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Chasing After Rainbows: 2014

13 December 2014

Hokkaido trip preparation 9: Testing under actual use

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As the actual day comes closer, and with electronics ready, how would it be like under actual use?

In this case, it would also mean how convent (or troublesome) it would be to bring all the cables and chargers with me.

Looking through the things I have, which were either bought for earlier trips or not originally planned for it at time of purchase, I could make multiple use of some to save up on additional chargers and cables. The only new thing bought for this trip was a 32GB microSD card with full-sized SD adaptor for my camera (and the unrelated iPhone 6 Plus).

If my camera and the laptop I plan to bring uses a full sized SD card, why did I buy the microSD version instead, you may ask? Simple: using it on a camera phone.

I know I mentioned iPhone earlier, but it is for my Android phone that serves as a (second) backup camera. It served me well during my Bangkok and the Paris section of Europe trip. Even if I did not end up bringing that phone around, at least I could that 32GB card with that adaptor, and swap with other microSD cards I have without the need for other adapters.

Then comes the charger. Bringing multiple different chargers with different ends is a nightmare. I have this cable with USB A on one end that splits off into USB micro-B, and both the old and new connectors of iPhones. I could use that to save that one additional cable to charge both the phone and the power bank (uses USB micro-B as input), and reverse that when I need to charge the iPhone (lightning) without the need of a separate cable. I am testing charging both as I'm typing this post, as a matter of fact.

But there is a problem: the cable is so short that the length of my hand could easily fit the whole cable. The solution? That extender I bought for the solar panels. The panels would be kept at home away from sunlight anyway as it is impractical to bring it along.

Next up is, what would I plug the other end to? With the USB volt+amp reader (bought together with solar panel), the readings showed 0.97A (1.1A on latest tests) when both phone and harder are plugged in to the Apple phone charger, but 1.24A (1.7A at some point) when I used a bulkier third party charger.

This is a tricky one. While Apple phone chargers are compact, the other charger could, in theory, charge faster. Charging times matters while travelling, but the only time I could imagine using it is at the hotel where I would leave using the power bank to charge overnight as I sleep. That doesn't mean it will not be a factor while travelling long distance between cities: makes a difference when there are just so much stuff in the bag.

This can be done in advance, but as the day gets closer, there may be things that were overlooked, or may had been taken out, or find that something just became unsuitable.

16 November 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 8: Planned places that didn't make it

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(I should rename this series since I'm not just heading to Hokkaido only.)

I have mentioned earlier in this series that I have dropped the Hakone section due to accommodation and cost issues, but there are other places that I have considered that did not make it to the planning stage that Hakdate did.

While I do want to visit other countries, nothing seems to come to mind.

As for within Japan, I did thought of (from west to east) Himeji, Nagoya, Nara, Niigata, Fukushima, Sendai, and Aomori. However, I found this to be too much to plan around, or I just couldn't see any place of interest in there.

In any case, it's kind of too late to change my current plans without incurring cancellation charges. Flights are the most costly ones to cancel or change as those are paid in full instead of as a deposit.

09 November 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 7: Bringing a computer along

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A laptop. Deciding to bring it is tricky because it adds weight to my travelling bag and being one additional valuable item to worry about, but yet there are things that I can't do with alternative choices. Here are my choices:

  • Smartphone – Use it for all my internet needs, including using Wi-Fi. This is what I had done on my travels so far, and even used it to book a flight from Venice to London Gatwick. Screen is too small for things that are not optimised. Mobile data roaming overseas is expensive, and getting mobile data of that country is troublesome.
  • Tablet PC – I don't have one and, depending on the operating system it runs on (Windows RT vs iOS / Android) and the hardware features it has, it's could as well just be a smartphone with a larger screen. It does likely to have something called USB On-The-Go (OTG), but I don't want to carry an extra cable or adaptor. Also, I can't do any quick and productive writing with on-screen keyboards.
  • Hostel PCs – This would be the most ideal reason to not lug my laptop around, but from experience, none of the places I stayed in Europe even had a PC at all, even though there is Wi-Fi. Some are free, some requiring payment per use. Even if they are free to use, other guests might be using all the available ones. Then the is also the problem of privacy, possible malware, or if the PC is even usable at all!
  • Laptop – Probably the best option. Helps to offload images stored on my point-and-shoot camera AND create backups of them away from my laptop. (Photo backup is also available for smartphones and tablet PCs, but experience has told me that they are unreliable and possibly create duplicates!) I felt insecure while on my Europe trip as I run the risk of loosing all of the photos as the days go by. Thank goodness nothing bad happened.
  • Nothing – Probably the most risky as I could lose images I have taken, be bored in long-distance travels.
Probably the only thing left is to prepare.

Here's the update from my previous post:

– Hiroshima: I have booked all of my flights and accommodation mentioned there. After intense calculation and research of travel time of flight to Sapporo, and the check out time of the place in Hiroshima, it seems that I would be able to take the flight on the same day. In fact, it seems that there is really nothing to do at Hiroshima Airport, being a minor airport. (And is also one of the few airports in Japan to not be served by rail.)

– Hakodate: No, seriously. I really cancelled visiting this city. It was originally because I couldn't find a place that is within budget, but now that I have look at my itinerary into detail at this stage, I now have one less city to worry about in this multi-city trip. Well, and probably also to spend a few days less days in the Hokkaido winter.

– Sapporo: This one is a nightmare. Finding a place was hard on days surrounding the Snow Festival. Then I remembered that he hostel I stayed in Kyoto in 2012 has a Sapporo branch. My plan was to book whatever number of days I could book, and book the rest in nearby Otaru city, which still has space. A problem is the way the booking system of the Sapporo hostel has that other hostels I had book did not have. Though the hostel in Otaru is cheaper than the Sapporo one, the price difference is easily eaten up by just taking the train 8 times (or 4 days if I take twice a day). Just as I was about to give in to just book a place in Otaru to visit Sapporo, a new hostel (and the only one) appeared in the search result. (It's too new to have a review yet.) After checking the maps (and street views) to the nearest station, which was an underground subway station, it seems like a fair enough place to stay even if not for the issues with other hotels.

– Flight to Tokyo: Since flights between Narita and Chitose are among the world's most heavily used air route, that means greater competition among airlines, and cheaper flights. The airline I booked has various departure times, with the last flight of the day being the cheapest. Since I'm not the kind that would like to rush for time and maybe see a bit more of the festival, I booked that flight. Why did I not stay for the whole festival? I don't think that's necessary, and especially so considering that the trip is many times longer than my Kansai trip. Heck, probably a bit longer than my trip to Europe in mid-2013.

03 November 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 6: Revisions to plans

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As part of any planning, there would be changes to plans. Additions to it, and of course, removal of some.

I mentioned on twitter and part 2 of this series that I would be adding places to visit between Tokyo and Hakodate. These are Osaka and Hiroshima, with side trips from these two cities.

I know that I have visited Osaka before, but since I was based in Kyoto, an hour to get between Kyoto and Osaka, and with many places in Kyoto planned, it's difficult to add places in Osaka to visit that, in retrospect, there were more places in Osaka (and a viewing area in Kobe) that I did not visit, so being based in Osaka this time, and staying there longer, would give me more room. (The real reason for duration being to fill up most of the gap.) There may be a chance that I would visit Kyoto again, but only for the Fushimi Inari shrine and Ginkakuji. Both of which I had visited before on previous visit, but I did not "exit" properly for one because I found myself lost from going too deep inside away from everyone until I stumbled a small residential area, and I hear the scenery would be different in winter.

Why did I choose Hiroshima? Well, proximity from Osaka for one, and knowing more about the atomic bomb of 70 years ago. It wasn't until I began planning into detail that I found out about the island with the "floating" tori (Miyajima) is nearby, and Iwakuni when I was about to book hotel rooms.

Speaking of about to book hotel rooms, I encountered a problem with booking accommodation for Hakodate: no available place to stay in except for a hotel whose per night rate is outside my budget. It is hard for me to come to this decision, but I have no choice but to cancel the Hakodate leg of the trip.

How has this affected my planning since it left a gap? Well, I did not plan to stay in Hakodate for a long time, so it's not that big. Since no flights or other accommodation had been booked, I could just simply adjust my stay at other places:
  •  Length of stay in Osaka has been extended. No change with starting date.
  • Since extended stay in Osaka overlaps with original planned date of Hiroshima, it has been moved to a latter date with no change in total number of nights, except perhaps an additional day.
  • Stay in Sapporo has changed to an earlier date to coincide with the end of Hiroshima, or the day after if flights are at night or early morning, but I don't have a fixed end date other than halfway when the snow festival is still ongoing. (Do I want to stay around longer when the total duration of the whole trip has been long enough?)
  • Since the destination after Hiroshima is now Sapporo instead of the previously planned Hakodate, I now save more money from not needing to take the long-distance train/bus travel between Hakodate and Sapporo, and the fact that Chitose airport (serving Sapporo if you didn't know) is a more popular destination than Hakodate means lesser air fares.

As of time of writing, I still have yet to book accommodation in Sapporo, and flights from Hiroshima to Sapporo, and Sapporo to Tokyo. I could take the train, but from a cost and time perspective, airplanes are the way to go. Which airport in Tokyo? There's Haneda and Narita, but I prefer Haneda instead as it is closer to the city center.

17 October 2014

Disorientated Feelings (Part 56)

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No one became aware of this as it happened until there was a large deviation when data was being gathered for the population census of the year after it happened, or people noticing the absence of the elderly, or an unusually high number of schoolgirls that replaced them. Indirectly, the number of deaths from age-related illnesses has dropped too. Of course, a lot of time may have passed for this to be noticeable. These transformed people had also been genetically modified to seem as if they actually the daughter of any random couple, as well as the memories of the people who knows either the new or old selves. This is technically still going on today, but the difference being everyone remembering who they were. The earliest knowns report of it happening was from my aunt, whom she claims that a man she saw on the train transforming in front of her, or suddenly having a sister she never had before living with her. It is difficult for me to use her words as an official eyewitness account, but I had promised her to believe it. I did not believe it was happening myself until my great grandmother vanished like she never existed, were it conflicted with my memory on there supposedly someone elderly who is related to me living with her.

