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Chasing After Rainbows: 2015

26 December 2015

Post-Evolution World Report 6 - Mismatching Instincts

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From the perspective of an outsider, one may notice that the humans of our world are full of irresistibly attractive and well-mannered women. To us, however, this is a nightmare that gave us instincts of a man, but with the external expression of a well-mannered lady that matches with our appearance. Any behavior we attempt to express that isn't like the latter would get changed to the closest possible. This means that we have no restrictions to how we could think, but why do we even have such a restriction on our external behavior? How can it translate all of our attempted non lady-like behavior into one that is instantaneously? I am thinking that the well mannered lady we are forced to express are probably the only ones our body is capable of, where anger is strangely omitted. If this were the case, it should have ignored the disallowed behavior instead of trying to closely match what we could. Perhaps something in-between that is like the computer equivalent of a compiler, where it analyzes what we are trying to express and how to best fit into what we could. The positive side of this is that we don't see anyone airing their frustration (because no one can), which in turn helps us feeling less stress from other people's anger.

Without male influence and related materials, there is absolutely nothing left to influence the minds of former males but to lean towards the female behavior that could only be expressed. I am afraid to say that the former males would eventually think and behave like well mannered ladies over time, where they would simply give up on expressions that they can't express, and naturally adapt to the ones they could, as a way to reduce frustration. Even as simple as sitting on a chair is met with forced behavior, like not able to cross arms, or having legs forced together and tucked underneath the chair when wanting to stretch legs wide apart out front. Eventually, we sit with our legs together on our own and not dare to do otherwise.

In other words, males are subconsciously forced to adapt female behavior that are so subtle that even those resistant to the change do not notice it themselves. As for the former females, we observed much more adaptable to change, though this could partly be attributed to the similarities between female and the new gender versus that with males. We did, however, noticed that they too adapted the male instinct, but already used to behaving like female to not notice their behavior being forced.

Now that evolution has caused both former males and females adapt the same things that are indistinguishable from each other, we humans have evolved into a single-gendered species that nobody wished for, and have to suffer to keep living.

However, our male attraction instincts was amplified instead of disabled, and our female appearance more attractive to male minds, as if to counter our pre-evolution difficulty of finding a partner and declining birth rate. This is bad news since we possess both, which leads to an awkward situation that causes us to blush whenever we see anyone, irregardless of the seriousness of the encounter that questions us if we are still straight, or gone homosexual: our male instincts remained unchanged to be attracted to females, but the problem here is that our bodies are shaped like the kind of females we are attracted to, with our feminine voice and forced female mannerism confusing ourselves even more.

Eventually, we got used to blushing when we see each other as it became a normal reaction. Outsiders may notice us trying to avoid looking at each other and think that all of us look awful or hate everyone, but rather, we want to avoid the mental distraction caused by the very way we look! It's very hard to not look at another person, let alone a large crowd full of it, but we have no choice if we want to avoid accidents to see where we are going! They really want us to be blushing at all times, looking at how impossible it is for that to not happen more than several times a day without living alone in isolation. It's pretty weird how it does not trigger sexual desire, but that's a good thing since our body is not designed to be able to handle it.

You may wonder why we are doing nothing about our clothes to have us less attracted to each other. Here's our problem: as part of our evolution, clothes are no longer an optional accessory, but rather a part of the outermost layer of our body that requires us to wear specified types of clothes at all times. In other words, we don't have a choice on what we wear, apart from variances of the same type.

The clothes we are wearing seem to closely resemble office uniforms for women that, based on what was typically worn around the world pre-evolution, seem typical of any business sector of a developed economy, but the blazer school uniforms as part of what we could wear greatly narrows it down to Japan specifically. The style may be considered "revealing" by more conservative cultures, but it's actually decent once you get used to it. Actually, the skirt can be considered as such since it only partially covers our thighs, were skirts below knee level, right up to the ankle, may be what they are used to. We need to wear socks to cover the rest of our legs, and no other kind of clothing are allowed to cover our legs. Pantyhose are the closest thing we can wear that feels like trousers and keep out the airy feeling at our legs, but we still have to wear a skirt over it. While it is obvious that we cannot wear male clothing without our body rejecting it, dresses and traditional outfits designed for women are the unexpected ones that are not allowed to be worn.

Another factor is how noticeable our breasts are showing through underneath our clothes, where even the smallest size anyone has is large enough to be noticeable underneath our layers of clothes. It is the only known reproductive organ our evolved bodies have, but it's useless on its own and seem to serve no purpose but to complete the female appearance. It's difficult to study these without our clothes over it preventing direct access, but from as much as we can gather with our clothes on, it certainly has the mass and physics. We saw no relation or standard of these, but we noticed those that have seen images of pre-evolution males are firm, with firmness depending on total duration they have seen it. It has helped us to tell how bad they have it. It's linked to an incurable disease that is thankfully not life-threatening, but impossible to concentrate.

It seems as if our world was designed by someone who wants to live in a world of nothing but young beautiful women without any thought of the consequences of changing us to fit into their sick "paradise". We hadn't figured out how to reproduce ourselves, where the old ways are impossible. Everyone now looks of the same biological age range of what could be called "a pretty young woman" regardless of how long they have actually lived. Exact ages are uncertain, but the youngest anyone could certainly be is around the age of puberty. No one is sure what the oldest anyone could get before being reborn, but it's certainly before one becomes noticeably an elderly person. This causing issues for services and products relating to young children and elderly related services as the whole category they served no longer exists.

