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An original story by me (Spin-off Part 1)

Nobody knows how exactly the doll was made or how old it is. It may be an ancient artifact, but it looks quite new to be so and is surprisingly durable despite how fragile it looks. One thing's for sure though, there have been rumours where a lot of people have come across it and some time after finding it, they would want to get rid of it, or would disappear when their attention on it is at the lowest since coming across it, or had something bad happening to them. All had possession with the doll or was with someone that had the doll. The latter knowing anything of the doll is not necessary. Due to it's time-traveling and age-proofing properties, organizations researching on the doll and coming up with theories that may involve the doll are having a hard time tracing its origins and what the doll in a particular time had or had not already went through as compared to that of another time. For example, it's made in Time C, but may travel to Time K and then to Time J, the