Research at Hatsuya has verified that every single part of their body of a transformed person is completely identical to that of a typical teenage girl (regardless of age or gender prior to transformation), from their body growth, DNA, and even posses a functioning female reproductive system.  We can't scientifically explain how or why this can happen at all, but we know it is happening all around us and who are the likely people to be transformed next: elderly people, and manly men. This also means that most of the untransformed people are women, who have to compete with the ever increasing gender imbalance of fewer and fewer men as time passes, with more of the remaining men being less and less manly. There are no known non-elderly women who had been transformed, so it is safe to assume that almost all of the transformed girls at this point in time were previously men. Everyone is aware of this issue, but what can be done to reverse, or at least stop, this phenomenon that is driving humans to extinction from females being unable to find a male to reproduce with? As for how these transformed people looked, they resemble being the daughter of two of the oldest people they live with (in terms of biological age), including their family which goes like this:
  1. If both of those people are their parents or siblings, they may look very much like a youthful female version of their old face, though a little less if one of them is their child instead.
  2. If one or both are her children, and number 1 being not true, she would look like the daughter of the oldest two, but still have a little resemblance of their former face.
  3. If someone not blood-related are the two oldest in her residence, including spouse and adopted/step child/sibling/parent, they would completely have no resemblance to their former face.
  4. If the household she lives with has no one, or has only one other person, it would be based on  people she is the most emotionally attached to, even if the person is deceased. Depending on who they are, numbers 1, 2, or 3 would apply.

Examination of a test subject that had both before and after data of the transformation has shown that even though their brain has changed to become young, like the rest of the body, they seem to have their minds intact. However, the same can't be said for their memories as they do not recall negative experiences, even if things that are supposed to trigger a particular memory are shown.   Behaviour-wise, they are usually graceful and elegant.

Seeing that all transformed girls have the same behaviour characteristics, I sometimes wonder if their brains has been rewired as part of the transformation to have it a part of their new behaviour, or are they stuck in a hell of being unable to express what they feel that is outside their possibly forced feminine behaviour? It's difficult not to behave femininely because it has been hard-wired into their brain as part of the transformation at a level of their subconscious that they may not be aware of it to the point that it is difficult to even think of behaving otherwise, or be able to express it if they could. It is not clear if these girls have a high tolerance of things that would make an untransformed person angry easily, or if they are just unable to express anger at all.

Not everyone likes being turned into young girls. Wives have complained that they can't have an intercourse with their husbands any more, amongst other reasons relating to what men could do that women can't. Even the transformed girls themselves were complaining about their new bodies, though having their brains rewired to behave differently and forget negative memories means that they can't argue well, or had them thinking into not minding the change at all enough to not complain.

To tell the difference between a transformed girl, and an untransformed girl of about the same biological age is quite hard at a glance as, after all, a transformed girl is the same as an untransformed one, but there are other factors that are noticeable. It is hard to say if this also applies to those transformed in the first year as nobody knows who they were, and any observation made in that time may have been lost.
  1. Transformed girls have an average breast size in such a way that they could barely see their own legs if they look directly down while standing, so that means none of them are flat-chested. Some pre-transformation females have reported that their new size are smaller than what they had previously, though none from post-transformation people.
  2. Neither strong nor aggressive. That means any female that shows otherwise is likely to be untransformed, though this can cause problems for the transformed girl if she has a blue-collar job before evolution. Companies who have fired transformed girls because of this have found themselves in a difficult position of finding someone suitable to hire.
  3. Transformation automatically removes any disability and illness they may have, including birth defects, visual impairment, diseases or cancer, and amputated limbs. (Scarily enough, this also includes people who were brain-dead, or in a deep coma. People might have wondered if it is really them for the former case.) That means that there are no transformed girls with any disabilities, unless as a result of an event that happened afterwards.
  4. No menstruation. The eggs in her uterus remains in her body and usable until it gets fertilised and given birth the resulting offspring, which can happen at any time, or has been detected to have been removed by external factors for long enough. Since this means not having blood or pain from a period that they would not have, the girl herself might mistake this as a sign that she can't get pregnant, which would be true if she were an untransformed female.
  5. Clothing style. They are more likely to be seen in something that closely resembles a blazer school uniform or a business suit, though variations seen often include sailor blazer and sweater or vest, or, more commonly in summer, not wearing the outer clothing at all. Those who live with someone who had transformed said that their wardrobe had changed too, and they rarely wear anything else, even at home. They seem reluctant to wear anything else, especially dresses, which I find ironic as it is as feminine as what these people are.
  6. When transformed girls make direct eye contact, she would become infatuated with lust. The girls themselves do not know why this happens. I'm making a wild guess here, but since transformed girls were previously either male or female, this instinct is based on a fusion of how both genders see the opposite gender, but adjusted to be of the same gender instead? However, they showed no attraction towards untransformed females, and mild levels for untransformed males. It's hard to explain this observation without assigning these transformed girls as a completely new gender, but yet they are very similar to females in almost all aspects.
It is too early to say for sure if these transformed girls would be transformed again when they reach the biological age that it happens, or if any further complication to this transformation would happen in the future to address the issue of having too few males for females to reproduce with. It is wrong to assume that this transformation affects only men, but it is hard to deny that the majority of the transformed girls so far were men because people are being transformed appear to be based on how manly they were, in descending order. There are untransformed women who are just tough as men who had already transformed now, but why have they not transformed yet? (As much as nobody want to be transformed to begin with.) Well, if a person's manliness levels is measured based on the amount testosterones in their body, it certainly would make more sense as women can be tough, but have low or no testosterones in their body. This also means that those who had injected testosterones into their system "to boost sporting performance" found themselves to get transformed almost immediately because their "manliness" levels have become higher than what the next highest untransformed person has. In other words, they have moved up the queue.

I hate to say this, but mankind will be facing extinction from just females being unable to produce offspring from the absence of males, who had all been turned into females. However, there is hope that this may not happen within a century: if transformed people get transformed again, that would mean, in theory, people living for longer than a century, or even for eternity. Why? Well, old people die from age-related illnesses, but transformation prevents them from being biologically able to get old to even have it. However, it is still possible for the human population to decrease from other factors like accidents.

I know this is inevitable to happen to my dad like everyone else, but the thought that it would happen to people close to me seemed like the last thing on my mind that I was not mentally prepared for it. I wouldn't have thought that a schoolgirl that just appeared in my household was my father if he had not transformed in front of everyone.

It happened on a seemingly ordinary weekend at my parent's house. Well, not an ordinary one as it was my father's birthday. You would think that someone of my age with children in school would have parents in their sixties, but my parents are still in their forties! That just says how young they were when they had me, and the only thing I know about how they met is that they were classmates in school. It didn't help that dad himself was born to a teenage couple, and me having more siblings than the average family in this country. I know I should be calling that "teenage couple" as my grandparents, but I honestly don't remember who they were: anyone transformed in the first year where this unexplainable phenomenon happened, which were made up of the elderly, and people known to cause serious crimes, were turned into young teenage girls.

So, it is one of those days where neither my husband or children would oddly would not want to celebrate with me at my parent's house with my siblings for lunch. Well, I guess they are like total strangers to them... Not that they had much interaction with each other to begin with.

Being the eldest daughter, I was expected to help out with the lunch preparation. My siblings that could cook, however, played a larger role in the preparation than me. Izumi in particular as she is the second eldest daughter who took over cooking for the family after I move out when I got married.

We just had lunch where all of us, including my parents, are hanging out in the living room to watch whatever is on television at the moment, or doing other activities in there. My youngest siblings are still in school, so they have some some studying to do.

After about an hour of watching television, my dad started yelling loudly in pain, which attracted the attention of everyone. Mom, who was sitting with him got spooked out and got some distance from dad. Dad then made random noises and movements that don't make sense, before he collapses onto the sofa in an unconscious state.

What happened to dad next surprised everyone. I was expecting it, but yet not mentally prepared.

12 October 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 5: Bookings

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Flights and hotels. When should you book?

If your trip involves the two together, choose the flight first if you hadn't pick specific dates or duration of travel. The reason is that flight fares vary a lot on a day-to-day basis and you would have more flexibility, especially if the flights are at the start and the end of the trip. If travelling through various cities, you may also want to check if a one-way ticket to your first city and another one-way ticket to your last city would be cheaper than having a return ticket to one of the cities. Don't forget to include the cost of getting to the airport itself!

What time your flight arrives and departs would also determine if you should save/spend on a night at the hotel. Some flights fly more than once a day, some only a few times a week, with the latter giving you less flexibility.

If your flight arrives quite close to midnight, local time, where transport out of the airport may have ended service for the day, or have you rushing for the last service, it's a better idea to stay overnight there. Although, depending on the airport and your needs, this may not be favourable. The same goes for flights so early in the morning that it is not possible to get to the airport in time without taking a taxi, or just don't like to rush. In this case, save yourself an additional day at the hotel and just hang around the airport overnight instead.

What days should you book your hotel? The first thing you should note are when your flights are, as mentioned earlier, or any overnight travel to another city. As for me, I do not plan any places to visit on the days I would be checking-in or checking-out from the hotel because it would be reserved for rests from travelling, and preparation to depart. If there is a lot of time to spare, you may use it to freely explore and maybe squeeze in a last-minute place to visit. Do mind the luggage that you would be bringing around, though your hotel may let you store your bags in the mean time. Depending on the city, you can store them in lockers at the airport or train stations too. (If it's Japan, you don't need to worry much about having enough coins of the right denominations: you would receive lots of it while shopping, or a machine nearby that exchanges from different denominations.)

Don't believe me? Well, take last year's travel to Paris form home. Here's the general layout.

Home → Accommodation in Paris, France

Seems simple? Well, take a look at what cities I have to pass through in between.

Home → Doha, Qatar →  London, England → Accommodation in Paris, France

Okay, just two cities added. What is so complicated about that you say? Well, let me add in more details.