What was a married couple with a male infant in the pre-evolution is now a group of three women. Due to the concurrent rebirth going on, a person who exceeded the allowed age range may now resemble as a daughter of the others they live with, even if the people they resemble are her own children or totally unrelated. It is sickening to think how the meaning of family is destroyed like this.

29 October 2015

717th post: Indirectly helping reduce utility bill

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I may not directly seem to be saving energy, but there are indirect ways that I help to reduce the household utility bill.

Solar Panels with 2 USB type-A ports
It began after I bought my first power bank in 2012. I didn't know it was a power bank then, but the only input it had was the retractable power plug and the other side covered in solar panel. The down side was the small capacity it had, and certainly couldn't charge much with the size of the panel. However, the idea that you could get some charge from placing it in sunlight without ever plugging it in since completely draining power was new to me. It now only works as a USB wall charger since it can't hold charge now, if it doesn't overheat while charging. Solar panels do still work, but effectively useless with the little power it generates.

The solar panel idea came about as I was looking as a result of that device bought in 2012. I research that I certainly need panels way larger than what I had, and the necessity to unlink the solar panels from the power storage, and make use of an existing power bank I bought for my Europe trip in 2013. (This is one reason why I did not look at another power bank with built in solar panels.) I bought this off from Amazon US.

I also took a look at USB power meter at the same time as a way of knowing what kind of output exactly I am getting out of it, and finding an ideal spot at home to place it. (There is no outdoor area at home; the best were windows facing east or west.) Later on, I used it to figure out energy losses and efficiency of the cables and chargers I have. Not every device uses exactly 5V 1A, or whatever is stated!

It took me a while to fine tune the positioning. While it can produce enough energy to charge the power bank, it isn't enough to charge a smartphone directly unless there's constant direct sunlight. Something I can't get at home the whole day.

I noticed that it worked if I shine an incandescent spotlight bulb at it. Fluorescent ones don't work, and very weak for LED ones. Obviously I'm not going to bother wasting energy to shine lights at solar panels.

Using the shower
I do it in the afternoon when the temperature is warmer than in the morning. In summer days where it didn't rain recently, I don't even need the heater at all. But when the water is too cold to use without a heater, the heating I set is less than what the others had set.

(I know it may not be hygienic, but unless I get dirty or sweaty, I usually take a shower only once a day. This significantly reduces water and electricity consumption.)

Now this is a strange one. I bought the first set of LED bulbs for my room, which turned out to be dimmer than the CFLs I replaced. I bought another set that had higher lumen rating (higher wattage does not equal brighter bulbs as LEDs themselves get more power efficient over time) than the one I had, but those were still not bright enough. By the third set, which has even higher lumen ratings that should be bright enough for reading (as I researched prior to buying), I realized it was just bad furniture placement blocking out the lights and needed additional lighting around the desk I use my laptops on. Overall, the brightest LED bulbs still consume less energy than the CFL counterparts. As an added bonus, I get less insect bites at night for some reason.

What happened to the first and second batch of LED bulbs I bought earlier? Those were used on other parts of the house that still used CFL bulbs. Now I have stockpiles of used, but not end-of-life, CFL bulbs lying about. I would like to replace the non compact variant of fluorescence bulbs, but the equipment to power the fluorescent bulbs is in the lamp holder itself (CFLs have this integrated as part of the bulb design), so an overhaul of the lamp holder is necessary to make it work with LED. On top of that, the LEDs used for these kind of fixtures are more expensive. In the end, these remain as fluorescent bulbs.

Lighting for rooms that are infrequently used, or lit up for only a short time, are somewhat tricky. Lights being used for only a short time are not good for the lifespan of fluorescent bulbs. Its long warm up time, and flickering as it happens if it has a starter plug, are not ideal for these kinds of places. LEDs are the most suitable for this kind of situation, but not from a cost perspective if you don't already have one (and lasting way longer than the rated 15 years due to less-than-usual usage). Since I have plenty of incandescent bulbs lying around, those are the most ideal kind of bulbs for this kind of situation, though some adapters are needed to fit into the socket. Thankfully, none were fixtures for fluorescent bulbs.

Well, this isn't exactly saving the environment kind of method, but to minimize the home electricity bill is to use electricity that you are not (directly) paying for. You can get even more out of this by charging your devices (including power banks).

18 October 2015

716th post - Seperating the confusion with USB type-C and 3.1

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When I look around YouTube comments in videos, particularly that of the 2015 MacBook, people seemed confused that the two USB type-C and 3.1 are together, or an Apple-only standard. (In fact, Google's Chromebook Pixel and newer generation Nexus phones uses it too.)

What is USB 3.1?
Here's the confusing bit. USB 3.1 has two different versions: Gen1 and Gen2. Gen1. Gen1 is basically renamed 3.0, where maximum transfer speed is 5Gbps. Gen2 is the real new 3.1 with speeds doubled to 10Gbps.

It's not Thunderbolt 3, which uses the same USB type-C connectors with the thunderbolt logo on it, so don't expect a USB type-C to mini-DisplayPort adapter to work unless it's between Thunderbolt 3 and Thunderbolt 1/2 or DisplayPort protocols. Separately, you can have video output with just USB 3.0 3.1.

