An original story by me (Spin-off Part 1)

Nobody knows how exactly the doll was made or how old it is. It may be an ancient artifact, but it looks quite new to be so and is surprisingly durable despite how fragile it looks. One thing's for sure though, there have been rumours where a lot of people have come across it and some time after finding it, they would want to get rid of it, or would disappear when their attention on it is at the lowest since coming across it, or had something bad happening to them. All had possession with the doll or was with someone that had the doll. The latter knowing anything of the doll is not necessary.

Due to it's time-traveling and age-proofing properties, organizations researching on the doll and coming up with theories that may involve the doll are having a hard time tracing its origins and what the doll in a particular time had or had not already went through as compared to that of another time. For example, it's made in Time C, but may travel to Time K and then to Time J, then suddenly jumping to Time U and then to Time A. So to anyone, it could be mistaken to be made in Time A as that is when the earliest it appeared. Anything that the doll did (assuming that it has a mind of its own) and changes people made to it might not be accurately be reported. The doll at Time A might have gained knowledge and have changes made by people in Time U but not at Time C, which people though that there are several versions of it. Also, the rumours from the past about the doll might actually be referring to the future. It's complicated to explain things when time travelling is involved. Easiest is to explain from the time-travelling object point of view, but explaining the cause and effect of it and having two instances of it at the same time frame is still confusing and it might not even know what time it's in.

Yamada-sensei is spending the winter holidays in a Spanish-speaking country somewhere. While looking around at a flea market there, he had set his eyes on this doll at such ridiculously low price. Thinking about what he would do with the doll, he though that he could use it to entertain the some of the 3rd-year students he teaches, as they are probably stressed up from the college entrance exams revisions, and probably make those who dread seeing him look forward to him more, especially his homeroom class of 1B. The buyer seemed relieved when he bought it.

When Term 3 starts in January, which is also the shortest, the 3rd years would be graduating quite soon in March. Most plan to continue on to college, some had already taken the college entrance exams. At least give them good luck for later on in their lives. He's not sure if the activity of showing the doll to them would affect them negatively, so he brought it around to find the opportunity to do so and ask them, but those opportunities are rare.

He didn't have much success with the 3rd years, so until closer to their graduation, he would do it with the classes of other years instead. On Friday, 4th February, during homeroom period of class 1B, Yamada-sensei showed the doll to the class. Unknown to everyone, the doll sensed the girl sitting at the middle-front right of the class, near the window. That girl, Haruna Kobayashi, was wishing that her childhood friend of a far-away country would be to be with her. The doll then analyzes her and the person in question she is wishing for. To someone looking at the doll, one of the eyes would seem to focusing on her, and the other appearing an empty eyeball as a result of the eye pupil looking in the direction opposite of where it's facing. The eyes seem to remain in the same position regardless of how the doll is moved in the current mode.

The doll made a check on who the person is referring to: they met each other via their fathers when they were in university. They are close buddies and would meet each other during the summer and winter holidays with the whole family until quite recently. Haruna's childhood friend, who is some years older, has started working last May after he received a job offer from a well known company of an otherwise difficult-to-get job position. Haruna's dad is working at some unknown place and her mother is with him. For some odd reason, it also had money belonging to people who died that are left unclaimed and forgotten, money that has been lost as a result of being burned in flames, soiled in water, people tearing/destroying money without replacing them, and the accumulated value of coins that lay forgotten (eg. inside drains, buried in a forgotten corner) of denominations that are too small to be useful, all transferred to Haruna (as fresh money of course).

Before the doll could proceed with the appropriate action, it looked into the future and saw that Haruna's childhood friend would be involve in a terrible accident about 3 months from then. Looking at the situation, the best would to have him to enter Haruna's body at the time he should have died. In order for him to easily adapt Haruna's body and have the people around not find strange about it, it would have to make Haruna herself to fall into a coma long enough to have people think that she has lost her memories upon waking up, which would be when her childhood friend would be (unknowingly) taking over control over her body. It also foresee Haruna and her childhood friend's minds merged together later on and would have the merged mind to behave exactly like the Haruna from before the whole event started (which is about to be). First, it would need to make Haruna faint and then go to her childhood friend in such a way that the doll would be with him at the time the accident would happen in order for the plan to work.

