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368th post: Still around

I'm in the middle of coming up with ideas for the 4th story. I could come up with ideas as I write along, but that could lead to drifting off from my original intention and could result in monotonous parts. Translating my stories from English to Japanese (and vice-versa) is not easy: I would need to reconstruct the entire paragraph that uses different words, but mean the same thing. Also, taking into consideration of what readers might already know. Sentences are added to describe to the readers on what is going on but those might be removed in another language version because it would be common sense to them. An example would be that the school year in Japan starts in April, but other countries might be in January or September. Looking at how many parts I had already written, the average number of words for each part, it's not likely that I would translate everything by myself. Add that to the list of things to do and, erm, let's just say it's long and not get paid for

366th post

( Newest post before this ) I went to an electronics store and the supermarket yesterday with dad yesterday evening (Everyone else were working or studying). The crowd there was unbelievably crowded! Even the cashier had very long queues. I don't see what's the occasion... At the electronics store, I saw interesting stuff. I'm not really up-to-date in this kind of things, but there were a lot of stuff that would have been sold at a higher price not too long ago. There were a large range of LCD/Plasma widescreen TVs, DVD Player/Recorder (some even had HDD or VCR (!) built-in), mobile phones and whatnot. Spotted some Blu-ray players too. Dad was impressed by the TV that was playing a movie trailer at 1080p. There are game consoles (Xbox360, Wii, PS3, DS) there, but did not have interesting titles or were for consoles that I don't have. The Xbox360 is a good console, but I have been hearing a lot of it having hardware issues quite frequently. Also, I understand region loc

Losing Identity (Part 15)

Morning had arrived. I found myself on the bed of a room that is not mine, but then I remembered that I was visiting my dad's university friend regarding his son's passing away. I was shocked to learn that his son had entered me and that it's also possible that I could be him before the merger and now think and behave very much like me, Haruna, right now. It's hard to tell, because I have mixed memories and knowledge of both. It kind of conflicts if I want know what I was doing prior to the merger, on top of the knowledge that my memory of another childhood friend with me (Saeko/Itsuki) was modified when he turned into a girl. I don't know what to believe now: I don't even trust my own memory... After taking a bath, I headed to the dining table for breakfast where everyone is. I don't know what he prepared, but it's certainly better than what I can prepare myself with. Saeko seems to be in a hurry with something. Everyone else seem to noticed this too.

Inserting Closed Captioning to YouTube Videos

Like this sample video, I might place subtitles. To enable it, if it doesn't by default, hover over the arrow pointing up at the bottom right and click on "CC" (closed captioning). The arrow pointing to the left indicates other subtitles available for the video and the option to translate the provided subs into the language you want. This way, you can have one subtitle track at a time, have it in your language, or none at all. To tell if the video has closed captioning, look out for a "CC" icon below the "Subscribe" button. To upload a soft sub to youtube, go to the video you want to put it in, under "Video Owner options", select "Captions and Subtitles" and upload a SubRip (.srt) file. I tried SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) file before, but it doesn't work. Video above demonstrates widescreen video, high definition, closed captioning (including timing), video & audio encoding when uploading, and having wanted sections of a fu

Disorientated Feelings special: "Train Incident"

[Revised: 19 April 2009] (Related: " Alternate Dimension (Part 25) ") I had just come back from the time pane of Hisakawa-san's school festival of last year and I am now walking from the safest spot I could reappear from where I started time travel. Since I had to wear my summer uniform in that time pane so as to not look out of place, I am feeling now feeling freezing cold as it is now winter. I wish I had brought warm clothing along... I have now certainly missed seeing my boyfriend as a girl, but I have to turn her back into a boy partly because of what I had just found out, and for the sake of me being able to marry him. What I had found out was that I was supposed to be born as a boy, but during mom's pregnancy of me, uncle used a machine of some sort that would turned me into a girl. I have been having visions of it since after graduating from middle school. I would like to congratulate on the experiment being successful, but the idea of doing something

Alternate Dimention (Part 25)