What is USB type-C?
Well, we all know what it looks like and how reversible it is, but here is the list of what is is and what it isn't.

What it is not:
  • It's a propriety standard by Apple - While Apple is among the first to introduce it and among those behind it, it's not. Do you even know what USB means?
  • USB type-C is also USB 3.1 - Not necessarily. Since type-C is designed to replace type-A and type-B (and their mini/micro variants), USB 2.0 with type-C connector is possible. USB 1.1 too, though there is no supported backward compatibility to 1.1 for 3.0 3.1 Gen1.
What is new about it over older standards:
  •  It makes using USB On-The-Go (OTG) devices less troublesome and confusing - Type-A is for host devices, type-B is for slave devices, but with portable devices like smartphones these days acting both as a host and slave this is tricky: storage device you want to connect has type-A, but host device uses micro-B. Using type-C on both ends eliminates the weird female type-A to male micro-B adapter/cable necessary to make it work.
  • Charge a device with another device instead of plugging it to the wall or PC -The concept of is not new with power banks having been around for a while, but the difference is that you can basically charge a phone with another phone. Helpful if you are running low and your friend's has more charge to spare.
  • Supports "Alternate Modes" - It supports different protocols with the same USB type-C cable where, like Thunderbolt 3 mentioned earlier, utilizes the same cable, provided the hosts supports it.
  • Supports USB Power Delivery 2.0 - Now supports up to 100W (20V 5A) of power. Older standards supported between 0.75W (5V 0.15A) and 7.5W (5V 1.5A). This means a whole new group of devices, like laptops, could just be powered from USB without the need of a separate power brick. You can use the same 100W charger to charge your phone at 5W, but don't expect your phone charger to charge your 100W device any higher than 10W (5V 2.1A).

You will need an adapter if converting to and from type-C, but as time passes by, this may not be needed as more devices come into the market.

At the time of writing, there are a few devices released with USB type-C connector, but quite rare. The common "standard" USB cables should have type-A male on one end, and type-B male on the other. the type-B end can be replaced with mini-B (deprecated in 2007) or micro-B. USB 3.0 variants of these add additional pins, but still usable with 2.0 cables without the need for adapters, though limited to 2.0 speeds due to the lack of pins needed for 3.0. A standard type-C cable should have type-C male on both ends, where anything else is non-standard. You may encounter type-C to type-A at this time, which is fairy common for any USB to non-standard USB ports like that 30-pin connector, or a particular dual-screen portable handheld device.

Micro and Mini variants of type-A do exist, but are strangely uncommon. Even though type-C is about the same size as micro-B, it is wrong to call it a micro connector. It may be possible to have an even smaller variant of type-C, but that doesn't exist at the time of writing.

09 October 2015

715th post: Early preperation for Halloween everywhere

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When you go out to the shops since around August, what do you see slowly creeping in? Decoration for Halloween! To remind you, that's on 31st October, which is practically November.

I do get how big of an event this is, plus the time between production of goods and preparing venues of with said goods, but I feel that it's way too early to have have it in stores in August!

Even online, you can't escape it as people began talking about it. Pumpkins, orange colour, ghosts, bats, witch hats, skeletons... The usual things associated with it.

When the day has come and gone, everyone removes the decorations a lot more quickly than setting them up, only to be replaced by... Christmas decorations.

You can never escape these things, do you?

01 September 2015

Post-Evolution World Report 5 - Status Quo

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As the crime rates fell to an unprecedented record low levels worldwide, governments around the world had decided to remove all restrictions relating to international trade and travel. Everyone thought that they were crazy to just abolish all border checks overnight, but the truth of the matter is that evolution has changed everyone to the point that they don't even recognize themselves or anyone they knew. The less they resemble a young Japanese woman, the greater the amount of changes were made. We have no idea why Japanese women specifically, but Japan was where an unexplained change of male to female gender ratio from 6:4 to 1:9 in the two decades it happened until evolution took place. We are now all single-gendered asexual humans, but with the shape of our bodies strongly resembling that of females. If anyone was large, small, or male, it was inevitable that their necks would be reshaped, at the same time as the rest of the body, to have them sounding like a young woman.

Other changes include having our language abilities changed to either English or Japanese, with proficiency depending on how similar their former native language was to either language. Just as the drastic change in appearance and voice wasn't drastic enough, we could only call ourselves by some automatically assigned new female or gender-neutral name if our old names were not already a Japanese female. Surnames for those that were of non-Japanese origin had their new ones similar to their old names in meaning. The most noticeable odd exception to this rule were people having names of male origin after evolution. Closer studies revealed that they were men reborn as a girl pre-evolution due to age instead of their manliness. It seemed that they were supposed to be reborn as a boy, but the template for boys had data for girls instead, were the only difference with those that were supposed to be turned into girls is that their male names were not changed. Since evolution saw the names of these "reborn boys assigned the wrong gender" as the name of females they all are, their male names remained unchanged too. However, no one else was assigned the same given name as them, these male names have become rare names that few had heard of such a name today. No one could adapt those as their new name, and get extinct when the last with a male name either dies off or adopts a new name.

