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Teary Promise (Part 6)

(Edited: 10 September 2012) It's the second Friday of the month where my brother had claimed to collect something at his other place in Mizuho. Although it's late in the morning, my brother doesn't look like he even plans to go out at all. By this time, our parents had already headed out to work. Me: "You said that your delivery of something to there is today?" There is very little time if he heads out now, and he has yet to bathe today. Brother: "Oh, they said it will arrive about 1:30pm, so I would still be early even if I head there now... Say, where are you headed?" Isn't that not much of a time difference? You have to be there already when the delivery arrives or you would have to reschedule or the product be sent back. Me: "I'm heading to the neighbouring harbour town to buy some seafood." Brother: "You mean heading to your favourite crying spot close to there, don't you? You have something to cry about

Teary Promise (Part 5)

Me: "So, was the chocolate good?" This was after valentine's day. I made it myself with the chocolate that mum gave me that had some kind of biscuit in that's crunchy. Of course, I had tried some myself to make sure it doesn't taste awful. Takuya: "That chocolate was so great that it sent me to heaven! I will give you something better on White Day. Just wait." I sensed that he couldn't think of what it would be without spending a lot of money or going through a lot of trouble to get it. Maybe he doesn't even know what it would be. Me: "I'm fine with anything really. It doesn't need to be expensive or something." I said that because I knew boys would tend to overdo things when it comes to impressing girls.

Legacy URL

If you were to look at the URL of this blog, you would find that the odd name of 'the1iam' being used here. You might be wondering why that is being used, or why points to my anime blog instead of here, or the current @THE1IAM user on twitter is someone else. Well, it dates back to when I created this blog in 2006 and that name was chosen simply I couldn't think of a creative original name. In fact, 'the1iam' was the name I used when I first signed up for twitter. Long time followers of me there would also notice that I used 'asuna888' between that and now. Unlike quitting, changing the username also means that the former username is available to others. This means that my former usernames has been snatched up by other people on twitter: 'the1iam' by an African man, and 'asuna888' by (fortunately) my sister. I had used 'takhsiru' since 2010.

Alternate Dimension (Part 74)

Since the day we rescued Takagi's friend, nothing significant happened. I guess that is what I wanted after a long time of something exhausting that doesn't happen everyday. There's still no news of Takagi's friend so far, and the status is still unknown. This would likely mean that he had made a major decision to change himself and taking time to get used to it. Still, not knowing what he's doing now is making me anxious. My 8th (yes, eighth!) annual high school summer vacation is almost over, and Kotomi should be back any time soon unless she wants to hang out with her university friends for a graduation trip or something. Shouldn't I have graduated from college by now? Why on earth am I repeating my entire high school education for the second time when my academic performance is more than enough to do well in colleges of a similar level that Kotomi went into? Moreover, why am I also a very important person to a particular large company that didn't exist

Teary Promise (Part 4)

Since the day I asked for Takuya's email address, we have been keeping in contact with each other more often than before. Every morning, we would meet up with each other on the train and talk about things. He too isn't in any club, but he helps with his family at a bakery store just below his house. He told me that it's facing the shore of the vast ocean, so the air and scenery there are both quite nice to be at. I went there for the first time just after Halloween and it looks like it could look nicer in the Summer, though my favourite spot closer to my house has almost nobody there and the nearest building is quite a distance away, but there are trees and caves nearby for shelter. I haven't been there much lately. As time passed, the less frequent meeting with my brother didn't seem to bother me much, to the extent that I forgot I even had an older brother. I had come to realization that my body had already become fully matured and somewhat become like my mother

A student card I had in mind

While watching Kami-sama no Memo-chou , I came across this image. This seems pretty close to what I had in mind for the student card as mentioned in the stories I write on this blog (that very lengthy image-less posts I publish on this blog these days). Next post I am likely to put up here is part 4 of "Teary Promise" (6th Story). I've only written the first paragraph as of the time of this post. My increasingly busy schedule might have it out late and shorter.

Teary Promise (Part 3)

Back during our kindergarten and primary school days, me and my brother were very much alike that even our parents couldn't tell us apart. As that school did not have a uniform or use those standard bags (black for boys, red for girls), it was even easier to be alike. The visible difference ended when we had to wear gender-specific clothing as part of the middle school uniform and, as a result of that, I stopped caring about keeping my hair to look the same as my brother because our gender differences had started to become obvious anyway. Since my family moved to another city far away during my transition from primary to middle school, none of my primary school friends came along, but we still keep in contact. Those who thought I was a boy or mistake me for my brother thought I was crossdressing when they saw a picture of me in my middle school uniform because I was obviously wearing a girl's uniform. It wasn't easy to convince them that I'm really a girl without my bro