Home → travel to the airport for flight at night → waiting to check in → check in → clear customs and security → board the flight → wait for the flight to depart → flight to Doha, Qatar → land in Doha, Qatar → waiting to alight from plane and shuttle to airport terminal building → wait for flight to London, England → board the flight to London, England → wait for flight to depart at → flight to London, England (while avoiding Iraqi airspace) → landed at Heathrow Airport in London → waiting to alight from plane → a very long walk between plane gate and customs → queue at customs → interview at customs (No, they don't just look at your face and stamp, they actually ask what you are doing there) → overnight at airport because it's late → London Underground train to Saint Pancras station → waiting until check-in → French customs and security before entering waiting area (UK customs are oddly missing) → waiting for train at waiting area → boarding the train to Gare du Nord (North Station) in Paris, France → riding on the train → arrival at Gare du Nord → Ticket machine did not accept the large-denominated Euro we had (earlier spending was in British Pounds) and had to join the long queue for the manned counter → subway train to the station the station closest to place, while transferring through different lines → walking about a kilometre while figuring how to get there → Accommodation in Paris

Do I want to head out to visit places after what I had gone through as mentioned above, which is about 3 days of travel, including preparing to depart? No! I also need to adjust to the different time-zones, made even more confusing with daylight savings and the times the sun rises and sets.

Also, do you want to face the horror of finding out at that time of time that you can't charge your phone just because you don't have the right type of plug? Well, it's a good thing I brought the adaptors. Do note that plugs used in the UK and Europe are different. Depending on where you are from, you may find the plug to be the same, or where neither the plug nor voltage are the same. Make sure you check the ratings to be sure: some support a wide range of voltages and AC frequency, but only provide you with one type of plug.

Don't say that taking a holiday is easy.

01 October 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 4: Clothing

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Being the northernmost part of Japan also means it is colder there. Obviously a lot colder than Onikawa, which is considered the Hawaii or Florida of Japan.

Winter in Tokyo is not that cold where seeing it covered in a blanket of snow itself is rare. While I have been to cities further up north, which were the cities of London and Paris that I visited last year, the season was obviously the wrong one to expect to see snow: May to June. (Just to let you know the other extreme of what I've been through, I have stepped to the outdoors of Quatar's Doha airport, which was very warm.)

I am unsure if the warm clothing I have in my wardrobe are sufficient. Might need to head out to buy if they are insufficient. The problem is that I don't know what to look out for other than the general temperature (-5℃ to +5℃) I think Hokkaido might have in early January, and clothing stores themselves not stating what temperatures they are designed for. A jacket for 20℃ weather is not the same as 1℃ weather! Since it's that cold, do I also need a ear muffler and scarf too? A snow hat is surely needed, I assume.

By the way, I had bought gloves that would allow me to use a smartphone without taking the gloves off. Normal ones don't respond if you try.

08 September 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 3: Camerea

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What trip would be complete without a camera to have a record of what you have seen? Especially more so if it is of somewhere where it isn't easy for you to get to enough to have the next time of being there being hard or impossible?

Well, you don't need those expensive cameras, as well as expensive lenses and equipment to go with it, to get a good picture. A normal point an shoot camera will do. I don't recommend ones built into a mobile phone: it lacks a lot of features (though smartphones like iPhones has things like point focus and exposure), memory is shared with everything on your phone (less space for your photos and messy to organise), reduced battery life due to non-camerea related use (not good if you want to take pictures all day), analog zoom, the awkwardness of holding it. More importantly, how long does it take between activating the camera and being able to take a picture? And for phones with touch screen, are you able to take a picture without looking out for that capture button on the screen?

I have grew up in an era where the transition from analog to digital happened. I am so glad that there are fewer bad shots and less of that blinding camera flash.

Anyway, I bought this camera a little more than 2 years ago and it came with two 8GB SD cards. I considered that big back then. There was a mention of SDXC (64GB to 2TB) support, but I never thought back then that I would be this close to getting it as it was in the store when I bought the 32GB memory card last week. (On a side note, my Kobo Aura HD I may have mentioned, back in December or January, having a microSD slot that "supports up to 32GB". Guess I can use it there, though 2GB alone is a lot for an ebook.)

The more I use this camera, problems that I did not foresee have come up. Nothing major, but can be fustrating. These include:
  • Battery levels not indicating actual levels: I hadn't been paying attention as to if it really does not indicate actual levels, but that is what I felt as I used it. Even more so when charging times is unusually long for a "full" battery. It does, however, really warned me if it is really low.
  • Moisture in the camera pouch around the lens in certain situations. I don't know why.
  • Corruption of photos: I really did lose 3 days worth of photos. I did try uploading as soon as possible, but I didn't have my laptop with me, there were only two shared computers whose speeds are painfully slow, if not already in use by someone else. Given the situation, I could have lost more photos that were on that memory card. Till today, I have no idea why that happened, but I strongly suspect the memory card reader that I used. Only pictures that I took with the camera phone that day (which was hardly at all) surives.
  • 8GB only lasted me halfway through my Kansai trip. Good thing I had the other memory card. Used this experience to prepare the Europe trip a year later by bringing all the memory cards I have (which are mostly 1GB and 2GB micro SD cards from somewhere). Seeing that I've used two, this adds up to about 16GB. Few 720p videos were recorded, but I want to record more footage in 1080p. Storage limitations were a factor of this.
  • Adjusting brightness of the screen (not light exposure) is kind of troublesome.
  • I don't have a spare battery, so I had to charge the battery at the end of the day regardless of how much I used it to avoid having the battery to run out on me, which was what I did during my Europe trip that, even despite that, with how photo snapping crazy I was, managed to drain to empty despite charging the day before. I know I should get a spare battery, but where? (Saw one on an online shopping site, but I don't know if it is reliable.)

Oh well. At least the problems listed above aren't problems directly relating to the camerea itself. Should order that battery now, knowing how long it could take by the cheapest (and slowest) option.

03 September 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 2: Accomodation and timing

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Since the previous post, I have more or less decided to enter Hokkaido by plane to New Chitose Airport. Shinkansen (Aomori is the furthest north it goes currently) would still be an option should there be an aviation or timing related issues.

Initially, I was thinking of making a day trip to Hakodatte from Sapporo, but the travel time of 3 to 4 hours made me reconsider to maybe staying there for some days instead. Double that to make my way back. What can I see if most of the day was spent on travelling alone? Adding to that, it is winter, and quite far north (though London is the furthest north latitude-wise I've been), which means less sunlight.

Timing-wise, I'm not sure of the exact dates yet as this is largely determined by flight and accommodation availability (and prices). I want to visit the Winter Festival in Odori park in Sapporo, but that is in February.

Not sure when this trip would be, but it won't be any earlier than December. This also largely depends if I had save up enough funds by February, or a month before the start trip if earlier and nowhere near February.

Regardless of when I choose to go, it must not overlap this year's winter Comiket at Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center; and yes, it's in Tokyo) between 28 to 30 December. Don't think I would want to travel on 31st, though undecided for the following day. Maybe availability and prices would determine this.

Heading to Comiket itself wasn't on my mind until I thought of how snowy it was for the last Wonfes (Wonder Festival).

01 September 2014

Hokkaido trip preperation 1: Where exactly?

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It has been more than a year since my last trip to Europe, which made up of the Paris, Venice, and London. (Read my entries that I had written on this blog as I was travelling then, though I neglected to write the London portion of it there) While planning for that, there were considerations to visit Iceland, Berlin, Rome, Vatican City, and Zurich, but time and financial constrains limited this. Total trip was about a month.

How is this related to this next trip I'm planning? Preparation, packing, and an unfamiliar environment that pictures and words can't make you fully prepared for it. My packing was so efficient, having experience from earlier travels (Hong Kong and Bangkok), the accommodation host was surprised that I only had two regular-sized backpacks instead of those large luggage bags with wheels commonly associated with a travelling tourists.

My plan at the moment is to visit Hokkaido, with nothing booked yet, but where exactly should I go? At the moment, I'm thinking of Sapporo and Hakodate, with me leaning more towards Sapporo. Might also include neighbouring towns and places like Biei (美瑛). Not sure about the details, but I noted that it takes about 2 hours between Sapporo and Hakodate by train.

Then there is also the planning of how do I even get into Hokkaido: by plane, or train? There are plane fares that could go as low as around 10,000 yen, which is cheaper and the quickest than the train route (more specifically, Narita to New Chitose airports), as the air route is one of the world's most busiest. The rail route involves a shinkansen to (Shin-)Aomori before taking another train that passes through the Seikan tunnel linking the mainland and Hokkaido. At the moment, I had not figured out what exactly I need to take to/from Aomori that stops or passes through Hakodatte, or if booking is required/necessary for it. For the plane option, stuff like travelling to/from the airport, and time to check in before actually boarding the plane. I'm not in favour of reserving things ahead of time.

Budget and time wise, the air option would seem like the best option, but what can I see out of the window besides clouds and open skies? Also, the rail option lets me take a detour of places in the Touhoku region, which I have not travelled to before too. I think Sendai and Aomori are places that are enroute there. Thinking of Niigata too, but it is far out of the route though.

I would be discussing about preparing the gadgets I am thinking of bringing next, or whatever comes to mind.

31 July 2014

Teary Promise (Part 21)

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The electrical appliances seem a bit more recent than the others: the TV displays were still of those bulky square-ish screens that were common until the past 10 years. Only a small number of them used the more recent widescreen flat screen TVs, which I assume were replacements of broken screens. The computers were provided by the prefectural government, so those are the only recent ones as they are standard issue across all schools in the prefecture.

The location of vending machines may seem odd, but since the school is known for vandalism and violence by the male students, they are strategically placed at locations where there is a recording security camera nearby like the main entrance of the building, or where several staff working nearby could see and hear people using it, like at the cafeteria and outside the teacher's room. The school board has warned on removing most of vending machines when there are any damages to them that would render it inoperable or theft to the contents of it.