It was bad enough that hundreds and thousands of languages we humans used to speak had to be reclassified as a dead language. It's not that we do not have the resources, we have plenty from the pre-evolution era, but it's because evolution has remodelled our brain to only know two languages and somehow unable to learn other languages no matter how hard one studies. I'm surprised we could still be ourselves despite that. The change of language ability may not sound like a big deal, but if our native language was of neither English or Japanese, we would be helpless at no longer understanding the language around us except to communicate with other people. Changing from old languages to what we can understand has proved to be costly, but a necessary evil sometimes. To translate things from the old language that no one today understands, one has to rely on memory for its contents, which may be inaccurate. It's a good thing we remembered words by what they are about than by words in the old language, if only we could remember accurately.

Our minds seems to have been spared from being brainwashed, but not the influence of our senses: it had us preventing the act of committing crime by having us feel quite worried about the things that could go wrong, or getting caught, to the point that we give up before even planning for it. If that wasn't enough, our inability to display aggressive behaviour, or unable to have our legs above the knees to be too far apart would prevent us from physically doing it, or be able to escape. We can't do anything we like without having our intended behaviour to be mapped to how a well mannered lady would behave, which is severely limited in contrast to what we are able to think. It is as if these limitations are deliberate as crime prevention measures that are built right into the design of our body to not be able to do one successfully. We didn't know these things were related to reduced crime until we saw police reports of crime committed since evolution.

With relaxation of border controls from the general drop of crime worldwide, which is effectively more like removing it, the concept of countries, as we used to think of, are now nothing more than the general area it compromised of as reference to areas in this huge world. Despite changes to people's names, names of existing places are left unchanged, but the shift of people's language ability meant that they may not know the significance of the name. New names for places that isn't borrowed from somewhere would only be either in English or Japanese, or something gibberish if they try to be creative.

What exactly have evolution turned us turned into? One thing's for certain is that we still remained as humans, but, pardon me for being superficial here, based on someone's vision of where they wanted everyone of all race, age, and gender to be equal. Instead of interpreting that as living harmoniously, we believed that it was misinterpreted as transforming everyone into the same young female Asian adult that we all look like now! Or maybe somebody had a fetish of being surrounded by nothing but young women he ideals without thinking of the consequences. To make his sick dreams work, everyone was transformed against their will without warning and have some mysterious force of forcing us to wear only specific kinds of clothes. At least he has the decency to dress us in office clothes instead of being naked or in "sexy" clothes. It would be nightmare if that had happened.

We may be the first living species to have clothes, but evolution has turned them into something our body can't live without to the point that we can't even get naked to properly take a bath. That is where we discovered that our body needs manufactured goods to function properly that isn't even for medication or life support. For example, we need to be seated properly in a western-styled toilet in order to release our bladder, but if we try to do it elsewhere, we are unable to do it even if we felt like we can't hold it in that could drive us insane from having a strong urge that cannot be achieved. Good news for sanitation and clean toilets, but the insanity is just not worth the trade-off to stop using the toilet completely. Also, how are we supposed to camp in the wilderness if our very bodily needs can't be found there? What kind of living things have we become?

06 July 2015

Post-Evolution World Report 4 - Biology

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Not everything about the evolution is bad: people who had various disabilities and illnesses like blindness, paralysis, amputees, cancer, amongst others, were suddenly able-bodied like anyone else. In fact, everyone who was warded in hospital for anything at the time evolution happened were all fit and healthy as if they never had the illness in the first place.

However, this does not render medical facilities obsolete. People could still get injured and die from blood loss. The difference is the universal compatibility with anyone when things like blood transfusion or kidney transplant are needed, and clear off those with pre-existing conditions.

Surgeons told me that they had to operate on the patient with the clothes they had on because they couldn't remove it. Examination of our internal organs revealed that our bodies are now structured like an adolescent female, but without a reproductive system. Internal body parts have been changed and rearranged, with possibly some having functions yet to be understood. Patients that were known to had surgery, or known to be male or elderly previously, had the same healthy adolescent female structure, and not just external appearance. It's not surprising that everyone had a mental trauma seeing their new selves when evolution happened, where only girls that had minimum changes being the least traumatized. Not completely zero because they may know someone close that changed a lot, like her father.

Companies are obviously not happy that the evolution happened at all, and without warning. It caused a lot of problems, primarily the drop in productivity from strong people loosing their strength, restricted movement of our bodies, and forced to wear clothes that are not ideal for certain jobs. These include sectors that involve a lot of physical and hazardous activity. Workers are unable to work harder than what their new bodies are capable of and meet quotas that were not adjusted. These so-called "under-performing workers" can't be fired either because nothing but robots could perform better. They hadn't been replaced yet because the companies that make those robots, and companies that supply materials to them, are facing their own labour problems like any other company. It didn't help that they have more orders than before to fulfil on top of that, which means a long waiting time.

It also didn't help that we look like pretty women with the mindset of men that has an attraction to women. In other words, our own appearance are a visual distraction, stuck in a way that we can't help it but mentally try to ignore the feeling of attraction. At least we don't need cosmetics to look like fashion models, which is one less distracting thing we have to put up with.

It is difficult to gauge how unhappy people actually are with what evolution did to them at a glance due to our inability to express anger, as well as reborn people who reached a certain biological age having their negative memories erased. It is painful to see people attempting to do tasks that were not seen as much as a deal before evolution that are now slower or even impossible.

