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Story 1 - Losing Identity (Complete/Inactive)
(formerly titled 'An Original Story By Me')

Kenneth Tan is a junior lab researcher where he spends at work researching. He leaves work so late into a night that he practically takes the taxi home every night. One night, the taxi he was in got into an accident that killed him. However, shortly before the impact, he saw some strange green light and found himself in the body of a childhood friend of his, who is a girl younger than him named Haruna Kobayashi. How will he adapt with this new life? And what happened to Haruna Kobayashi herself? Obviously he can't return to his body since it's a corpse now.

As it turns out, Haruna lies in a state of a coma for months because of a wish of wanting to be with Kenneth, though that wish was ambiguous to be interpreted as being in the same body, which is what happened. However, even after Kenneth entered Haruna's body, Haruna's mind did not recover from the comma, and passed on. Before that happened, however, Kenneth gained possession of Haruna's memories, and, over time, subconsciously started thinking and behaving more like Haruna to the point he thinks he is Haruna, and never as Kenneth. To Haruna's friends and family, they don't see any change with her, but this new Haruna is not the same as the original Haruna.


Spinoff Part 1

Chapter 1: Discovery

Part 1 and Part 2

Chapter 2: Mihara Academy

Part 2 to Part 5

Chapter 3: The First Date

Part 6 to Part 8

Chapter 4: (Re-) Discovery

Part 8 to Part 11

Chapter 5: Holiday

Part 12 to Part 14

Chapter 6

Part 14

Chapter 7

Part 15

Chapter 8

Part 16 to Part 17

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Story 2 - Alternate Dimension (Ongoing)

While working with a malfunctioning prototype, Itsuki Hisakawa finds himself in a body of a girl named Saeko Hisakawa who lives in an expensive place. As it turns out, that girl's body is his own body, and the world around him is based on a "what if" situation where he was born as a girl and the reaction around that. That means, apart from where Saeko goes and lives, piratically everything else seems unchanged, including date of birth and who the parents are.

To make things more complicated, she stumbled into a machine that duplicates her, separating the existing Saeko prior to Itsuki entering the body in the original, and Itsuki's mind into the copy of Saeko's body. With both original Saeko and Itsuki being confused on who they are from after having two merged similar minds separated again, they lived their lives like twins, with the copy calling herself Mamiko to avoid confusion.

However, since the cloning machine was a trap by Hatsuya to have whoever the clone was to be their lab rat forever. So, Hatsuya modified Mamiko's body to be like a multi-purpose android that is both immortal and invincible so they can have realistic test subject to see how a person would react to their experiments without using lab rats. To make sure Mamiko can't backfire on them, they deliberately have Mamiko to react helplessly on being attacked and remove any ability to express anger.

To Hatsuya's surprise, they found out that Mamiko was Itsuki from another dimension where he is a Hatsuya staff too and, to complicate things further, another test subject and staff of theirs (Kotomi Miyazawa) has to forever love Itsuki as a man in order to keep her sanity, and is also a candidate to be Hatsuya's next big boss. Realizing the mistake they made, and the amount of money already spend on modifying Mamiko's body, Mamiko was given a permanent wage increase to be a lot higher than any high-position staff in the company as compensation for her life permanently damaged as changes can't be reverted, like being unable to die or get angry, her body being turned into a robot, unable to get older or make love with Kotomi, gender change, and the horror and suffering she had to go through from the experiments. Kotomi also received some of that compensation for being unable to stop loving someone she never actually liked without going insane, and that person in question having their gender changed were, even though Kotomi is aware of it, her forced love does not recognize that. Despite the compensations, Mamiko still has to go experiments as Hatsuya is unable afford or make anything like what Mamiko is, though not as much as before.