I was assigned to take pictures around the school. I should not speak to the students in case they ask me things relating to the school that I cannot answer. As Nishizawa is also a teacher here, she went around asking the students and other teachers, and has access to certain places and information that neither students nor visitors could access.

Speaking of access, I have no idea where Saeko went since the three of us has parted ways. Her blazer school uniform certainly stands out from the traditional sailor and gakuran uniforms designs here, so it is not that hard to figure out that anyone who does anything odd would get mentioned by students that I would overhear from. Students of this school talk loudly to each other unless they see an outsider or a teacher around, but since they talked loudly in my presence, I guess they do not know everyone and assume that anyone in the Yosaka uniform that looks of the same age is one of them. I wonder what is Saeko doing? Quite a number of them mentioned about her hugging a pillar like a panda, and the expression of being on the verge of tears.

I walked towards Saeko. It wasn't that hard as I just need to walk in the direction opposite of the general direction of students that had mentioned her are walking to. It didn't take long for me to see Saeko hugging a round pillar (while on the floor) like it is the most precious thing to her that she would not want to let go of at all costs. Why is she emotional over a regular round pillar?

Saeko: "Oh! Inami-san! I wanted to gather information from anything that is plugged into the school's electrical grid, including wireless devices connected to wireless bases powered by the same grid. I was thinking of any electrical socket that I can find in here..."

Ah, plugging into an electrical socket. I did not know there was one there from her skirt obscuring it from view.

Saeko: "...but since I figured it may take a while for me to gather data, I figured it's better if I could get into a comfortable position first. I chose this round pillar because I do not want people to see an electrical wire dangling out between my skirt. I do not know why there of all places myself, but want to be comfortable as I do this so I chose to sit down on the floor, which is at level with the socket. However, my legs can't be too wide apart, and certainly not at 180 degrees that flat walls require to meet being me as close to the socket as possible, so that is why I chose the round pillar: my legs could get more comfortable, and even more since my legs could go around it."

She explained why she was at this wall, but I do not understand it, and does not explain the desperate expression she had as she does it. Is she used to not talking about it?

Me: "Are you sure you are okay? You looked like you were quite stressed out when I saw you. I should help you get up."

It seems as if her body is a part of the pillar, since I can't pull her away from it, or change her position.

Saeko: "It is part of the data transfer process where I can't be removed if I'm in the middle of data transfer. Any expressions you may see me having in the process were likely to be involuntary."

[insert content here]

I reviewed the photos that I have taken so far, and thought about what other kinds of shots that I could take. I've covered damages to school property, so next up are about the bullying around the school. How do I capture it happening as "naturally" as possible?

Just as I was wondering about what I should do next, I heard voices from one of the empty classrooms.

Female voice 1: "So this is what the past looks like? It looks dirty, and different from what I have heard about this era."

Female voice 2: "Oh? What is that heavy looking box with some odd-looking glass at the front that is hung on the wall?"

Saeko: "Ako, that is a television of the era when I was young.  Sakae, this place is away from the city. The school building we are in has now been demolished in our time, but this particular school was poorly maintained unlike other schools of this era. The things you see here are from an even earlier era."

Sakae: "Would this outfit you had us wearing be effective? I feel no different apart from a needle stuck into me."

Saeko: "Well, our bodies did not change when we entered this time pane that we thought had a fifty-fifty chance, so I guess it should. But remember, we are the first ones to enter the past to the time before it even happened, so this is an untested and undocumented theory."

How did Saeko get there so quickly when I saw her stuck to a pillar a short while ago? She is wearing a different uniform. Those three were talking as if they had just time travelled from the future, with the two of them not knowing what it was like. I took a peek inside the room: there was indeed Saeko in there, as well as two school girls in blazer uniforms that I cannot identify, with one of them wearing black tights. I also can't identify what Saeko is wearing, but it does have a design that only Mizuho Academy would have.

Hold on. Did the Saeko I met earlier had a chest of that size? It's quite a distraction to just have it in my field of vision.

Saeko: "Um, you two wait here for a moment. I think I saw something outside this room."

Sakae & Ako: "Okay, sure."

Huh? What did Saeko see?

The next thing I knew, I was being dragged away from the classroom into another empty classroom two rooms down and was not released until I was in the middle of that room. It turns out that the big-chested Saeko was dragging me. I guess that something she saw was me looking in.

Saeko: "Is that you Yumiko-san? I have not seen you in a while. Sorry for the treatment, but I need to be cautious about what I do and how I am seen while I'm not in my time. If you are here in this school, that means that Nishizawa-san is here too, and, um, you might have seen me stuck to a pillar a while earlier from your point of view. Please don't tell my past self about this."

Me: "Who were those two with you?"

Saeko: "Remember that Nishizawa-san, of your time, mentioned where the human population in the future, from your perspective, would be made up of nothing but females? Well, that has already happened in my time, but with organs modified to help us to still be able to reproduce with the absence of men, though our bodies have become incompatible with the old system. We have no idea how we could still reproduce with our new bodies, but those two girls with me are actually less than a year old, and yet they already have a body and behaviour of a teenager!"

Saeko noticed that I was visually distracted by her body, but her reaction to it was as if it never happened. Were girls of her time having a chest of that size common? It would be hard to concentrate on anything if it's everywhere. Maybe she gets asked about it a lot that she does not want to talk about it.

Me: "Huh? Less than a year old? But they don't have a body of an infant or behave like one."

Saeko: "Yes, that is one of life's biggest mystery with our new bodies. Not even the scientists have any idea on how our new bodies work. We came here to the past to see if our bodies would change to that of before the evolution, and if any of those two with me became male if that had happened, but as you can see, we still have our evolved bodies even though we went back to pre-evolution era. What we wear has changed due to some mysterious force that forces us to wear certain types of clothes all the time. Can you imagine women in a formal business attire for construction workers, firemen, or sports athletes? I know it seems to be an inappropriate outfit for those occupations, but that is the reality! Our evolved bodies are forcing us to wear nothing but feminine clothing that must include skirts. Otherwise, they would get strongly repelled out of our body like magnets of the same polarity. Since we can't get naked either, previously worn accepted clothing would appear if we fail to wear acceptable clothing within given time. It has become awkward for pre-evolution people like me to look at each other. Even more so if we feel angry over something, but our bodies now lack the ability to be able to express anger at all."

Me: "Sounds like a man's dream with a certain fetish of their ideal woman to come true."

Saeko: "I agree with you. But there are no males left in my time besides old photos and animals, and our bodies would react strongly if we were to even think of men as our evolved bodies did not anticipate it due to their absence, even though some of us were formerly male and there are photos of males everywhere in books from eras before it happened. Also, we have no idea on what is changing us, but we know that everyone changing at the same time is certainly not natural."

Me: "Hold on. How is this transformation thing happening?"

Saeko: "Since 2012, we had found a way to ensure that the transformations could not modify our memories, where we also found out that people transformed prior to that has been reassigned and changed genetically match random families. It explains why we were not able to trace where the sudden increase of adolescent girls, but unfortunately, we cannot find out who they are now, or who they were due to the nature of how they were changed. One thing for sure is that people noticed the absence of elderly people. In order of transformations, all the elderly, as well as people known to be evil to society, were the first to be transformed. Subsequent transformations involved only men, where how soon they were transformed depends on how manly they were, which meant that, shortly before the final stage, the only men left untransformed were ones that weren't manly at all. It is sad to see the last males to behave and dress like girls due to the strong female influence and the absence of manly men. The only thing close to what would be considered manly were women behaving like men. Then the transformation happened in 2030 where everyone became a single new gender forced to only be able to move their body in a way that is very feminine in every aspect, which excludes mentality, but includes behaviour. You can go crazy having your non-feminine thoughts to be forced to be expressed in a feminine way, though people have figured a way around that with computers. Companies with fast working pace, require workers to be fearless, or require clothing that conflicts with the policy of the clothes we are forced to wear, suffered the most from the transformations: they are forced to either adapt to the changes, or close business. Companies have dismissed workers that were unable to perform because of the transformations, only to find that they have nobody that meets their needs as replacement."

2012 and 2030? What year is this Saeko from that has her talking about these future years like it is the past for her? If this Saeko is from a year later than 2030, why has she not aged where, apart from the size of her chest, she seems to resemble the Saeko of 2011 very much?

Part 20 | Part 21

07 July 2014

Teary Promise (Part 20)

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After what seemed like an eternity for an oddly short walk from the park, we arrived at Yosaka Middle and High School. I was not expecting both the middle and high school education levels together, which is quite rare in this country. Well, those large academies in this region do have those two in the same campus, but those two are treated separate and are not counted.

Immediately as soon as I could see the front courtyard of the school, I could already see how much I appreciate that I am not sent to this school. The state of the school building and the greenery alone has seen better days with those looking no different from an abandoned place with noticeable damages to some facilities. Well, I am not saying the school is really in that bad state, but certainly not as maintained as the schools I have been to.

There were students still in the school. Some of them stared in our direction, not because of me, but how glaringly obvious Saeko's Mizuho uniform sticks out. A uniform of a prestigious school, at a school full of delinquents, is asking for trouble.

Nishizawa: "Oh yes, Inami-san. This always happens when students here see a student of an another school entering the school, especially if they aren't wearing a gakuran or sailor uniform like that of this school, and even more so if it is what they see as an "elite" school. Someone would have shouted at Hisakawa-san by now if she was a boy and not accompanied by someone else."

Me: "Why did she not change if we knew this would happen?"

Nishizawa: "Well, we aren't allowed to say why, but let's just say that her clothes are a part of a body and no modifications are allowed."

Saeko: "Hey! I did not ask for this!"

What kind of an explanation is that? Sounds like a stupid reason to me, but there were indeed things odd about her, like sending me messages when I could clearly see her being too busy to even send me any, and the context of her messages don't seem the kind that could be sent in advance!

Nishizawa: "Let's see if I could say something that would automatically stop me from saying it if you aren't supposed to know. You see, the Mizuho uniform could... For students... The uniform was designed because..."