There are no visible internal or external organs in us that makes it possible for us to discharge our body waste, but how are we still able to use the toilet as usual? The only oddity is us unable to do so if we did it improperly, attempt it elsewhere, or even attempt to see ourselves doing it. Many researchers believe that we could make a completely new kind of toilet that resembles a face mask that, since we are all wearing skirts, could just stick it between our legs and wait without any exertion of force to release, or meddling with our clothes on our end. The potential advantage is creating more space in buildings that would have otherwise have gone to building a toilet, and using less resources like water. How this would turn out really depends on what researchers would discover.

Our body has mixture of traits that are associated with both male and female to form our new gender. The male side influences the way we think and what interests us, while the female side shaped our body and behaviour. However, the conflict of male mentality and female appearance has made it difficult for us to look at each other without some mild form of attraction (with no thanks to our own attractive appearance) and unable to properly express our male intentions without facing limitations of our external female behaviour. We still use female pronouns even though we are not technically female, as well as having the strong visual and physical resemblance. Whoever changed us seem to not have thought of this very obvious problem, or was this intentional to begin with?

Is it possible to reverse this? With how our gender has been mixed up, changes to our organs, happened instantaneously worldwide without any warning, that possibility, sadly, seems unlikely. To make thing even more confusing, a separate, but yet happening sententiously, phenomenon that is preventing us from being younger than adolescence or becoming an elderly person, makes it hard to tell how old anyone is.

Report 3 | Report 5

03 July 2015

712th Post: Reclassification of Story 7 Special as Story 8

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This special of Yononaka no Okugi (story 7) I had been publishing since the beginning of the year was originally intended as a one-part long special talking about the background of how the post-evolution world of my stories works from a viewpoint that does not fit with the main story. It intertwines with other stories like Alternate Dimension (story 2), but yet have unique stories that are not just alternate viewpoints of the same thing.

Keep in mind that I was travelling around Keihanshin, Hiroshima, and Sapporo around that time, so my piorites were to to focus on the travelling. I did manage to write a lot of it, but I need to edit it before publishing it. In the process, entire sentences were rearranged and redone. Because I had written so much, I had to divide it up to have something published to my blog. Even at the time of writing, there's still more of I hadn't published yet. I tried to write a new Part 6 for Yononaka no Okugi, but what I had written turned out more like the writing for the special. I think I would merge the content with the unpublished draft.

There has been enough of these divided special parts, which are themselves written in a style completely different from the main story, to become a new story by itself.

The change would happen when I have decided on the title. Also, adding navigation that had been missing.

P.S. I have not added any new content for the ebook version, so the version dated 19 October 2014 remains the latest version.

05 June 2015

Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 3 - Clothing

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On the topic of what we have been turned into, have you ever wondered why we are always seen wearing professorial looking office clothes, blazer uniforms for schools, but nothing else? It's not that the transformation has made us fashion aware or fashion conformist overnight, but it is the only kind of clothes we could wear at all. It even seems as if the clothes are a part of our body.

How did we know? First of all, it is what we found ourselves wearing right after evolution happened. What one had owned if they have it, or the same generic type if they don't. We had attempted to wear other clothes, but for reasons unknown, those seemed to have ejected out almost instantly like magic. I know I shouldn't use the word magic as a scientist, but science as we know at the time of writing cannot explain how our body gets selective with types of clothes, or how the clothes get expelled out without us doing anything. As a result, we can't wear full body suits that is supposed to protect us from environmental harm either. What are we supposed to wear to protect ourselves? It's not easy to make a new one that adhere to the to the requirements of what we could only wear, particularly ones that covers our heads or legs.

To a certain extent, we are not stuck wearing the same clothes: we are given a period of time to change to another type that is allowed, but that period allocated is insufficient to completely undress ourselves, forcing us to do it in parts. This limitation itself automatically means we can not wear clothes that takes too long to wear, like outfits for traditional occasions. If we take too long to change, we would automatically be dressed in the last clothes we wore or the clothes we were trying to wear if it is the approved type and was halfway being worn. This is a big problem as it means we have to take a bath or shower with our clothes on, unavoidably making us either stuck with heavy wet clothes until it dries out or change out of it, or accumulating filth form not cleaning ourselves. Dresses are odd as, while it can be categorised to be the same as the feminine clothes we have to wear, it gets ejected out the same way as unapproved clothing instead for reasons we do not know. Duration appears to be extended when being assisted.

There are people who, even with sufficient time provided, would fail to change their clothes in time. Studies have shown that people involved were pre-evolution males, including the majority that were reborn as girls shortly before evolution: time was wasted as they stare in awe at their new female-like bodies and the unfamiliarity with the female clothes they have to wear. The are used to pants with the fasteners in front and legs through each hole. With skirts, it is just one round piece of cloth that hangs on the hips, where the position of the fasteners to secure it should be positioned varies, but never at the front. It is so secure that belts are not necessary, and can't be removed without unfastening or ripping it apart. Those used to having their legs covered all the way to their ankles were quite unsettled with how little of their legs the skirt covered, and how it feels like wearing nothing at times. People who thought skirts could be removed like shorts, or unable to locate the fasteners, were desperately trying to stretch the top to pulling it down, or were unable to locate the fasteners had wasted more time changing.

As for the blouse, these people are unfamiliar with buttons being located on the opposite side. Time wasted from this was mainly from the deep thoughts on seeing the breasts that these former males used to ogle at. In addition, the breasts causes clothes to wear to protrude further away from their torso and unfamiliar with the difficulty to button up that area, which they had wondered why it seemed large and loose when not worn. Former females have commented that they had it worse.