Haruna was wishing that her childhood friend would be with her as she is in a situation where having it possible would be difficult, but she needs him badly. She had her hands clutched together on the desk and her eyes closed, though open enough to see what's going on. Next thing she knew, she saw nothing but a flash of green light in her eyes. Out of shock, she tried to jump out of her chair, but instead, her body position remain unchanged and fell sideways, like something jumping around inside a box: her body is the box and her mind is the something jumping around inside it. At first, Haruna is puzzled as to what was going on as she found herself lying sideways on the floor in the same position as she was at the table instead shooting up out of her seat out of shock. Haruna tried with all her might to move her body, but nothing happened. Even her vocal cords are not vibrating and eyes not moving. Although she can now only feel, think and hear, they are quite useless when it comes to communicating with others as, to others, she appears to have died as her body is lifeless. She is now also forced to see, hear, and feel things she doesn't want to and unable to do anything about it. Haruna's hell of literally not doing anything has only begun.

At that moment two girls called for help, while another two guys ran out of the classroom. Everyone in class had horror on their faces at first and frantically kept calling her, but somehow soon decided to start touching the body. They noticed that the clothes were normal, but her body is unusually stiff and carrying her around is like carrying a mannequin with real skin and body heat. They even had her to lie down on her front, but it looks like she's kneeling down. Sitting or jumping on her bottom in that position to straighten up had no results. Haruna is feeling the pain from them doing all that and is annoyed that people are playing around with her body like a toy, but she can't do anything about it. What also puzzled her was that even with them doing that would not result in them successfully straightening her body.

The paramedics soon arrived. Because of Haruna's position, they had to place her side of her body on the stretcher and then to the ambulance. They put the stretcher into the back of the ambulance. They tried to straighten her body, but is unusually stiff that However, en route there, her body keeps slipping off so many times, they decided to place her at the front seat with the seat belt on.

At the hospital, doctors were puzzled as to how it happened as they had never seen Haruna's condition before and thought that they were joking when what appear to be a realistic-looking female mannequin with a school uniform on in a sitting position was brought in until everyone explained what happened.

But the doll now seem to have an interest with one of the girls who called for help back at the classroom, Saeko Hisakawa, who appears to be trying to understand her telepathically. It sensed that the girl's body is an empty shell with a mind of its own and gathering memories and experience to prepare for her male counterpart from an another dimension, Itsuki Hisakawa, to enter her when the time comes, which is, coincidentally, around the same time as when Haruna's childhood friend would be involved in the fateful incident. Currently, her self from shortly after the incident is controlling it. Also, to Itsuki Hisakawa's point of view of what would happen that day would that he would become a girl and would have a clone. However, that company Hisakawa works for and it employees and immediate family members of top-level people seems to be unaffected by the dimensional change. Hisakawa's girlfriend, Kotomi Miyazawa is one of the few unaffected as she also works for the company and the director is her uncle. When Kotomi would have Saeko to turn back to a boy, Sawko would turn back to Itsuki in a different dimension, but during the cloning in-between the two events, Saeko's mind is transferred to the body of her clone, Mamiko Hisakawa, and a new mind is based on Saeko's original mind. Although merged later on, they could only read and control each other and are still separate minds. So the one who would be transferred back to the male counterpart in December is not the original Itsuki Hisakawa. The original mind of Itsuki Hisakawa still remains in the female cloned body of Mamiko Hisakawa. Reason why the clone did not change was that the clone was based on the female body at the time of cloning and that the clone body does not exist in the dimension of the male counterpart. Kotomi also thought that the original Itsuki would remain with the original body after the cloning, but she can't tell as Itsuki's original mind behaved more lady-like in the cloned body (the original Itsuki is aware of this fact) and the original body now has the new mind that retained the same behavior form before the cloning. The original Itsuki also hated being a guy because of people's expectations and certain features of the male body that he hate or find more annoying than if he were to be biologically female.

As the doll found some relevancy to the doll for both Hisakawa and Miyazawa, it would follow them after it was done with Kobayashi.


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