Post-Evolution World Report 5 - Status Quo

As the crime rates fell to an unprecedented record low levels worldwide, governments around the world had decided to remove all restrictions relating to international trade and travel. Everyone thought that they were crazy to just abolish all border checks overnight, but the truth of the matter is that evolution has changed everyone to the point that they don't even recognize themselves or anyone they knew. The less they resemble a young Japanese woman, the greater the amount of changes were made. We have no idea why Japanese women specifically, but Japan was where an unexplained change of male to female gender ratio from 6:4 to 1:9 in the two decades it happened until evolution took place. We are now all single-gendered asexual humans, but with the shape of our bodies strongly resembling that of females. If anyone was large, small, or male, it was inevitable that their necks would be reshaped, at the same time as the rest of the body, to have them sounding like a young woman.

Other changes include having our language abilities changed to either English or Japanese, with proficiency depending on how similar their former native language was to either language. Just as the drastic change in appearance and voice wasn't drastic enough, we could only call ourselves by some automatically assigned new female or gender-neutral name if our old names were not already a Japanese female. Surnames for those that were of non-Japanese origin had their new ones similar to their old names in meaning. The most noticeable odd exception to this rule were people having names of male origin after evolution. Closer studies revealed that they were men reborn as a girl pre-evolution due to age instead of their manliness. It seemed that they were supposed to be reborn as a boy, but the template for boys had data for girls instead, were the only difference with those that were supposed to be turned into girls is that their male names were not changed. Since evolution saw the names of these "reborn boys assigned the wrong gender" as the name of females they all are, their male names remained unchanged too. However, no one else was assigned the same given name as them, these male names have become rare names that few had heard of such a name today. No one could adapt those as their new name, and get extinct when the last with a male name either dies off or adopts a new name.

It was bad enough that hundreds and thousands of languages we humans used to speak had to be reclassified as a dead language. It's not that we do not have the resources, we have plenty from the pre-evolution era, but it's because evolution has remodelled our brain to only know two languages and somehow unable to learn other languages no matter how hard one studies. I'm surprised we could still be ourselves despite that. The change of language ability may not sound like a big deal, but if our native language was of neither English or Japanese, we would be helpless at no longer understanding the language around us except to communicate with other people. Changing from old languages to what we can understand has proved to be costly, but a necessary evil sometimes. To translate things from the old language that no one today understands, one has to rely on memory for its contents, which may be inaccurate. It's a good thing we remembered words by what they are about than by words in the old language, if only we could remember accurately.

Our minds seems to have been spared from being brainwashed, but not the influence of our senses: it had us preventing the act of committing crime by having us feel quite worried about the things that could go wrong, or getting caught, to the point that we give up before even planning for it. If that wasn't enough, our inability to display aggressive behaviour, or unable to have our legs above the knees to be too far apart would prevent us from physically doing it, or be able to escape. We can't do anything we like without having our intended behaviour to be mapped to how a well mannered lady would behave, which is severely limited in contrast to what we are able to think. It is as if these limitations are deliberate as crime prevention measures that are built right into the design of our body to not be able to do one successfully. We didn't know these things were related to reduced crime until we saw police reports of crime committed since evolution.

With relaxation of border controls from the general drop of crime worldwide, which is effectively more like removing it, the concept of countries, as we used to think of, are now nothing more than the general area it compromised of as reference to areas in this huge world. Despite changes to people's names, names of existing places are left unchanged, but the shift of people's language ability meant that they may not know the significance of the name. New names for places that isn't borrowed from somewhere would only be either in English or Japanese, or something gibberish if they try to be creative.

What exactly have evolution turned us turned into? One thing's for certain is that we still remained as humans, but, pardon me for being superficial here, based on someone's vision of where they wanted everyone of all race, age, and gender to be equal. Instead of interpreting that as living harmoniously, we believed that it was misinterpreted as transforming everyone into the same young female Asian adult that we all look like now! Or maybe somebody had a fetish of being surrounded by nothing but young women he ideals without thinking of the consequences. To make his sick dreams work, everyone was transformed against their will without warning and have some mysterious force of forcing us to wear only specific kinds of clothes. At least he has the decency to dress us in office clothes instead of being naked or in "sexy" clothes. It would be nightmare if that had happened.

We may be the first living species to have clothes, but evolution has turned them into something our body can't live without to the point that we can't even get naked to properly take a bath. That is where we discovered that our body needs manufactured goods to function properly that isn't even for medication or life support. For example, we need to be seated properly in a western-styled toilet in order to release our bladder, but if we try to do it elsewhere, we are unable to do it even if we felt like we can't hold it in that could drive us insane from having a strong urge that cannot be achieved. Good news for sanitation and clean toilets, but the insanity is just not worth the trade-off to stop using the toilet completely. Also, how are we supposed to camp in the wilderness if our very bodily needs can't be found there? What kind of living things have we become?


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