An Unexpected Wish (Part 12)

Out of concern that Nanami might do something crazy over someone disappearing, her niece visited to comfort her. Nanami thought that she would come with Saeko, but instead, she brought her father. Even though the age gap is quite huge, they are of the same level in the family tree in relation to the grandmother in question. Naomi was curious as to what was going on.

Nanami's parents has described the relatives on that side as being "irresponsible" for their uncle and his son having children too early, which was confirmed by Kotomi, daughter of the said son in question, and explains why Kotomi was Nanami's niece despite being older. But it seems that she wants to break that vicious cycle, and in fact, is already older than they had children. And it seems likely that she would marry that man she is often seen with.

Nanami explained that the name she mentioned over the phone was her grandmother, Ajisai Miyazawa. The others thought about it, but found it odd that they can't remember who she was. They also added that they had not seen an elderly person recently.

"That is something wrong very wrong going on here. How could large amounts of people of a specific age range vanish without a trace or anyone remembering them? At least people knew what an elderly person was." added Naomi who was within hearing range of my conversation with the other two. Nanami thought to herself on the irony of Naomi herself being possibly transformed from an elderly person.

The atmosphere was awkward as no one but Nanami knows who Ajisai Miyazawa was. It's hard to for anyone feel sad for someone they had forgotten, which is very much like a complete stranger they never met before for them. To Nanami, it's like she has passed on, but she didn't exactly die either: she might have become a new addition to an another family like how Naomi became part of Nanami's family, even though her original family has been killed by a burglar some time earlier.

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