This system is causing a lot of problems with our daily lives. First, preventing us from even able to get naked, were even we do not know what we look like underneath these clothes. As an indirect cause of that, we have to bathe with our clothes on, which itself absorbs water that makes us feel sticky and heavy. Next, it's impossible to wear protective suits as they are without being redesigned that must make us look womanly.

What we have discovered in discovering is something odd: dresses are not allowed, but any clothes that was disallowed for the legs are allowed to be worn for as long as we are wearing the skirt we have to wear on the outside, or else they would be blasted out. Despite this, most people chose to wear conservative coloured pantyhose: the only allowed clothing, apart from socks, that we could cover our legs with. The only people who would even dare to wear mismatching bottoms are quite a number of pre-evolution people that had not been reborn, or the odd few among everyone else. Being optional clothing, it is the only thing on us we could remove before getting wet.

However, there is an exploit with this: the required skirt could easily be lifted up and tucked into the clothes worn above it and would still be technically be counted as wearing the skirt despite being not visible. The problem with this is the obvious weird bulge under the blouse when the skirt is hidden there. The only people who do this are those wearing unapproved leggings mentioned earlier. We aren't allowed to look at what we use the toilet with, so our clothes would shift itself automatically in a way that the thing not visible to anyone with as little movement as possible from their prior position, with speed determined by how quickly one tries to look. Research has shown that if attempted to look from all angles, the skirt would tighten itself to block off visibility to the point that the wearer could not move her legs above the knees. Interestingly, only cameras whose footage are being monitored or recorded counts as being watched by a person, but unmonitored that isn't being recorded or not being used at all does not.

The fashion industry has to adapt to the clothes we could only wear, while a few tries to see loopholes or how far they could stretch the limitations. Retail stores that sells clothes found themselves having a lot of stock that they could not sell because people couldn't wear them, which is a huge impact considering that most of these stores were not selling what we could wear, or a majority of what they sell if they did. Since the demographics of infants, young children, the elderly, and the entire male population, are non-existent today, related products have stopped producing, and dealing with the mountain of unsold stock is difficult.

Clothes have defined how we as a species look, but what about the people of Mizuho Academy? They are known for their uniform designs, having the most graduates holding high-paying jobs, and their campus resembling a large high-density futuristic city. But in the post-evolution world, the designs don't really stand out these days since everyone else has been brought up to just fall short of Mizuho uniforms that are best described as having stricter dress code. The easiest identifying feature of these Mizuho people are their breasts size: it easily stands out from the average size of everyone else, but I'm pretty sure it was smaller pre-evolution. There are rumours that the clothes may have changed their bodies and mental behaviour, but that is difficult to prove. However, if you were to group the girls together, it does seem strange that all of them have exactly the same body measurements. They are the only group among all the organisations dealing with censorship mentioned earlier that seems to be immune to the effects of seeing images of pre-evolution males. Unfortunately, I do not know anything more about them.

This evolution has caused us a lot of damages to business that did not cater to the right market or as a natural outcome to the evolution, like stores that cater to infants, or clothes we could no longer wear. Unexpectedly, sales of games containing violence has gone up. This odd because it is the exact opposite of the calm and polite people around us. We have no data of people who bought them.

Part 2 | Part 4

15 April 2015

Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 2 - Changes to the Body

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How different is our new gender different from females if we look exactly alike? The difference lies in the inner workings of how our body works.

To begin with, we do not even have female reproduction organs despite what we strongly resemble. It is unclear at this time to tell if we could reproduce at all. Maybe we could, but we hadn't figured out the method, or happening without us knowing. While we do appear to have breasts, we are unable to examine them with clothes obstructing (more on them later) access and closer examination. As mentioned earlier, there is nothing between our legs that would suggest a male or female organ there: nothing but skin like the rest of the body. The bigger mystery is being still able to use the toilet with nothing there.

So, we are incapable of both male and female roles in reproduction. We do feel ticklish and irritation when attempt to simulate it, but that's impossible if there's nothing there. This tells us that our evolved bodies are simply not designed to be able to have sex at all. In fact, us humans are now a single gendered species with components of both former genders fused together and physical restrictions with our bodies.

However, this doesn't mean we are incapable of feeling any sexual desire. It simply means that it is impossible under normal circumstances, but deadly when it does happen because there is no way of relieving it. The worse part is being almost impossible to avoid at this time.

What is this unusual situation I am speaking of? As easy as simply looking at images of pre-evolution men, were it would trigger the female arousal in us that would keep rising in anyone the longer the accumulated time they see them, as the failed attempt to activate a non-existent or functional organ looping infinitely, multiplied by the number of men they paid attention to. This includes ones that used to be men that were simply looking at old images of themselves. Based on reports of the victims, they said that they did felt something inside their body with a pocket of air around it that is causing this feeling that is itching to seek relief, but impossible to reach with our bottom sealed up.

