than usual to finish it.

remove the unnecessary burderns

(Image above is related to previous post and has nothing to do with the current post)

Okay, I am now sick and tired of the unnecessary burdern of things that I don't like doing or is happening.

Firstly, I would get the stuff that was never mine out of my room. I am already facing a shortage of space without it becoming messy and someone made it worse by putting stuff from somewhere (or moving my stuff) at the inconvient places like my study desk, the scanner, and a box which I open frequently. By putting those junk on top of it and leaving it there to rot for many months make me go mad. If so, why did you leave it there in the first place. If I want it removed, it should be done immidately and not the "I'll do it later" attitude and in the end, not doing it at all.

Most of the people I am surrounded with seem to have the "I don't care" or "it's someone else's job" mentality. The shows I see on local TV (and around the region) seem to lack…


I was randomly browsing around when I came across forums about buses. I look at it and at first, I don't understand what they were talking about as they keep saying the bus model no, abbreations (short-forms), and the regestration no.. Also, there are pictures of those buses. however, those buses all look the same to me, though some of them are slightly different.
Looks like they are talking in their own language that outsiders won't even know what they are talking about...

This was taken at Chitose, Ishikari, Hokkaidō (北海度 石狩支庁 千歳市)

The SC room is moving

[Note: This post contains 振り仮名Ruby text. If your browser does not support it, it would appear to the right instead of on top of the intended text.]

The student council of Bishan will be moving to the meeting room of the student hub sometime this week.

Tomoyo Sakagami is a character in Clannad.

Wonder why

Lately, an increasing number of my classmates have quitted the course. Among those that quitted, they want to join another course and that would mean starting from year 1 again.
For the remainding people, their attendance have been droping until they reach the minimum percentage of attendance without being debared for the subjects they are skipping from. Whether they had an MC or have approved leave or not, that I never found out. In any case, I don't recall seeing certain people for certain subjects. If you were to just look at my class and compare it to the other classes, there are more empty seats in mine and close to none for the other. All classes have an original population of about 30 people. All classes in my course would be reshuffled for the 2nd year base on the elective subject chosen.
PS: At ITE East, other than the ones with restricted access, you can smell the cigerate/tobaco from outside the toilets. On top of that, I heard that the male toilets are vandalised like br…

and one more thing

In continuation of the previous post, here are some more of them. One of them was done just a few hours ago. As I also said previously, the original version of these would appear on my friendster profiles (except the 5th) and photobucket when they are ready. Anyways, if you look closely at the high-res or the paper it was drawn on, you can say that I drew (copied) it by myself.

Erm, yes, since the ink is "recycled", you would be able to see what was previously used. I also need to improve my handwriting as it's horribly misaligned.

It kinda looks very nice.

Scanning using that fax machine

[Note: This post contains 振り仮名Ruby text. If your browser does not support it, it would appear to the right of the text instead of at the top]
(All the images you see in this post are scaned using the same scanner)

As I said earlier in this post, I was playing around with the fax and notice that the film (ink) is close to finishing. As I was rewinding (like a cassette tape) it to reuse, i saw that the date before I got it was around 2005-01January 2005 with the earliest around mid-2002. It seemed to be from some guy in 香港Hong Kong (phone number started with +852) with records of membership of some airlineCathy Pacific along with names of hotels or restaurant with names that appear to be of 5 star typelike the Fullerton or Standford. The scans below are the copies form the drawings that I found before I "rewind" the "film", so, except for 1, you won't see the previous text on the images but you will see a printing problem on the right-hand side. I haven't put t…

58th post

(I have made what used to be my private photos as public at friendster. It contains images that I had taken up to [at time of this post] 2nd December 2007)

Various things, regardless of whether we have direct control of it or not, can affect everything. Like someone was unhappy/in_a_bad_mood and it affects other people and the people they meet, even if they don't know who that persorn that was the one who started the unhappiness. This theory is somewhat smillar to how an infection is spread.

What makes a person the way they are or how they would become makes up of various factors. It may not seem like it, but if you think about it, it makes a whole lot of difference, even if it seem minor at first or have no control over it. Here is a list and why they are important:

parents (whether they get along, how they met, the kind of jobs they have and performance there, habits, disabilities, etc.)siblings/friends (less loney, influence, what you do together)location (people that you meet, th…

Stuff that I found

(Photo on the left taken on 2 December 2007; unrelated to current post)

At some of the not-so-crowded places like HDB void decks, I tend to find stuff lying around or people forgot to collect it and left for anyone to take. Stuff that I found and took include: coins with denominations no greater than $0.20, hardware for PCs and Macs made in the late 1990s (only a few work with my old PC), CDs (songs), Video Tapes (mostly children ones), a picture book on some industrial park in Suzhou, China in Chinese (erm...), boxes of electronic products (except for instruction manual, Styrofoam, and some plastic, it's empty), standing fan parts (if there is a need to), clean clothes (who it's for doesn't matter) and so on.
Stuff that I had found but didn't take include: an exercise equipment (no joke), Bulky furniture (it's broken anyway), plants (including the live and fake ones), dirty and/or broken stuff (obviously), paper and used exercise books (i don't need them), chair…

