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Chasing After Rainbows: 540th post - Twitter Bio

14 June 2011

540th post - Twitter Bio

Lately, I've noticed that most profiles on twitter roughly say the same things in their bio, that longest chunk of text next to the profile image. Some of these common elements they put in commonly are:
  • interests
  • links (it's supposed to be in the homepage field)
  • text that would appear correctly only on an iOS device
  • journalists/companies that don't describe themselves from a personal point of view
  • people claiming to be "otaku" (among anime fans)
  • no text at all, not even an emoticon (ーー;)
I have to admit, I myself don't even look at my own profile. From what I saw at a glance, it would also fall into at least 2 of the points above. Question is, what should I write for its replacement?

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