Alternate Dimension (Part 1.1)

Wanting to finish the device and with permission from the director there (I can't believe he just said yes after looking at me just after stepping into his office), I brought it back home. Since it doesn't look anymore like a watch a a glance, I wore it on my wrist. It was design to be worn there anyway, but it doesn't feel like I'm wearing it when I wore it. Even though I made and programmed this, it was someone at headquarters who designed it and I would just blindly follow the instructions. Since the instructions were not specific, I would just think of how to accomplish each task given without even knowing what I'm making. Looking at the design and what I had been doing with it, I'm guessing that the external appearance is to deceive people to think that it's just a normal watch while it's actually something that I would see in spy movies. But what? Sure looks futuristic to me.

I headed to the lockers to take my stuff and to put things that I would need at work later on. This also includes my while lab coat that all staff are required to wear. I could bring it home, but looking at the state of my house, I think I could easily dirty it, not to mention things that could happen on the way to and from work on my bike. The only thing from work tonight beside the device I'm working on is my work pass: I need it to scan on the card reader to gain access to various parts of the workplace and for some, have a face scanner. Having a beam of red light entering my eyes during the scan made me feel funny, like I'm unconsciously forced not to do something bad or something. (Wonder if that light is laser like the barcode scanner at the supermarket? It could damage my eyes faster if it is.) It's kind of inconvenient, but it's certainly better than entering some lengthy forgettable code. They also said that a thumb reader is not safe too as authorized personnel would have problems with the reader, someone could capture the thumbprint of the last person that used the reader, or worse, someone could chop off a person's thumb or the whole arm just to gain entry and steal secrets. The pass has my name, Itsuki Hisakawa (久川伊月), quite large, my job title in medium-size, and everything else small. The photo on this pass is of the same size as the passport, so if those large name of mine were to be re-arranged, it would still be larger than the photo.

From work and the train station, my house is in the opposite direction of the road that leads towards the recently-completed expensive apartment complexes. My family is not rich enough to move there, let alone maintain the current one: It's in a horrible condition. Since both my parents are working somewhere far away for quite some time now, I would only clean areas I normally go to, if I feel like doing so that is. Strangely, that mood comes when exams are nearing. My girlfriend and schoolmate, Kotomi Miyazawa (宮沢ことみ), is a top scorer in school. I thought that it would be impossible for me to get to her as I was just a nobody and all the other guys are interested in her, but it was her who came to me. When she came to my house for the first time, she would point out to how dusty my house is and could see the cobwebs of some places, like no one has been living there for a long time. Despite that, she keeps insisting on coming to my house when she has nothing on. Was it because there's now no one else but me at home? Was it because of my house? No, that can't be it...because of the horrible state it's in, unless you mean doing things together without being disturbed. I have been to her house before, and I can't believe how chaotic it is: she has many younger siblings and they were either running all over or were crying loudly that her dad comes home when they would be asleep and, being the eldest child in the family, the mother keeps asking Kotomi to do the household chores. Makes me wonder how she manages to score the highest in the entire school with all that chaos she has to go through each day. She said that I'm the only person whom she showed her true feelings to. I was quite shocked when she first yelled at me and showed her angry face: I heard from everyone, including her family, that she is quite sweet and gentle with a sweet voice and always looked calm in otherwise stressful situations. Was that angry girl shouting at me (for reasons that have nothing to do with me except as a punchbag) the other day the same sweet, gentle, smart girl everyone's talking about? I think that all that shouting at me was from the pressure that had built up inside, but can't show or release it. She could have picked me as one of the random guys during her "urgent" search for someone whom she could release her pressure at and still have other people not know her true self. Well, seeing that there is the extremely low chance of me finding a girlfriend who would be my wife, and her coming to me of all people out of the blue seems like fate, might as well go with her.

Well, it's been a long day, so I'm going to put my things aside and take a shower. My room is filled with several difficult books that a typical person would be unable to understand. The study desk, which is facing the window, has all my assignment books and notes on it. I don't remember how end up with so many things in my room. Sure it's messy, but I made sure that the area leading to my bed, study desk, and wardrobe are clear from all the stuff. Each time I look at myself naked, I am reminded of how much I hate it. It's hard to explain what exactly, but what other guys might find normal would be annoying to me. For example, this thing at my bottom, it sometimes tries to force through my clothing when I least expect it or think of a certain something, especially when I'm not wearing underwear! It's because of this thing that I can't think properly or feel comfortable no matter what I do, especially riding the bike or during lessons. Would make me feel funny if I try to force it through my clothing in such a way that it won't pop up, even more if I try to sit on my bike in that way. Argh! What's with this annoying thing? I have been having it since birth and I felt worse with it since between primary and middle school. Wearing the school trousers in winter does make me feel warm, but sweating in the summer! Would only find relief when I change into shorts, but except for primary school, soccer, tennis, or swimming, it's not part of any attire.

I changed into home clothes, hung my uniform at a corner for tomorrow and started working on the device. Because of it's size and it's complication, working on it is quite hard. After some thinking and working on it for some time, I got tired from all that squinting and adjusting very tiny things. Not wanting people to steal or me forgetting about it tomorrow, I wore it on my wrist after securing all the loose things and putting on the cover. Tomorrow will be a busy day, just like any other.

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