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Teary Promise (Part 16)

With the overseas school trip behind us, I am hoping to put behind the bad memory of being very lost and crying about it behind. I try to remember the other things about the trip, but that scary moment of being lost is hard to mentally disassociate with the trip. I wished I had not become so scared and frightened back then, but that was how I reacted naturally to the situation. Looking back, I should have been able to keep calm, but my body felt fear that became a part of my emotions before I was even able to think of keeping calm. You might have heard from my brother about how much we both look and think alike that we are practically twins, and how we eventually grew to be different. My current behavior is completely different from how I behaved when I was younger, and I'm very much aware of that. I don't like how girls behave, but the problem here is I am biologically a girl myself and there's some kind of unbreakable mental barrier that is forcing me to not be abl

627th post: Tumblr blog

I have created a Tumblr blog somewhere in July, but never get around to announce its launch. I have been aware of tumblr for quite some time prior to joining it but I didn't really know what it was about. I tried various themes and some modification of those to see how that would fit. Layout What you are seeing now is the third theme I have used that allows me to show multiple reposts at ones and auto-scale the images at random, but in the order I reblogged them, so that there is little wasted space. However, it doesn't handle video and audio well if they are not at the top. The previous layout did allow me to manually adjust the size, and even as large as the whole screen or the original image size (whichever is smaller). The problem with that is that it only shows the first image of a photo set unless viewed individually. I may change again due to the video / audio problem, but finding one that you can scroll without ever needing to click on a "next page"

Teary Promise: Brother's Side

My name is Isaka Tsukasa (井阪一), 2nd year student of Kobayagawa High School. Although there's nothing wrong with the characters of my name, I don't like my parents for choosing Tsukasa as a way to pronounce it, as it sounds like a girl's name to me. I prefer my friends to call me Hitoshi instead, which can also be written with the same character, so they would never suspect that until a relative call me by my name in front of my friends who are used to the other name. I am a member of the chess club that forms one of the many small clubs in the school, and not much large ones. This is partially because joining a club itself in my school is not mandatory. The larger clubs are typically pretty much what you would expect any school would have: art, music, swimming, baseball, soccer, and so on. This school is an average school with several other schools in this city: including Kamisugi High (上杉高校) and Kaisei Junior High (海星中学). The well-known Mizuho Girls' Academy (瑞穂女子

Disorientated Feelings (Part 51)

It been a week since my son entered middle school, and it seems that he has already made some friends, which is surprising to me as he didn't have any before. What I'm even more worried is if he could cope as he's only seven years old, though him having friends kind of reduces my fear by a little bit. He never had any friends back in first year primary school or kindergarten, but yet could get friends in middle school first year like it's easy. Maybe I'm just too worried, but my son is my first child to be in middle school. My son chose not to stay at the dorms there, except when there's something up that he stays late there, or be early for the following morning. My daughters told me that he sometimes bring his friends along, sometimes long enough to meet Saeko or my husband, but they are gone by the time I reach home. Like my husband these days, I never saw my son changing out of that Mizuho uniform (though, for middle school this time). He doesn't eve

624th post: September 2012 update to my blog stories

So much has happened since the last update that I have to split into multiple sections to make things clearer. Story 1 (An Original Story By Me)  3 years since publishing Part 15 as the original ending, I did feel that the ending did see kind of abrupt. After watching the 2011 K-On! movie (which came out on Blu-Ray in mid-2012), I felt that I needed to insert something that is to do with graduation and yet feel the impact of it. All the newer stories I had written would not fit it well either because it's too early in the story's timeline to put that in, or the graduation idea was already used, which wasn't as impaction as what I am planning here. This story fits with that idea well, but the problem is that, with a 3 year gap between Part 15 and Part 16 , my memories about the characters and setting might have become rusty. Story 2 (Alternate Dimension)   I mentioned something about "affecting the entire population" (everyone) being turned into schoolgir