Even though Mamiko did eventually return to her original dimension, she still finds herself as Saeko's modified clone body instead of as Itsuki, where everything Saeko owned seemed to force into existence as Mamiko's, which includes properties Saeko owned. That is also where she found out that she also founded Powell Institute, which is well known and a major competitor to Hatsuya. Mamiko (renamed back to Saeko in this dimension) found herself in an odd situation of being the head boss of a big company, and an employee of its major rival. Hatsuya eventually found out about this, but did nothing and ignored any threats from Powell since they know Saeko, who is also their employee, is in charge of that company. Since Powell hate Hatsuya with a passion, Saeko has to hide this fact.

As part of Hatsuya's "experiments", they had Saeko to attend schools to gain a first hand experience of what the schools are like which, for Saeko, means attending school over and over without progressing (except to progress to from year 1 to year 2, and year 2 to year 3, during the academic course, no matter how well she did.

Eventually, she entered Mizuho Girls' Academy, where the uniform itself has some advanced technology built into it. It was founded as a co-ed school, but became a girls school on moving to the current campus for reasons unknown. A closer look revealed that the Academy is still technically co-ed, but any male that wears their uniforms turns into girls, and the uniforms themselves has a mind of their own, and is designed to only be removable when the right conditions are met, which, for students, means they can't remove it for the whole time they are there. The whole Mizuho academy seems to be like one big testing lab for Hatsuya!

Then one day, Saeko was working on an experiment where, suddenly, everyone around her was turned into young women, with everyone wearing nothing but school uniforms or office suits. All the children, and elderly had turned into those young women, and effectively made the male gender extinct as they turned into young women too. The reproductive system is completely different where nobody knows how it works.

Many people are changed beyond recognition, no one could express anger, even though they can still think angrily. Everyone is forced into femininely as they can't behave any other way, and even the clothes they wear has to show this. This causes problems as people can't do physical work with the forced feminine behaviour, or unable to wear safety clothing because those are not designed to express their femininity. Even more so when the bottom must always be a skirt above the knee with nothing but socks and underwear underneath, and nothing but coats as part of top clothing over it.

Saeko must find out how to reverse this situation, if possible, and in the mean time, figure out how the redesigned human body works before everyone dies without knowing how to reproduce, and how to overcome the limitations imposed by the forced femininity.

Chapter 1

Part 1 to Part 5, Valentine's Day Special
Itsuki Hisakawa (久川伊月) finds himself waking up to find his life completely different: everything seemed as if he had simply been born as a girl instead of a boy. The change of the present was mainly influenced by the parent's reaction of being born a girl called Saeko Hisakawa (久川沙江子), and the difference of the events that follow for being a girl instead of a boy. Without any word from his superiors, or the female self he just took over, he has no choice but to adjust his life to hers and attend Mihara Academy: the school she attends.

Chapter 2

Part 6 to Part 11
Saeko stumbled upon a machine that is supposed to teleport people, but instead, it duplicated her body and split her mind into two. The machines were unable to tell who the copy or the original was. It was decided that the one who suddenly found themselves on the other side and survived the incident that followed is the "clone". Unfortunately, the "clone" is unable to move or communicate to argue. The clone is named Mamiko (麻美子) to avoid further confusion.

Chapter 3

Part 12 to Part 16
While on an overseas trip with friends, Mamiko regained the ability to move and speak, but unable to express her feelings inside. As this meant being separated from the others and heading to the past, Saeko was worried about her. To clear up the mess and confusion, Saeko and Mamiko has agreed to merged with each other. Due to the presence of an another self (Ch 1) sharing each of the two bodies with the other that belonged to the original self, the original self was combined with another original self in the other body into Saeko, while the same happened to the other self, but to Mamiko's body. In other words, the Itsuki from Chapter 1 is a different body than he arrived in, while Saeko is completely back in her original body without the intruder. However, they see and control each other and share the same memories, though, it's very confusing to be at one place doing one thing, and yet could feel what the other is doing at the same time.

