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Post-Evolution World Report 4 - Biology

Not everything about the evolution is bad: people who had various disabilities and illnesses like blindness, paralysis, amputees, cancer, amongst others, were suddenly  able-bodied like anyone else. In fact, everyone who was warded in hospital for anything at the time evolution happened were all fit and healthy as if they never had the illness in the first place. However, this does not render medical facilities obsolete. People could still get injured and die from blood loss. The difference is the universal compatibility with anyone when things like blood transfusion or kidney transplant are needed, and clear off those with pre-existing conditions. Surgeons told me that they had to operate on the patient with the clothes they had on because they couldn't remove it. Examination of  our internal organs revealed that our bodies are now structured like an adolescent female, but without a reproductive system. Internal body p arts have been changed and rearranged, with possibly

712th Post: Reclassification of Story 7 Special as Story 8

This special of Yononaka no Okugi (story 7) I had been publishing since the beginning of the year was originally intended as a one-part long special talking about the background of how the post-evolution world of my stories works from a viewpoint that does not fit with the main story. It intertwines with other stories like Alternate Dimension (story 2), but yet have unique stories that are not just alternate viewpoints of the same thing. Keep in mind that I was travelling around Keihanshin, Hiroshima, and Sapporo around that time, so my piorites were to to focus on the travelling. I did manage to write a lot of it, but I need to edit it before publishing it. In the process, entire sentences were rearranged and redone. Because I had written so much, I had to divide it up to have something published to my blog. Even at the time of writing, there's still more of I hadn't published yet. I tried to write a new Part 6 for Yononaka no Okugi , but what I had written turned out more