Seeing that Kotomi had programmed Mamiko so that my clone would perform as though she has been performing for a long time and with perfection. I don't see the need to hang around there. Since my mind is merged with my clone, I would immediately be able to know what happened and be able to control her regardless of my location anyway. If I recall, I was able to time travel. Accidentally found out when I was raped , was very confused back then on why they even attacked me in the first place and feeling the parts of my body they touched being different from what I was used to. What I was brought back to were what my classmate, Haruna Kobayashi, had experienced on the day she was mysteriously frozen stiff . The time I was brought to was the few seconds before I was brought back in time. I even saw myself vanishing into thin air in front of the people who raped me. Come to think of it, I think it is those same people who ran over and stabbed my clone later on. I would like to bring

361st post

Lately, I have been trouble coming up with something to write here that I think I need a long break or reduced intervals of what I'm doing. That's why you hardly see any non-story related posts here. Unless I have the time, my next vector could be a long time away from the latest (v0074; right). The regular interval is once a week. I might still do the stories here. Which story I would do, however, is quite random. I might even modify the earlier parts. You would know that it has been modified by the date I place at the top, though minor things like placing a link to a following part won't be counted. Well, this break won't start immediately though, probably from somewhere after the first week of July onwards. I probably won't come on much, seeing that internet access would be either be very limited or expensive. This also means that I might not be able to watch any Summer (or complete 24-episode spring) anime. The earliest I hope to be back would be by this Autumn

Disorientated Feelings (Narration overview special)

[ Author's note 1: This is what I would have written in narrative form or the point of view of minor characters if I had started in the timeline of Part 4 & Part 5 . With that, it includes what the heroine didn't see/know that is related to the storyline. Might also include content from Part 8 , the other two stories, and content I have yet to put up.] With the graduation from middle school still fresh in her mind, Kotomi Miyazawa begins a new chapter with the start of her high school. With this new start, she have decided to go with a new hairstyle that shocked her family, as they were not used to seeing her with it and made her more attractive. During the self-introduction, what made her stood out from the rest was that she said that she could have gone to the well known academy at the top of the hill the school is at, but chose to go here instead so as to help the others. She also added that she's the niece of the well-known Kenji Hirano, works with him in a jo

Disorientated Feelings (Part 9)

[revised: 10 April 2009] (Continued from Part 8 ) I'm hiding between the shelves and some equipment in the store room on the third floor. The room is lighted only by a small window positioned near the roof. There is a switch for the lights, but I don't want to switch it on yet. The store room seems to have a lot of things used for events, but there are things in here that seemed untouched for years that could belong to my seniors who graduated many years ago and now lay there forgotten. Reason why I'm hiding in a place like this is to make sure that Itsuki-kun would not bring his friends along before I approach him since the letter I dropped into his shoe locker yesterday does indeed look awkward. I heard Kenjiro-san's voice along with Itsuki's voice saying about why someone called "Coltrane Gorbachev" would drop an official-looking letter in a foreign language, in Itsuki's locker specifically instead of his house. I giggled hard when I heard them

Alternate Dimension (Part 24)

On the day before the festival at my former school, Kotomi asked me for help. She didn't say what exactly it was, other than it being an emergency and that only my clone should come with me right after my school ends. Kotomi is my girlfriend, and me as her boyfriend, which would be correct until May earlier, but since I have become a girl, things have gotten confusing. In fact, she doesn't even know what name she should call me other than my family name. I understand, since I have 3 different names: Saeko is my current name, Mamiko is the name I gave to my clone, and Itsuki as my original name. Even though it seems like the names of three different people, they all refer to me, and it's not even a pen or display name. I'm confused myself... Well, her school is just at the bottom of the hill my school building is at, with the train station in the middle. It's not that I never been there before, but the feeling of heading there is different than when I was still a s

Review of Winter 2009 anime

Links: Autumn 2008 list + review of Summer & Spring 2008 anime Winter 2009 list Spring 2009 list The Winter 2009 anime season was a big letdown. However, in this review, I would also include 24-episode anime from the earlier Autumn 2008 season I could think of. For a review of 12-episode and the first half of the 24-episode shows, check out the review I did on New Year's Eve . Known to be carried over from Autumn 2008 season: Gundam 00 Season 2 - Never watched this. However, I did watch some of the episodes of the first season in 2007 and some in the related world of Gundam. Except for Code Geass (including R2) and Marcross Frontier, I find anime that are set in the future/space, and/or have large robots are difficult to follow. Time traveling too. Michiko e Hatchin - It follows a prison escapee and an abused orphan in Latin America to meet together to form an unlikely pair. Mentioned in the earlier review that I had dropped after the first few episode due to late and irregu