What is with the abrupt silence midway through saying a sentence?

Nishizawa: "That's odd. I am supposed to be able to say what the uniform does. Oh right, if anyone who could hear us isn't supposed to know that is related to Mizuho, I can't say it even if the person I am talking to could, and I forgot where we are right now."

Me: "What is this problem that had you bringing me to here?"

She looked through her notes as if she herself forgot why we are here. Well, there were distractions along the way here.

Nishizawa: "Well, our systems in Hatsuya are showing that people regardless of age and gender are being turned into schoolgirls, except that our memories may have been modified in a way that we would not notice it even if someone is being transformed in front of us. [1] If this is indeed happening, and assuming that it would keep going at our predicted rate, our population would be made up of nothing but females within our lifetime [2], which is an issue. Do not think that this does not concern you, as this will affect you being able to find a husband and having children. You probably might not get to have grandchildren as there might be a lot fewer males when your future children reaches adulthood than there are today."

(Author's note 1: Related to Story 4, Part 10)
(Author's note 2: It will happen as it has already happened in Story 2, Part 87, which happens at a later time)

Saeko wore a look that she was the one who discovered it, but unhappy that the words Nishizawa used has discredited her. However, she did not say anything about it. Not sure if she has been made not to say it, or what she said was true in some ways.

...Hold on. People being turned into girls? What is going on?

Saeko: "So, what we are doing here is to document this school before the changes become more noticeable. It was chosen because of how the students here behave, particularly because of the male-majority student body, and they are... quite defiant against the school authority. Plus, there are a number of unused classrooms. It would be noticeable if this school were to have more girls than boys all of a sudden, and those empty classrooms were to be filled up. The challenge here is making sure that we are not manipulated to think that there has always been a lot of girls here when the change happened."

Nishizawa: "Basically a surge of female students enough to overthrow the current male-majority, and of course you need room for more students if these transformed older people enter, as young girls of course, but no change to the existing cohort."

Me: "So, if you are aware that this phenomenon is fundamentally changing mankind, why are you not doing anything to stop it? Is it the same thing as... what happens when the outfit of where Saeko studies at gets worn?"

Odd. I tried to said "Mizuho uniform changing people" directly, but the words that came out of my mouth after the odd pause was not in my words, but does convey the general idea.

Nishizawa: "First of all, it is difficult for us to even remember that this is happening, and secondly, we have no idea what is changing us. It's like we are characters in a game where we are at the mercy of some unseen force that changes us, including what we can remember. And third, this is not something that medicine or gas could solve. We don't even know if it is spread around like a disease or we were randomly chosen by the unseen force to be changed. As for your next question, no, it is completely separate. The one we are talking about does not have anything involved and, sadly, it seems to be a permanent thing as it's not reversible as there is no trace in their genes left that they were ever male at all."

Saeko looked as if she was guilty that this even happened in the first place.

Saeko: "It is a good thing we are all... girls... as we aren't affected by this directly. We would not be get pick on easily if we behaved the same way as boys as we go surveying this school. Although, I think my uniform stands out a lot."

Saeko seemed troubled referring to herself as a girl. I wonder why.


Inside the school, the interior looks like it is a first generation of schools to have been built with concrete instead of wood. Whether this was actually a replacement of an older wooden structure, I do not know as I don't know the history of this town or school before I moved in, and signs that there was one were probably covered up except perhaps in old analog photographs.

The layout seems typical for middle and high school, but with the size of a primary school since middle and high school are combined. From the school corridors alone, that the school is falling apart with things that are in need of a state of repair. There were some odd mismatches for some fixes due to the difference of style used between the era of the original, and when the fix was made.

20 June 2014

Alternate Dimension (Part 96)

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I knew Kotomi had been to this Kaisei Middle School I'm at now, I realised what I knew about it is no different from any other random school I have been to, apart from the layout of each school always being different.

Unfortunate for me, I had spent too much time waiting outside the teacher's room when I realized that the transfer students are now briefed in a totally different room. In this new world where transfer students are frequent, schools have created a room dedicated just for them. It is unclear to me if there could be more than one transfer student in a day at any school. I don't know where this room is, but a teacher and a student did walk past me when everyone else have disappeared from the corridors. I guess I have to follow them if I want to have a chance at finding someone today.

These two made their way to a first year classroom. I would have left here if I knew the name of the transfer student and how she looked like, but I don't. They don't seem to notice me thanks to this ability that allows me to not have people notice my presence. I should follow them to the classroom so that I could watch her introduction.

Time it took for them to reach a classroom seemed to take forever as I have no idea where they will be headed to. We passed quite a number of empty classrooms with the class sign removed, or were converted for other uses. A sad sign of the times that there are too few middle school students today than this school is designed for, which is of a typical size for a pre-evolution school.

Teacher: "I have been in this teaching career for close to 50 years now, and I have met students like you that I have been with from the entrance ceremony until their graduation ceremony may times. I am actually much older than how I look, but some unexplainable phenomenon happened to me, and all humans around the world, two decade ago where I had to relearn how my remodelled body works. Five years ago, it happened again, and this time, I was forced to only be able to wear only specific types of clothing, and our bodies forces us to behave like a well-mannered woman. Useless if I want to express anger without finding myself crying instead, but it did not change my personality, though people born after the evolution wouldn't even know how to behave any other way. There is, however, a loophole: while we are limited to how we behave, it does not stop us from writing angrily or do aggressive actions via controllers, though we are still limited to the femininity of how we move to our body to do this."

Student: "Wow, you have been here for very long, and I didn't know the world was a different place. I'm getting interested, and want to know more. What is this "woman" thing you mentioned? You sounded like you weren't one either."

Teacher: "Well, a woman is exactly what we physically are now, but in pre-evolution terms, they also had the ability to reproduce offspring, but are unable to do so without a man. I miss being able to do this with my wife. That is where the term "family, parent, father, mother, child" comes from as they would be together. "Sibling" is what one would call their parents' other child. A "man" do not have the things on our chests, are tougher, has hair growing around their mouth and on their legs. They use their... um..."

The teacher stopped walking and an awkward silence follows. The student reluctantly followed shortly after. The teacher's right hand was shaped as if holding an invisible pole as she said the last word for a brief moment. I am standing behind them, so I was not able to tell what their expressions were.

Student: "Yes? What do they have? Why does your face look odd?"

Teacher: "Sorry, I'm afraid can't talk about it as much as I would like to. Our evolved bodies have a known condition that if I think too much of men, it would become harder for me to teach as my concentration is forever affected. That means I can't talk about my past either as it would have me think in a way that triggers the condition..."

This condition is a well known vulnerability with our bodies: due to our new gender being based on the female gender in almost all aspects, we also inherited their desire of wanting to be with a man when she has been influenced enough. However, males have gone extinct, and the only reproductive organ we have are our breasts, which serves no useful purpose except to give us the female appearance and better buoyancy in water. The absence of reproductive organs means that we are unable to orgasm, making us sexually frustrated because we can't subdue our arousal. Because the arousal is not subdued, this cycle repeats over and over as it tries the failed attempt again, thereby making it persistent. A victim who already has this condition would only make it worse. It seem that there's no limit as to how aroused one can be, but there are people out there who have the mental willpower to not let it affect their thoughts. Those with this condition would look like they are having an internal struggle with themselves, have random pauses, make unintentional sounds, and touching themselves in their fruitless attempt to relief the discomfort. Some do admit that they are self-aware of it, but it is the mentally trained that you can't differentiate from the ones without the condition. Only way to tell is to make them go through something that requires concentration and see if they show signs typical of the untrained by accident as most of their focus is trying to not display their aroused state, which is difficult if their concentration is needed for other things.

There is no cure to this problem, but if one reaches a biological age that is too old to be a young woman that everyone is physically, they are reborn without this condition, but that doesn't mean they can't get it again. Hatsuya and Mizuho have their own ways to being down arousal levels down to as good as not having it so one can gain their sanity again for as long their ways are being used, but that doesn't prevent the problem from happening again. The health ministry considers this as a disease, but not life-threatening.

Teacher: "Well, I'm not sure if I am in a position as a teacher to tell you more. Even in my private capacity, I am not prepared for it. My rebirth might had me forget about some details. You might have better results with someone born between 1993 and 2002, which is 31 to 40 years ago, where they would have lived long enough to know what the world was like before evolution began in 2011, but not old enough to be reborn yet."

Two sets of ages are kept: biological and actual ages. Actual age could sometimes be indirectly be referred to as how many years ago they were born. Only people born in the time the teacher mentioned, and some born right up to 2017, are highly likely to have their biological age to be the same as their actual age. I am 44 this year, but I'm not affected by the rebirth that had also affected Itsuki and Kotomi because my biological age has been stuck at 16 since 2005! I don't know if I should be proud of this at all as I was forced to be immortal against my will.

Student: "So how am I to find out more? Does the library have it?"

The two had began walking again.

Teacher: "With the censorship to not let us think too much of men, I doubt you could find any in the school library. I don't know about public libraries though. Internet works too, but you need to know what exactly you are looking for, and to filter out the noise and the lies. Perhaps research companies would know about this, but they are difficult to contact. One if them, based in this city, was founded by a girl who was still in middle school at the time she founded the company, so maybe she might know things better than we do, but she is above 40 now. She is known for how young she looks, and always seen wearing various school uniforms in the region like she actually attends. Remember, this was in the time when people could freely wear whatever they want. I know a bit about her personally as she is the sister-in-law of one of my former students, who is above 40 too, except that she is not a student of this school though."

That description sounded like how you would describe me. From what the teacher has said, I am guessing that she was a man pre-evolution, is at least 70 years old now, and married with children. She did indirectly mention Kotomi, but with no name or further details mentioned, I can't confirm that. The young female appearance of the teacher makes it hard for me to believe that she was a 70 year old man, but nobody alive today could biologically be anything besides being a female of between the ages of 12 and 40, regardless of their actual age. I should take a photo of her and get her name so that I could show to Kotomi and see if she recognises her, but I don't think she would remember the teacher more as a middle-aged man in her time than as a young woman now.

