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Disorientated Feelings (Part 38)

I'm running low on options of who to ask on getting to Mizuho: I could ask my husband, but he might tell Saeko, who isn't supposed to know. Neither could I ask my family or other Hatsuya staff, who are sadly the only other group I know well... Oh wait. That store where I bought my Katsura High uniform might know where: they make uniforms of many kinds. The karaoke box just opposite it was also where I spent my last days as a middle school student with my friends from there, so I know where it is. Me: "Excuse me. Do you have any uniforms for Mizuho Girls Academy?" The store attendant looked though a list, thought for a while, and asked someone I couldn't see inside the staff area. Store attendant: "I'm sorry to say this, but we don't sell any here.

Alternate Dimension (Part 73)

We both changed into the outfits provided to us, in separate toilets of course. I was too deep in thought about the Kotomi future of my time talking into my head. That I didn't realize that I had already changed with Itsuki talking to me. Itsuki: "Wow, it does make you look like a respectable person just from the appearance alone, even more than mine. I've never seen you wear something like that before." Being someone important to the Powell Research company, this is not the first time I've worn something that would have people to look up to me with respect. Personally, I don't feel comfortable if people treat me at a level of respect that is anything other than as equals.

Teary Promise (Part 2)

So here's the daily schedule on a normal school day: have breakfast, head to the train station, and take it to somewhere south-west in an another town 1-2 hours away. There is also the chance of meeting up with friends and classmates. Even though there are several high school in the same town as where my current house is, they seem to be like a place full of students staying in this town and the neighbouring harbour town. The school rules seems so relaxed as compared to those of elsewhere that it's quite obvious in their "fashion" to the point it made both me and my brother uneasy and the question of how serious the students of the school are in studying. My brother's friends from the middle school before transferring to another have forewarned us about this. As the middle and high schools around here uses only the gakuran (for boys) or sailor uniform (for girls) as part of their uniform, anyone in town who is seen wearing any other kinds (like mine) would be qu

Teary Promise (Part 1)

There's something special about the seashore that's facing the Taihei Ocean that me, and some of my extended family members used to go to back when I was in elementary school between 2000 and 2006. Since middle school, I've been heading there by myself, even during the cold winter, for a relaxing time. The beach itself being a big wide open and remote area with nothing but sand and, in the horizon, nothing but the big wide ocean and no islands visible. Looking towards the nothingness for as far as I can see and with the refreshing wind and smell makes me want to seek out what is out there. Not far from that beach along the coast, though far enough if you walk, is a town with a harbour where fishermen deliver seafood they caught out in the sea. They are quite humble in a sense that they enjoy it and not worried about competition. They have talked to me before, and they're quite nice.

540th post - Twitter Bio

Lately, I've noticed that most profiles on twitter roughly say the same things in their bio, that longest chunk of text next to the profile image. Some of these common elements they put in commonly are: interests links (it's supposed to be in the homepage field) text that would appear correctly only on an iOS device journalists/companies that don't describe themselves from a personal point of view people claiming to be "otaku" (among anime fans) no text at all, not even an emoticon (ーー;) I have to admit, I myself don't even look at my own profile. From what I saw at a glance, it would also fall into at least 2 of the points above. Question is, what should I write for its replacement?

Alternate Dimension (Part 72)

Yuko: "There's 3 kinds of time traveling this machine has: First, allow us to explore what it's like there as if we are in that time, but doesn't allow interaction and not be seen. This is the most useful to view events that happened in the past where there are no known or surviving witnesses of an incident, and, more importantly, to ensure that the past is not altered. The second one is going there as ourselves in that time. Problem with this is that there's a chance that we may not retain our current memories, wouldn't know what happened during the time difference, and obviously can't go any earlier than one's birthday, or any latter than one's death, with the latter being the unknown and you yourself possibly having died too if you didn't go out of that time before it happened. You would also find yourself at a location and situation at the time you time traveled to, which can put you in an awkward position if you find yourself talking to so

539th post

Browsing through the numerous twitter accounts, I came across quite a number of people that self-proclaim as an "otaku". Looking at their description, I can't help but to notice that mainstream anime (eg. Bleach, Naruto) gets mentioned a lot. With services like Crunchyroll, this has been diluted as people are more exposed to a wider and more recent ones. I've been cleaning up my room for the past few week, but progress is rather slow. This is not only because of the usual daily things, but not having the mood to do it or being distracted by something else. From what I've cleaned up, I've accumulate about 5 bags (the kind you get from shopping at the supermarket) that has been filled full to the brim filled with things that I now realize are just trash that has accumulated over the years or things that don't work now. They each seem to have quite some weight. There were some things that had been thrown out, but cleaning up one area messes up an another,

Alternate Dimension (Part 71)

That gardener that I've frequently met randomly in Mizuho was the former principal of Katsura High School, which Itsuki and Kotomi attended. Me: "So, do you think I should tell..." Yuko: "No! He knows that I am a "supervisor" here as he does trim the plants around this building regularly, but I'm not sure if he knows that I'm the same person as one of his former students. He talked about Kotomi to you without mentioning her name. I'm surprised to learn that our director used his own family member to conduct experiments, and Kotomi having brainwashed since birth to behave as what they wanted and do things to her without herself not knowing anything about it, but I can't seem to figure out what that is. There could be a sub-conscious mind inside Kotomi that would notice that her own body and behavior is different than what it could have been. Having possibly lived as she is now since within a year from birth, her memories as a baby might