This is classified as an incurable disease as it never goes away once you have it with irreversible increase in intensity if encountered multiple times. People with this condition have difficulty concentrating if not mentally trained to get used to it. Having it for a short period of time may feel amazing, but having it prolonged for the rest of your life (until becoming young again) can drive you crazy. The evolution was less than a decade ago so we have insufficient data for a cure. However, that also means that it can be fairly common around us since practically everyone was born before evolution, and materials that could trigger this disease are everywhere. When the demographics have changed to have more post-evolution people (if that's possible to begin with) and pre-evolution material containing images of men have been filtered out, or less likely to encounter if not, it may be possible for this to be uncommon, or even have people of the time to not be aware of it. Sadly, filtering out our past to ensure our mental health also means that future generations would not know of the old world as what they would only know of the world as it is now.

As much as we hate censorship, and even more so to censor out our past, it is necessary to censor out men in this case to keep our sanity. I am afraid that our children (if that's possible) may not even know what our world was like before evolution with the censorship necessary due to how frequent images of men appear. In education, textbooks had to be withdrawn until the necessary censorship is done, but topics like important inventions or famous artists can be tricky to censor out as they are important to the knowledge of how we get to the world we live in, but quite a vast majority of the people involved, including videos with hosts that talks about them, were men. How are we supposed learn if the very sight of men, which is highly likely, in education materials drives us crazy? There's too much things from the "old world" in the hands of billions of people to censor out and painful to censor at all. But we have to do it for the sake of keeping us sane from this incurable mental disease. Perhaps it is better to simply not talk about anything from that era, and make no references to the people behind it. We know nothing is stopping them from finding out the truth with the Internet and old materials they stumble across, but we should make sure that doesn't happen too easily to encounter by accident.

Of course, in order to censor something out, it is unavoidable for the person doing the actual censorship to acquire this disease, but it appears that team members from Mizuho Girls Academy showed no signs of having this condition. That academy is known for producing the best graduates that find themselves in top positions in the industry and the large office district on their campus attracting many businesses. People who study and work there are easily recognizable by the beautiful uniforms they wear, but since evolution happened, this was overlooked by their breasts: I don't recall those being that big, and the size alone easily stands out from other people. Their blouse seem to has been resized to accommodate them. Even amongst the Mizuho girls themselves, they too seem annoyed about it, but it's not something anyone could do anything about but to make it more comfortable.

Unlike the initial stages of the separate transformation where anyone who isn't a young girl is turned into as such in stages, which is still ongoing and preventing us from becoming elderly folk, the mental restrains that forces us to only be able think and behave like a female have been lifted. However, as if in exchange for that, that restriction has been moved to how we function our bodies at all. In other words, there are no changes to how we behave on the outside, but we became more self-aware of what we can't express: Any anger we feel would not be expressed correctly. If we want to scream and shout in anger with explicit words, it would only come out as polite regular speech or the cheering kind of shout. If we try to throw things around with force in anger, we would find ourselves crying in sadness instead. It's as if our body has no concept of what anger is and instead gets ignored or becomes a completely different expression as if we are incapable of being able to express anger at all. We can rage in our minds as much as we like, but we can't express on the outside. I think not being able to express anger makes them angrier on not being able to express it, and confused if they are feeling moods that are completely different from what they mentally feel. On the plus side, these limitations also stops them from getting violent, and doing actions that make other people angry too.

With the female behaviour forced upon us, it's hard to tell if the expressions we see on others are really their own natural behaviour, but if this forced behaviour goes on for a sufficiently long time, or if one does not know any behaviour beside what they could, the forced behaviour would subconsciously become our actual behaviour from the absence to behave any other way. I personally feel scared of the way this is going because it seems like us humankind are being turned into neutered organic robots where we might get brainwashed and unable to reproduce before we pass on, which could spell the end of us.

Further research into what we can do to overcome the limitations of moving our post-evolution bodies has exposed a loophole: while how we move our hands is restricted to being feminine, there are no restrictions to what we write, type, and basically the things we can do with our hands. We are, however, have our speech restricted to fit with the image of our feminine appearance. It's not surprising how many people on social networks discussing on the frustrations of the restrictions and limitations of their post-evolution bodies, but unlike most cases, there is no clear entity or cause to point the blame at. It just happened out of nowhere like a virus, or we are like entities in virtual world where we were changed instantaneously like a character customization screen. Nobody knows how to respond to this but to accept and make comfortable what we have become. Science can explain how our body works now, with further research at this stage, and how our bodies used to work, but it can't explain how our bodies were transformed.

01 March 2015

709th post: What happened?

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So, I wrote about 13 posts about preparing to go to Hokkaido starting all the way back in September 2014, up to December 2014. Taking about this and that and then?

This blog went quiet. Did something happen?

Well, unless you have been following me on Twitter (@takhsiru), which I was quite active at, it appeared that my blog has not been updated. Before you ask, I had gone to Hokkaido for the Snow Festival, starting with shortly after the Comic Market in Tokyo as I went around Kansai and Hiroshima before arriving in Sapporo. (In case you were wondering, I never went to any other city in Hokkaido except Otaru, which is not that far away.)

Writing a journal like what I did back in around June 2013 as I head off to Europe had me realize that backlog gets accumulated so quickly from the days when I just don't feel like writing, or feeling so unproductive having nothing but an Android phone to get online with. I probably might not remember the minor details by now. I would worry too much of writing something here than enjoying the trip, even though the duration I had may be considered long to most people.