Student: "Wow. What happened to her today?"

Teacher: "As far as I could tell, she still looks the same today as she was in the early days of the company. I thought she only just look young, but with four years over the actual age of forty where pre-evolution people should have been reborn, she is as young as she looks as you can't fool your biological age with what makes us reborn. It's a mystery on how she stayed young through all these years. To add to the confusion, she is always seen wearing random school uniforms, giving the vibe that she actually attends school. The last I heard, she was wearing a very rare variation of a Mizuho Academy uniform, so don't be surprised if a Mizuho girl walks up to you: it could be her."

How does she know about this? It wasn't that long ago that I entered Mizuho's middle school. It also made me worry on explaining how I remained youthful through all of these years. I don't think becoming immortal is a valid explanation, but what else am I supposed to say when that is the truth? It would scare people too if I try to prove it. Good thing the evolution happened or my inability to age would have become more obvious as everyone looks young no matter how old they are supposed to be and, in theory (too soon after evolution happened to confirm), can't die of old age either as their biological age resets to 16 when they reach 40, removing any pre-existing health problems in the process. Unlike me, these people are not immortal as they can still die form other ways, though a random woman would be made pregnant when that happens, or two random women for each pregnant woman that died to ensure the human population does not decrease.

Teacher: "This is the class right here. Stay outside until I call you in."

The two came to a stop outside class 1C. A first year? I was not expecting that, though this might be a good thing as I would have plenty of time to prepare her in a way that, if she were to be in a role where she would lead others, she could talk to someone about what I am about to put her through.

Part 95 | Part 97

09 May 2014

Alternate Dimension (Part 95)

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Now that I have Ako Matsumi from Yuribashi Middle School to join me for the experiment, I need another person to better understand the effects that may happen is unique or to everyone. This would have been a lot easier if I could use people that I know well, but that was messed up the last time I was there years ago when something that happened to them there that didn't happen here. They added that they recommended people born post-evolution as they do not have a known pre-evolution gender, and to see how they would react in a world of dual genders.

Now, who should I pick next? It's hard for me to pick a random person without knowing about their character, and that distracting beauty everyone has on top of that. Where should I begin?

Well, first of all, How do we know if someone had just been born? No one saw them being given birth, but the population is still steadily increasing despite scientists having no idea how we give birth with our evolved bodies, the person in question would not even be aware of how they existed, let alone...

Hold on. I noticed that there are a lot more of these "transfer students" than there were pre-evolution. In a cohort of school graduates, a significantly large number of them were "transfer students" in the three years of middle and high school course instead of being with the school since the beginning of year one. It might be too soon since evolution happened to talk about the possibility of high school students that were around since the beginning of year one that were "transfer students" in Middle school, but there are facts that this could be a sign that these "transfer students" were people who had just been born.

Just look at the facts: the number of transfer students per school per school year is just absurdly high compared to pre-evolution era. Middle and high schools used to have the same amount of students each, but one has the size reduced, and the other increased due to the change of student enrolment figures. Three years is certainly long enough for anyone born pre-evolution to be in high school now, so anyone in middle school now are clearly people born post-evolution, or those few reborn pre-evolution people who opted to study again. (It's still too early to know if any post-evolution person would be reborn, or anyone who already has to go through it again.)

The only logical conclusion from all of these is that these "transfer students" are likely to be those newly born people. The tricky part is, how would I be able to tell? Oh well, I guess I have to start somewhere...

You know what, I have never actually been to Kotomi's middle school before, but having known her for many years, I got to see what the uniform looks like, and the general idea of what the school buildings looked like from the outside. Maybe I could take a look at who would be my next person for the project over there. I should hang around there in the morning to see if there is anyone lost, as that is a sign of having just transferred in.


I have arrived at Kaisei Middle School in the morning, the school that Kotomi had attended, where the students there are strolling in. Apart from a change of signage and fixtures, it seems that little has changed from the photos from Kotomi's days here. Speaking of Kotomi, this school now seems to have a corner dedicated to her from having become the head of Hatsuya Research, and quotes that the school have became popular because of her. I wonder if Kotomi herself is aware of this? Too bad she has been reborn, and now looks different from the photos here.

Although today is a normal school day, it is one of the many random days off in the year for Mizuho students. I could take a leave of absence from school anytime, actually. It looks like Kaisei Middle School has changed uniforms from what I think used to be a sailor uniform to the current blazer uniform. (Males wore Gakuran in case you were wondering.) I don't know when this happened, but it does look like a simple change of colour scheme from the Yuribashi uniform, with thighs not being a requirement, and the use of necktie instead of ribbons.

The guard post is relatively poorly maintained and empty: appears to be more of a place for whoever is keeping an eye on the students to stand in every morning than where a guard would be stationed at, or as a relief place for people who get caught in the rain. Some schools have removed the guard post, and newer ones not having this at all. These days, security for places like schools and offices were deemed unnecessary as crime in general has fallen from pre-existing low levels to a bit short of non-existant. People in general these days are unable to get though due to the forced fememine and compansonate behaviour onto everyone as part of the evolution that would have them to worry about the consequences, and unable to intimidate others or use of force, which itself is a concept that post-evolution people would not understand as they don't know of behaviour outside of how everyone is behaving.

I certainly stand out from the large group of Kaisei students with my Mizuho uniform as they are looking at me. I wish I could wear something that would blend in with them, but my clothes are impossible to change out of, or have something else worn over it. Oh well. Maybe I should take a peak at the staff office, where new students would report to on their first day. It would be harder if I were to wait till later, especially if they aren't being brought around to introduce to the school facilities.

Fortunately for me, I have a device where people would simply not notice my presence, which was developed because I could easily be recognized in public. I don't know if I turned invisible or not, but it does seem confuse the people who saw me at the time I activated it. I mean, if you keep your eyes fixed on someone you know was there to suddenly be unable to notice, you would be puzzled and scared. However, those who looked in my direction after the device has been activated would not notice me. Strangely enough, they do not notice me opening doors unless it physically affects them, like them leaning on the door as I opened it towards me on the other side, or other things like hugging.

I have my tools ready, but what is my next move?

01 April 2014

Yononaka no Okugi (Part 5)

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Hitoshi supported me as we headed back towards the school building and into the student council room. This was supposed to be as simple as when we came from there, but the struggle with this newly acquired feeling in me that is difficult to concentrate with had me quite confused.

"Don't worry, Fujibayashi. This is normal for anyone who has seen images of males. Try to get used to it like it's nothing or it would be difficult to concentrate on studies, though that can be an uphill struggle if you never had it before, or, in my case, intensity being stronger than I have ever felt before. Try not to see or think about them and it won't get worse... though that is kind of unavoidable with your quest in finding out the past."

We both struggled to make it back to the main building as we both were unable to think well with this persistent new feeling. Eventually, we find ourselves in the student council room. We were thinking too much of our new feelings that we did not care about who saw us along the way, but it was not until we heard a voice in there that there was someone else inside.

"Inosaki-kun! It seems that we have a guest here."

I struggled to see who that voice belonged to. It was the student council president,  Sakae Kotani (小谷サカエ), third year, who is known for her top grades. She is in a big office chair with the back her back is facing us, so we could only see her head.

"Ah, Sakae-san. I was showing Maeda-san was showing an interest in... well..."

Hitoshi seem troubled in deciding if she should tell a lie or the truth. In that moment, there was a long awkward silence where no one said or did anything. She was holding a dual-screened portable gaming device, with only the top screen visible, and unclear what she is doing with the other hand. She seem to have quietly resumed playing her game before she said something.

"Oh, hold on! Maeda-san. Were you the one who had asked me about what happened to the school yearbooks and history books? I was on library duty if you recall, though I didn't had the usual hairstyle that day. I'm afraid the books that have been removed due to it containing something... our bodies have developed somewhat like an allergy from just the sight and thought of it that people of the past did not have. Sounds absurd, but that is how our bodies work today. We would rather you be curious on what that something is, than ever knowing anything about it. We humans developed this allergy only less than a decade ago versus the tens of thousands of years we have existed on earth, so it's fairly recent. If you are wondering if the current CEO and director of Hatsuya Research studied here before, yes, she was a student here, with her photo in one of the yearbooks that was removed from the library. She does look different today though."

I'm surprised that she said all that with just that short phrase from the vice president. I wasn't looking up about that CEO, but being told that she studied here does give that special feeling towards the school.

"President? Can you please turn around?", said Hitoshi gently, but her turning the president's chair with as much strength as she could does not match her gentle tone. Then again, I've never seen anyone who isn't gentle.

Hitoshi turned the chair around, exposing what the president was doing while her back was facing us. There was nothing special about the game console apart from being old, but she was playing some game that had shooting and violence with a lot of men on it. She probably knew who I was without turning around because the screen is quite reflective to see me through it without turning around, and recognizing my voice after my encounter with her at the library. The odd thing I observed is that she does not have the same state as us despite the amount of men on the game she is playing, and the amount of times she mentioned them earlier.

"Oh, sorry about that. I was... playing a game I want to play. It wouldn't look good on me as the president of the student council or the top student if they see me playing this violent game. Helps me to express feelings that no one can physically express correctly, like that anger you tried earlier. No wonder you pre-evolution people have a split personality: you know what anger is like as you grew up being able to express it, but we post-evolution people can't express it and therefore not know what anger is. Games today are just not that great if made by post-evolution developers. Because practically everyone today is, from a pre-evolution point of view, a Japanese girl. That is the area where the Ryukyu, Honshu, and Hokkaido islands are back in the days where the concept of "countries" separated us from those of elsewhere with "immigration laws". You don't see much variation of the people in games today, and it kind of odd for squeals of games first released pre-evolution that had a lot of men where they are forced to either abandon the series, or replace all the males with females. The latter appearing odd if not done correctly. They can choose to not bother, but game ratings of today have been revamped: any game containing males, including those "for kids", faces the same treatment as adult games in the past were sale and display are more restricted. Nobody does it anyway because of the resulting effect of permanently being harder to be able to think."

