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How I get home

As I mentioned earlier, my school is at Bishan St 13 and my house is at Simei Road. People keep asking me why I didn't end up at the College East campus. Simple: I passed only 1 subject and therefore the chances of getting there is slim, in addition to the facilities there. (FYI, I did choose the one at College West if I didn't get at College Central) Anyways, as most of my schoolmates would know, I would take the train at Bishan in the direction towards the city. Sometimes in the opposite direction, or take the bus from Bishan interchange or outside the MRT instead. In case you are curious, here are the routes i take for each of the above 3: Train towards the city: alight at City Hall (Raffles Place if the train is already there and is/has depart) and transfer to the East-West line towards Pasir Ris and alight at Simei and walk from there. Total time: ~50min (~54 if from raffles place) alight at City Hall and transfer to the East-West line towards Pasir Ris and alight at Ta

the Moneysense event

There was a moneysense event project with the actual day on 1 nov at ite college east (simei). It started when lawson called me for something during the holidays for 3 days on weekdays (sc oath taking practice was on the other 2 days). I initally didn't want to do it because i did the classofclowns just a few months earlier which was crazy. But due to "lack of manpower" (the other 3 didn't do much/anyhting) and lawson working for some media company (he offered me to work with him but i indirectly rejected the offer for reasons mentioned 2 posts before this ), I had to do the work in the end, though mdm salinah (along with people whose name i cant remember) did the music and final edit. There was conflict with my class lessons, the moneysense rehersal, jan intake graduation nite preperation meeting, another oathtaking rehersal, and japanese class. All on the same day and is supposed to be between 3pm and 6pm. Then the rehersal 2 days before the actual day. (More detai

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows (Final/7th book): Nov 2007

I was one of those people who pre-ordered the book before the release (and before the GST was increased from 5% to 7%) and received it around the day of release in July 2007. (I also watched "Order of the Phonex" movie in the same month.) Well, it's now November, 4 months after the release, and I still have yet to even start reading, although I had a peak of the last chapter. Something about an even taken place several years with 2 major/secondary characters in the entire series married with children (I could name them, but that would spoil those who haven't read it yet. Though, unlikely for Harry Potter fans). Other than that, I don't really know what exactly happens. Should start reading it when I'm bored. I forgot where I have placed the 1st to 4th book but I still have the DVD movie of those. Also, since I have read the 6th book only once, I forgot what happens but I know that a Hogwards teacher working for Voldermolt (and a student from that persorn's