What I did write during my trip, however, was that story post for Yononaka no Okugi that I published just a moment ago.  Even back then, I was aware that the last story post was back in October, with nothing but the preparation for the trip since then. It exceeded the de facto schedule of being every two weeks. The reason was actually unrelated to the trip: I hit a writer's block. However, the trip did give me some new ideas, particularly ones I did not have first hand experience in, like mountain climbing (Mt. Takao and Mt. Maya), or be more familiar with streetcars (Hiroshima and Sapporo) apart from Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Perhaps you can include going out into temperatures colder than I'm used to, together with snow everywhere. Walking on a thin layer of freshly fallen snow is nice, but looks awful when a lot of people have walked over it, becomes icy and slippery when it melts and re-freezes, or feels like walking in mud when partially melted, or when it gets thick and not cleared, find myself "dropping" into the ground if not careful.

The content I had published was only the top one third of what I had written, which means that I do have something to publish, but it needs some work to be done. It's possible to split that remaining two thirds again, and add additional content.

Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 1 - Introductory

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(Author's note 5 July 2015: This was a former Story 7 special that is now a new story on its own. The old title would remain unchanged until I could decide on a new name.)

A quick glance of our world would tell you that the humans in our world are made up of nothing but schoolgirls and women holding white-collar jobs that are otherwise not any different from humans of your world.

If you were to take a harder look, you would notice that something is wrong with our demographics: there are no men, no children, no infants, no elderly people, and no one ever gets angry at all. On closer look, you would notice that the only disabled people or people admitted to hospital had injuries that happened after the final stage of the evolution with nobody from before that. You may say that the men from your world would find us to be the most beautiful women, but to us, this beauty is a hindrance we can't do anything about from keeping us sane in this world without men. In fact, thinking too much of men as what we are now can drive us even more crazy. I'm risking getting crazier while thinking of men while writing this report, but it's unavoidable due to the nature of this report, and possibly those born into this world without men. More on this condition later.

What happened to the men in our world? Have they gone into hiding or abducted by aliens? Will we be the last humans before going extinct from being unable to figure out how to reproduce? Was there an attack or some kind of disease that affected everyone but the women we see here? Well, even we ourselves ask these questions.

It may be surprising to you that, up until about a decade ago, everyone, regardless of what they were, had gradually been turning into teenage girls in the years leading this new gender we are now. With who was transformed during this transitioning period, we saw the age gap between the oldest and youngest narrowing, and men who have yet to be changed being less manlier. Despite our female appearance on the outside, we are not females at all as our body certainly do not function like females, though we do refer ourselves as such out of habit to describe how we behave and look like. There's nothing but smooth skin like any other part of the body at where the reproductive organ of either gender should be, but this is a big concern for us: how do we discharge our bladder if the urethra and anus in that same area are missing?

Even with the strong urge to discharge body waste, we are unable to discharge our body waste unless we are seated properly in a western-styled toilet seat. Attempting to do use anything else would not work, which may leave the person frustrated. To add insult to that, the rate at which we could do it is significantly slower than before. For the people who do not have the time to be in the toilet, this painstakingly long process can be interrupted by simply getting up due to the rule of not being seated properly mentioned earlier. Even if we do feel the urgent need for the toilet, we don't need to worry about holding it in since it can't come out until we are in the toilet seat anyway, though it may cause great discomfort and panic for those who had lived before evolution. We can avoid this completely by not eating or drinking, but nobody is willing to find out if we can live without food or water. Being a single-gendered species also means anyone could use both the male and female toilets, but longer toilet usage times translates also means longer waiting times if all the available stalls are in use.

Even though the male toilets being made available to anyone should, in theory, reduce the strain by half, but practically, we are seeing queues for only the female toilet that are more than twice than before from the spillover of transformed males and longer usage times, and almost nobody using the male toilet. Why? Well, the male toilets have urinals that we can't use taking up two thirds of the capacity. The remaining usable one third is further reduced if it includes squatting pans. It's possible to encounter toilets without toilet seats that we can use at all. Clearly, there is a bottleneck there, and we certainly need more. The only practical solution we could think of is to build more toilet seats, while replacing ones that we can't use. It's quite obvious if we are in a converted former male toilet with minimum changes if there are random old stalls mixed with new ones, a lot of cool colours being used for the walls, and a female sign that appears modified and located right next to another toilet with an unmodified female sign with warm colours used. However, the ability for anyone to even be able to renovate these properly is hampered by labour shortage, impractical clothing that can't be changed, and something about how we are programmed to behave and react forcing us to work at a slower pace on top of possible backlog.

There are long-term plans design a completely new toilet design that would work optimally with our reconfigured bodies, but yet only needs the space of a chair that it can be integrated into things like rest benches where we can simply "plug ourselves in" somewhere, just like how we use plugs with an electrical socket. This is of course, once we figured out how our bodies work and design around that.

Personally, I think this creepy as it would make us look like electrical devices ourselves, but it seems to me that our evolved bodies heavily requires man-made things to function properly. Not in a social sense, though that can be true, but it being how our bodies work. The even stranger part is this requiring something we make ourselves that isn't just simply using natural materials, but requiring initial research and machines to produce. Us requiring a toilet seat and no longer able to do it anywhere out in the wilderness like animals is an example of this. What have we become?

[Author's note: This was a report written by a researcher who has never met Naomi Maeda, the protagonist of the main story. Since it's based on the same world, this is the same  situation as most of my other stories in the Beta dimension. Latest publish "Alternate Dimension" is the only other story that takes place post-evolution at the time of writing.]

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