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Chasing After Rainbows: 53rd post

05 February 2008

53rd post

Yes, I made changes here and there. Most noticeably the colours, blog title and the images.
Previous names of this blog include "Heart Throbbing Days", "(o_O)/ \(O_o)" and "Pdpini Enngobu Serine".

In case you were wondering, i have over 42127 (forty-two thousand) images which adds up to 11.02GB as at the time of post which had been accumulating for the past few years. That is why you never see the same image used again (though there are exceptions) despite being there for a short time. Of course, among those images I have, I won't put up images that I would consider revealing, with sexual content, contains myself and/or my friends (unless censored or when I feel like it), boring images, a lot of people (picture of a crowd is an exception) and whatever I would deem inappropriate for wherever I post the image at.

Speaking of picture of a crowd, the image at the very bottom of this blog needs to be resized. The "shrink to fit" option here seems to shrink to the same size (which is smaller than the image i always use to sign off) instead of trying to fit to the space allocated.

Commuters waiting to get on the train at the Yamanote Line at Shinjuku Station.

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