Chapter 4

Part 17 and Part 18
The same people who attacked Mamiko a couple of times before attempted to kill her again, but out in the open from being frustrated that she didn't die despite seeing her lying motionlessly in a pool of her own blood. Him trying to kill her out in the open ensured that the attacker got arrested, but the big shock to everyone is that she appeared in school again the following day as though it never happened despite witnesses seeing her sustaing serious injuries.

Chapter 5 and 6

Part 19 to Part 28, Part 29 and Part 30
Cultural festival of both Mihara Academy and Katsura High, and the preparations for it. Mamiko met her girlfriend of the other dimension, Kotomi Miyazawa (宮沢ことみ), at Katsura High during preparations of that school's cultural festival. Kotomi seemed to be able to instantly recognize the person inside Mamiko as her boyfriend, but seeing her boyfriend as a girl made her a bit upset. She revealed that she was also dragged along to the current dimension at the same time as the protagonist and also made the machine that cloned Saeko. Mamiko also found out that the table she used to sit at as Itsuki is apparently cursed in this dimension, but got lifted when hidden books under the table, which has the name Itsuki Hisakawa, were removed by Mamiko. It seemed that his classmates had sensed that Mamiko was there as Itsuki before.

Chapter 7

Part 31 to Part 34
Kotomi's unavoidable death has arrived, but she seem to have left a note for Mamiko that accurately describes how she died, suggesting that she had predicted that this had happened.

Chapter 8

Part 35 to Part 38
Mamiko returned to her original dimension. Unknowingly, doing it in the clone's body meant that the irreversible step of being unable to return to her original body has been triggered. That meant that anything Saeko owned (of the dimension she returned from) owned is also hers. Her original body (Arc 1) now has a mind of its own. This Mamiko has been renamed to Saeko, and her original body is named Itsuki. It was revealed that the Kotomi she knew had returned to the original dimension before the train incident, and attending Stanford University in America. Her uncle had conducted experiments that changed Kotomi's gender at birth. Saeko is reintroduced to her parents and enrolled to Kamisugi High and found out that she had founded Powell Research, the company that owned the whole land and building that her house closest to school is located in. The irony is that Powell itself is a major competitor of Hatsuya, who she is already working for.

Chapter 9

Part 38 to Part 42

Chapter 10

Part 43 to Part 47

Chapter 11

Part 48 to Part 53, The Other Saeko

Chapter 12

Part 53 to Part 55

Chapter 13

Part 55 to Part 56

Chapter 14

Part 57 to Part 58

Chapter 15

Part 59 and Part 60

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Story 3 - Disoriented Feelings (Ongoing)
(formerly titled 'Tokihi')

Summary (In progress of writing)
To Hatsuya's surprise, they found out that Mamiko was Itsuki from another dimension where he is a Hatsuya staff too and, to complicate things further, another test subject and staff of theirs (Kotomi Miyazawa) has to forever love Itsuki as a man in order to keep her sanity, and is also a candidate to be Hatsuya's next big boss, with the existing one being her uncle (Kenji Hirano) who is, ironically, also behind Kotomi's forced love (which Kotomi herself is unaware that her love was forced and thought it was normal love). Kenji has to overlook Kotomi being his niece and test subject as her contribution to Hatsuya made her good enough to be the candidate to take over him.


Part 1

Chapter 1

Part 2

Chapter 2

Part 3 to Part 5

Chapter 3

Part 5 to Part 10, Narration Overview, Train Incident

Chapter 4

Part 10 to Part 14

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    Story 4 - An Unexpected Wish (Ongoing)
    EPUB Version6 September 2015
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      Story 5 - Untitled (Inactive)
      Story 6 - Teary Promise (Ongoing)

      EPUB Version19 October 2014
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        Story 7 - Yononaka no Okugi (Ongoing)

        EPUB Version19 October 2014
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        PDF Version19 October 2014 (Released: 6 September 2015)

          Story 8 - Post-Evolution World (Ongoing)

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