She seemed nervous. I believe she wants to avoid talking about the obvious things we could see on each other that, despite being visually distracting, would be considered rude to talk about it as it is something we have no control of, even though it is somewhat common. Why do we humans have this condition at all?

"In case you were wondering, I'm wearing a special Mizuho uniform that looks a lot like our Kaisei uniform. They look alike... but I feel more comfortable in it. Anyway, what are you guys doing here? There's no meeting today, and classes have ended long ago."

I don't know why she mentioned that school out of nowhere or how that is related to the conversation. For those unfamiliar with the Mizuho Academy, I have observed that everyone who came from there seem to have a slight variation of the same body measurements for some reason, but they also do not have that condition at all despite being exposed to situations where they should have. It seem to have some special feature built into the uniform itself that no other uniform has, but I don't know what it is or what it does as the technology behind it appears to be a closely guarded secret. So secret that people who seem to know about it appear to not be able to talk about it to people who don't know about it, which extends to anyone within hearing range, or is being recorded or heard through any microphone in the area that could pick up the conversation.  It is not clear what the president meant by "that school's version of our uniform" as I can't tell the difference, but her body does look like it has about the same measurements of an average Mizuho girl.

"We went to the baseball clubroom and saw what was on the ceiling by accident. Our body reacted strangely when we saw it", I said plainly before we get further distracted away.

"You mean you saw a group picture of that club's last male-only team members? They don't look attractive to me in my opinion... I mean there isn't a cure that I know of. Sure there are top scoring students who that condition, but their condition isn't "cured": they just simply have stronger endurance and willpower to not let that feeling get to them. Hitoshi here is an example of one of them: she may not be able to hide her expression, but she's not going to let it affect her thinking, though her "previous life" experience might have had her get used to it, but also more likely to have it when they think too much of it. Those born after won't as they have no experience of it.  Those who could not handle this condition would find it a mental torture. This absurd condition is actually common due to how much old stuff lying around that we aren't supposed to see, but how can we avoid looking at our past?"

She is indirectly admitting that she could see our aroused faces. I guess she really didn't want to talk about it, though unclear why. She has the knowledge of any pre-evolution person, but her name being in katakana itself tells me that she was born post-evolution. Evolution happened less than a decade ago, so that eliminates the possibility of her being reborn from an old age, but how does she know all of this? I have to ask her.

"How do you know all of this? You're only a couple of years older than me at most, and evolution was earlier than that," I questioned her.

She seem to have been caught off guard on being asked this question.

"Well, not long after I was first aware of my existence, was approached by someone who own a research facility to be a part of a test. They were the ones who gave me this uniform, though that did not happen until during the test. Another girl they picked at random was from Yuribashi Middle School, from one of the towns neighbouring this city. Can't reveal what exactly I went through, but being in a world where males made up a little more than half of the population has initially had my body to suffer from immense overload of the sight and thoughts of males triggered our archaic instincts that failed to trigger organs that our post-evolution bodies simply do not have. Males are easily identifiable for having a flat chest and are bigger than us in size on average."

As interested as I am on the subject, it gets difficult to concentrate on what the president is saying with how much she talks about males. How does she maintain the look of having never seen males before even though she talks as if she has seen a lot of them? Was the mention of the Mizuho uniform related?

"Us humans used to have dual genders, but evolution turned us into a single-gender or genderless species where we are neither male nor female that no body has a clue on how to reproduce, leading some to think that our species is going extinct slowly, but I was told I was born after the evolution happened, so who knows how I exist. Nobody knew why the evolution happened and experts stop short of how it happened than as a unseen unknown force that, is at best, be described as like a pandemic virus outbreak that nobody died from, but neither could it be traced nor stopped. Referring to ourselves as the female gender isn't technically wrong either as we look, sound, dress, and behave like them in every aspect. Isn't it strange that we are not even allowed to see what we evolved from? Remembering how one looked too for those who had went through it. Either way, you don't see me in the same state like you two, or anyone with the same condition, because this uniform is a-"

Her conversation was abruptly stopped this time, but it was clear it was something to do with clothes again. This time, she noticed that words aren't coming out of her mouth as quickly as being unable to make a sound.

"Mizuho Academy", she said randomly after an awkward pause.

"Let me say that again, this uniform is a-"

"Has a-"

Her face seem to have an internal struggle inside her with the look of being uncomfortable with herself, but quickly returned to her normal face like that never happened. I am confused as to what is going on.

"Um, sorry about my speech being cut off abruptly, but apparently either you or anyone who could hear us wasn't supposed to know what I wanted to say."

So, how do we continue from here?

12 March 2014

Alternate Dimension Special: Secret Documentary of Mizuho Academy by Hatsuya Institute: History & Uniform

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How did Mizuho Girls academy came to what it is today? A well known school, but yet most people don't really know how it works under the hood.

It started many years ago, which is to say some years before where the academy is today was built, when the founder of Mizuho High School approached us, and we discussed plans on how to implement it.

Mizuho Girls Academy was founded around the early or mid 20th century as a co-ed high school, where boys and girls attend together. Right until around the time Mamiko Hisakawa (one of our staff on assignment there) enrolled to that school, the design of the uniform was was virtually unchanged since the school was founded. But we will talk about why the uniform was changed later.

Why the backward conversion from a co-educational school to a girl's school? The founder of the school has this fetish of seeing girls, and yet wants his school to become as big like a built up city with technology that would make everyone in awe that they would not see soon outside. After several talks, we would develop the technology to make it possible, and also let us use the academy as a testing ground for new technology we have in plans, but lack the real world testing situation for it. On top of that, he also wanted to expand the school by creating middle school and college, as well as create commercial and retail spaces, along with dormitories for people to rest at because people may not want to leave as the campus is so big.

We were set back by the attacks on our staff from whom we strongly suspected be from Senritsu Corporation, but the plan went on nevertheless. It was a coincidence that, in recent years, this academy has help us to quickly adapt to the phenomenon where all living humans around the world has "evolved" to become quite close to what the Mizuho founder wanted the people in Mizuho Academy to be made up of and nothing else: young women.

Why young women? Well, they are less aggressive than men to begin with, look beautiful, and fewer mental distractions from concentration. The problem here is that trying to have a large campus that is made up of nothing but young women is next to impossible: there aren't enough available women that fit the description to fill it up, and the can get old too. They could fill in the vacancy if they accept men and older women, but the founder doesn't want that. He suggested to us that we turned them into girls, and them turning back to what they were on leaving. On top of that, he wanted to have the people who knew about the transformations to absolutely not be able to tell people who do not know about it, including via electronic means and people overhearing a conversation between people who do know about it. He added that he also wanted components of their body to work exactly like a healthy young woman, even if they were originally elderly, disabled, a girl who has not yet reached puberty or any kind of male.

Most people had objected the idea of having people being turned into something else against their will, but that next part he suggested is almost like a way to get away with what they aren't legally allowed! However, the order came from the highest person of both companies.

We didn't accept or reject the request right away as we tried to develop the technologies that makes it possible. The most difficult part was figuring out how to turn any kind of person into a biologically a young woman? We are aware of male to female gender reassignment surgery, but those people remain mostly biologically male no matter how much female hormones they take or what modification they did to their body. Aside from that, how you turn an elderly person into a young person, or remove their disability like they never had it, and squeeze it all into a piece of clothing?

One of the first steps we did was to collaborate with other researchers from Germany to research on the most difficult step of all: having a male to be biologically turned into female as if born one. The director of that time offered his nephew, who was newly born, as part of the experiments. That experiment turned out to successful where she grew up like any other female with little or no sign of male behaviour and even managed to reproduce two children with her body. Sadly enough, that child in question became aware of the experiment, and another unrelated experiment done to her, after her second child. Most people would demand to be turned back into a male, but she didn't as she can't think of living as anything other than being a female as she was already female when she became remembering and being self-aware of the world around her. Ironically, that same girl is also Hatsuya's current director, Kotomi Hisakawa (maiden name is Miyazawa).

With the experience we had learnt from that, we figured how to turn male into female, and it wasn't that hard to figure out what else to do. Funnily enough, having them turn back to male after temporary turned into female regardless of how long it is as long as they wear it, works differently from turning females into males. (We did try the latter as a follow up of the opposite, but that didn't work successfully, and we abandoned that idea.)

Next, is to turning people of any age into a teenager and, at the same time, remove imperfections that they would have. By imperfections, we meant things like disabilities, cancer, myopia, scars on the skin, and things like that. The challenge here is that they should be restored to exactly to what they were like when it is applied to the uniform on being removed. To achieve this, we examine every single bit of the person's body, store that data, and then transform them into the template we have on all uniforms. However, to ensure that everyone does not look or sound the same, that template is modified to have them look like a teenage female version of what they are, and of different body measurements that meets the requirement of the Mizuho founder. They would all look like the staff whom the template is based on, and would cause confusion to everyone as nobody could tell anyone apart.

Even with all the research, we also have to optimise and make sure that glitches do not happen. Major issues we encountered at the beginning was that the transformations took unacceptably long, which we expected as the amount of data of the human body to handle, and the capacity needed to handle them quickly, is far larger than anything commercially available at the time of research. We has to put in a lot of research to achieve that, and at the same time squeeze it all into the fabric of the uniform, and protected from damage by water. We received feedback from people who knows a male that has worn the Mizuho uniform long-term that it has caused them to behave more feminine than before even when they aren't wearing it. While we can assure you that the uniform does not brainwash people, we can, however, explain why this happened. (Yes, post-evolution people, people in the past could take off their clothes for as long as they like.)