나는 지루

Кита́йский язы́к (中文, чжунвэнь, или 汉语, ханьюй) входит в китайско-тибетскую (сино-тибетскую) семью. Он является официальным языком КНР, Тайваня и Сингапура. На нем говорят свыше 1 млрд человек. Для 900 млн из них китайский язык является родным. Китайский служит одним из 6 официальных и рабочих языков ООН. Исторически это язык народности хань, которая доминирует в национальном составе КНР (более 90% населения страны). Кроме того, десятки миллионов китайцев, сохраняющих свой язык, живут практически во всех странах Юго-Восточной Азии (на Сингапуре составляя более 75% населения); значительная китайская диаспора рассеяна по всему миру. В китайском языке выделяется 7 диалектных групп: северная (北, самая многочисленная — свыше 800 млн говорящих), у (吴), сян (湘), гань (赣), хакка (客家), юэ (粤), минь (闽). Диалекты различаются фонетически (что затрудняет междиалектное общение, хотя диалекты связаны регулярными звуковыми соответствиями), лексикой, отчасти грамматикой, однако основы их грамматики и…

So many people...

(theres more on the following page and my other accounts)

I was looking through the friends list of one of my accounts, looking out for people who never log in for 3 weeks or more and those who send me forwarded messages, regardless of content [which includes "friendster is closing soon", "for my friends", "非常非常感人的真实故事...非看不得.." (what ever the hell that means), "PLEEEEASE READ!!!!! it was on the NEWS!!! ASAP!", "add nyo po ako" (who is nyo po ako?) and so on.], when I come across this page [pictured above] with so many people named Sakura. In fact, too many. Apparently, the display image is from Cardcaptor Sakura. Other common names include Rukia, Haruhi, Sasuke, Kagome and whatever names from popular anime (which I no longer watch or see them as outdated). Can't they be more original than that...

Anyways, I am getting closer to getting rid of the music files that I dread hearing when playing. (they were either songs I kept hearing u…

The time I post and stuff

You may have notice that for the past few post, I have been posting around midnight. That is because I am more active around that time (though ironically, it is past my bedtime of 10pm but somehow push it to 2:30am).

Also, besides the random images you always see, I have never posted anything where I took a lot of images since 2 December 2007. For the posts at the end of that month, I did say something about places and events in Tokyo (like the Winter Comic Market) occupied with pictures that are actually taken at that time. Even though I made it look that I was actually there, I was never there; in fact, I never said that I was.

Speaking of photographs, I have yet to upload photos taken after 22 December 2007. I don't know why. Maybe I completely forgot about it when I have time or connect it to the PC (for something else). In any case, even if I do upload, there wouldn't be much to do so as there aren't any pictures taken at events, never even went there, or photography is…

53rd post

Yes, I made changes here and there. Most noticeably the colours, blog title and the images.
Previous names of this blog include "Heart Throbbing Days", "(o_O)/ \(O_o)" and "Pdpini Enngobu Serine".

In case you were wondering, i have over 42127 (forty-two thousand) images which adds up to 11.02GB as at the time of post which had been accumulating for the past few years. That is why you never see the same image used again (though there are exceptions) despite being there for a short time. Of course, among those images I have, I won't put up images that I would consider revealing, with sexual content, contains myself and/or my friends (unless censored or when I feel like it), boring images, a lot of people (picture of a crowd is an exception) and whatever I would deem inappropriate for wherever I post the image at.

Speaking of picture of a crowd, the image at the very bottom of this blog needs to be resized. The "shrink to fit" option here seems to…

Including "that thing" on stuff such as logos

If you ask me, anything with a Merlion in it looks ugly. It should be replaced with something else like a flower, hand or some cute character on places it is used at, including the government logo. I wonder who came up with the idea of using it, which is based on a lion an a fish...

I forgot where this place was. |3


Nowadays, I spend my evenings and weekends (including major public holidays), and school holidays at home doing nothing except stuff on my PC except for certain days. I might as well find a part-time job.

Made changes to friendster profiles

"What a nice boat!"

50th post

"Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" is an electronic-optical device that produces coherent radiation. It emits light in a narrow, low-divergence beam and with a well-defined wavelength (i.e., monochromatic, corresponding to a particular color if the laser is operating in the visible spectrum). This is in contrast to a light source such as the incandescent light bulb, which emits into a large solid angle and over a wide spectrum of wavelength.

\(゜ロ\)ココハドコ? (/ロ゜)/アタシハダアレ?

The foundations of quantum mechanics date from the early 1800s, but the real beginnings of QM date from the work of Max Planck in 1900. Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr soon made important contributions to what is now called the "old quantum theory." However, it was not until 1924 that a more complete picture emerged with Louis de Broglie's matter-wave hypothesis and the true importance of quantum mechanics became clear. Some of the most prominent scientists to subsequently con…