You see, what we feel with our bodies does affect how we behave, including what our sense of touch is telling us. As the anatomy of male and female bodies are different, particularly that relating to reproductive organs, one would feel different while being of either gender: having weights on the chest that are quite sensitive to get touched versus not having it at all, or feeling of something between the legs pressing against your trousers versus feeling nothing but air all the time. Another influencing factor that made them behave more like females is because, while wearing the uniform, their body gets turn back to the adolescent stage where mental developments to a person happens more than the rest of a person's life. Since they are also turned into a female, the body naturally develops their mind towards being a woman. Since adult males receive no further mental development, there is nothing but willpower (if they have any) to counteract the female mentality they acquired. The effects are minimal if a man wears it for a short time and does not wear it again for the minimum of same duration as when he last wore it. That means that regular visitors, and staff who does not regularly work overtime there, would have little effect. Having their minds being steered in the female direction is unavoidable for students as, on the request of the Mizuho founder, not allowed to be able to take off the uniform for their the entire duration of their study there.

Having the uniform to be removable only in certain conditions was introduced as an anti-rape measure. We take precautions to make sure the wearer doesn't feel uncomfortable even when they wear the uniform for long periods at a time, so we also implemented technologies to have them to always feel like they have just taken a shower. If they get wet, the uniform would quickly repel away the water, so they would stay dry even after a bucket of water was poured at them.

To help our students deal with stress from studying in such a prestigious school, we had also implemented a stress-relief program into the uniform. Due to the nature of how this looks as it happens, only students and outsiders would not be able to witness it happening, but to make sure those that could see it do not plan around it, the time it happens are random, and would not be able to talk about it. With the evolution, however, we had to design around the redesigned body. The design we came up with seems to be the first and, currently, the only way to be able to relieve built up sexual frustration at all with our evolved bodies, which isn't designed for us to be able to have sex (as we know it) at all. As the technology is part of the uniform, no one knows about this and those who have not worn the fourth generation Mizuho uniform before sees the frustrating feeling as not curable.

While designing the second generation uniform, we did take into account that them looking more attractive makes them an easy target. We found that the toilet is where they are the most vulnerable in the toilet, as a pervert could rape the girl while she is using it. That has happened before, but we believed that the long skirt and how old-fashioned the first generation looked was a deterrent from having it more often as the statistics of girls of other schools whose uniforms looked close to what we planed to change to had more victims of rape cases. Testimonies of the rapists, and a closer investigation at how the victims looked like with the uniform have shown that the girl looked irresistibly beautiful.

You would think we would come to a conclusion of having the second generation uniform to look less attractive than those schools when these findings were shown, but instead, approval of the opposite happened: have the girls to look even more attractive. However, development to have a way to eliminate the need for them visit the toilet in the first place began. It took us time to figure out how, but let's just say it is "wirelessly transmitted" to a central location from anywhere, though, like the rest of the uniform, underwear could no longer be removed even in the toilet, and rendering all toilets in Mizuho obsolete. The system that keeps the uniform fresh and dry takes care of the hygiene and sanitation too. I honestly don't know how the girls could perform better than other schools with all of these.

Other bizarre things the higher-ups wanted was to have all Mizuho girls to be constantly be producing breast milk. Their burst size was based on a percentage increase from the average average size of everyone (which included men and children) instead of a few size increase of the average woman. That has not changed since, even in this post-evolution world, but it seems bigger today because the demographics the average is based on are now nothing but women with a noticeable burst. The blouse is designed to optimally accommodate her burst size at the time she  enters Mizuho, though her bust size itself changes all the time. During the evolution, however, the transformation of men into women has meant that the average bust size of everyone increased. That means a permanent and frequent burst size increase for everyone in Mizuho, which meant that for anyone who does not step out of Mizuho academy often would feel the strain of their blouse getting tighter due to the increased size until they re-enter, where their blouse is readjusted for their enlarged breasts. For reasons unknown, we did not receive any complains about this.

Why did we completely change the uniform design years after the school became an academy that was virtually unchanged since Mizuho was founded? Well, even in the years before the academy opened, Mizuho uniforms were starting to look old-fashioned against most other schools, and certainly out of place if we wanted the academy to have the latest and greatest advancement of technology in the world. However, our resources were quite constrained and have our priorities to the underlying technology in the academy to be more functional than the design of it. Also, one of our staff had her body programmed to only allow skirts of certain length or shorter to be worn.

We could have sent someone else there, but we have to use her specifically for an experiment in there. Combining her being able to only wear skirts of a certain maximum length and the mandatory wearing that old Mizuho uniform with its long skirt could cause trouble that we delayed her being allowed in without telling her directly by enrolling her in other schools, which aren't owned or associated with Hatsuya or Mizuho, until the new uniform is ready. Can you imagine the conflict of being forced to wear short skirts and the old Mizuho uniform with that long skirt at the same time? Well, because of how they both work with ejecting non-compliant clothing, she would be able to wear that old Mizuho uniform, but would be uncomfortable with the forces she would feel: the one rejecting the long skirt would try to force it out, but as long as conditions of being able to remove the old uniform are not met, would try to fight what the uniform sees as unauthorised removal and tries to put it back up.

Tests has shown that it would give a noticeable vibration with the skirt, and would immediately fall off when conditions for being able to remove the uniform are met. Long-term tests has shown that the skirt could break apart within less than a day from the wear and tear of being forced in and out repeatedly and rapidly. Sure a replacement would appear the next time she steps in, but the issue is the comfort and potential embarrassment in public view, plus the strain it causes on our systems because of the persistent amount of attempts to keep the uniform on, while, separately, her body would also try to take it off. With the new design, we were made it less restrictive and switched the style from sailor to the blazer kind. Skirt length was shortened from ankle-length to around the thigh, which is somewhat a big change as most other schools usually do that gradually. However, this new length is slightly shorter than what other schools of the time were using

People like the new design as not only did they see it as "keeping up with the times" and even have the girls wearing them look prettier than other uniform without any cosmetics on. That is true as there was no change for decades and, even in the years before the change, design was so dated that it stood out from uniforms of other schools. The new set of uniforms have slightly different designs to easily tell which department in Mizuho a person belongs to, and what position they held there. Pleated skirts tells you they are with the academy, pencil skirt for everyone else. Both may have different colour for the top and bottom. For the academy people, rank is based on the pattern of the skirt, with the common tartan for students. For the other group, the darker the skirt colour, the higher the rank.

Guests do not have ranks, but if they are form another branch of a company that does have a branch in Mizuho, the top would look similar to that of the Mizuho branch, but the skirt would be the same as that of a regular guest, which is any random colour and pattern that isn't being used. For students of other schools, it would be based on that school's female uniform, but with technologies included with Mizuho uniforms added. In other words, that is also a Mizuho uniform, but customised to look like that of their school's. For visiting students of boys' schools, or anyone else, it would be based on any female uniform they have seen that they liked the most, though with slight alteration if it belongs to a school in the same prefecture or a well known one. The easter egg about this is that, if the uniform in question happens to be a Mizuho uniform, the first generation uniform would appear instead. All old and external uniforms are not modified from the original, but because of the evolution, we are forced to shorten the skirt length to at least the longest we could wear. I personally think it is too short, but no one could wear anything else.

The leaders of all sub-departments wore the supervisor uniform that looked like a business formal outfit. However, with the external companies in the campus that reports to headquarters or another branch outside Mizuho, and an unforeseen programming error, one of their employees was automatically assigned the supervisor uniform even though no leaders were assigned to the branch. As mentioned earlier, they can't wear anything besides what the system assigns them in the campus, even if it is not what they are supposed to be wearing. Embarrassingly, that also includes one of our own staff who works in the branch there. To be fair, that staff does reports to headquarters more than the other staff, due in part of having worked and visited other Hatsuya branches more than the others, and established relations with important people in the company, including the director. Although that staff is a guy, he did not remove the Mizuho uniform that turned him into a woman when reporting to headquarters despite it not a requirement to report in.

The third generation fixes that confusion, and supervisors now have a uniform that looks more like a slight variation of what people in their charge wear, and supervisor-less groups that were previously given supervisor uniform are now given what they were supposed to wear! This was proven to be even more important post-evolution since everyone looks alike with the same age range. To avoid discrimination, a person's actual age should not be revealed, and instead use their biological age instead. The fourth generation introduce in this period was a revision to address the changes to the human body that the third generation wasn't designed for, and a slight change of design to tell it apart from earlier generations.

For those curious, the clothes our staff found themselves wearing, for those who did not have clothes meeting the post-evolution requirement, became an unofficial uniform because only staff of our company across all branches specifically have the same unique uniform design that contained a lot of bright colours, primarily white. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to wear the same white coat or safety suits that we wear pre-evolution without redesigning it to be less loose-fitting and no clothing except what we wear at our feet are allowed to cover the rest of the legs. Even we at Hatsuya, and practically everyone who lived long enough to know what pre-evolution was like, found this absurd, but it was either that or not able to wear at all.

In the next document, we shall discuss about architecture, bureaucracy, and the schools in Mizuho academy.

(Author's note: This report was dated post-evolution, about the same time as events of story 7, Yononaka no Okugi. Details relating to people that were transformed during the first year of evolution were lost, including who the founder was, as they were transformed beyond recognition into a teenage girl with no trace left behind of their former selves, and nobody remember who they were. Subsequent transformations had them retaining their memories and remain with the same family, but failed to prevent other changes. The final wave of the evolution transformed everyone, including those who were transformed in earlier waves, into young women that don't age that effectively made males extinct, though the final transformation makes up for it by redesigning the reproductive organs. However, the design behind the transformed body assumes that one will never ever see a human male again, but did not take into account what would happen if they were to read up history or look at old pictures. The unmodified female instinct would result in them getting aroused on thinking of men, but with their redesigned bodies, they have no way of calming that feeling down, resulting in that feeling remaining persistent permanently. That feeling gets stronger with each subsequent time they think of men. Those that were men pre-evolution are more easily affected by this, especially when they think of their past self. Officially classified as an incurable disease, but not life threatening. The author and editor of this documentary suffered a permanent huge increase of arousal from frequency of the mention of males. They had to be trained to ignore the feelings midway through and frequent breaks to prevent their feelings from affecting the professionalism of the document.)

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帰国子女 英語能力は堪能。趣味はアニメや漫画やプログラムコードを編集。通常、あたしの小説を英語で書いてです。Grew up abroad &travelled to different countries. I write my own fictional novel on my blog.