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587th post: Language "mode"

Having come across many things in many different languages and culture, I got exposed to several languages. Being exposed to at least more than two languages, I saw that words could not be translated directly, different sentence structure, requiring context that needs to be understood to be able to translate properly, and things that are just not normally used. When thinking of what to say in a language, it would be different in an another. However, language proficiency and knowing the words to use does affect what to say. If you're seriously thinking of learning a new language, don't just learn "hello" or "where is...?", learn how to say things like "The rental rates seems expensive" and understand what the reply would be. I've experienced the language barrier while I was in Shenzen (深圳市; a Chinese city north of Hong Kong). Every sign there is in Chinese, and there isn't any other language besides terrible English. Roughly being ab

Alternate Dimension (Part 82)

No matter where you go, you can't really escape people mentioning things relating to the recent major earthquake, which happened in mid-march, when there is no school besides the graduation ceremony of the final years. This was a month before the start of my college. I felt the quake happening at that time. Although the buildings around me seem to be structurally unaffected by it, those closer to the epicenter and the eastern coast suffered larger damages. What I'm more worried about are the children of one of the supervisors, Isaka-san, as they live in a town quite close to the cost, and not too far from the epicenter. The husband, however, is fine. Isaka-san could not contact her children as communication lines are either jammed or cut off, and what's more worrying was that her daughter mentioned the day before to her that she was heading to a neighbouring coastal town to buy some seafood. According to the data we have, that town in question has been annihilated by th

Disorientated Feelings (Part 44)

To confirm that I don't need to see my husband to keep my sanity, which has not happened recently, they isolated me away from them. I could bring anything I wanted in that time except images of him, including those on electronic devices. To further remove the possibility of seeing my children and Saeko being also counted as seeing my husband due to them also having looking somewhat like him, their photos too. Since there's a chance that my children would visit my parent's place, I can't live there too. I have nothing but my memories to remember what they look like. At the same time, Hatsuya Research has modified Saeko's breasts into providing breast milk with exactly the same properties as Yuko's so that the newborn baby could still be breastfed by Saeko should my husband want to turn back into a man. My husband gave the reason for turning back as "it's more fun to keep being transformed into a woman than staying as a woman". It wasn't long a

585th post: What is a good anime to me?

(I somehow felt like writing this here instead of the anime blog) K-On! (Spring 2009) Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure (Spring 1999) Excluding anime that seem to go on forever (eg. Bleach ) or targeted at children (eg. Doraemon ), I have watched new anime, since 2006. Of course, I had watched some older ones like Kahimashi, Cowboy Bebop, and Lain . I never noticed it unless I looked back (for anime since 2006) or watched older ones, but character design and background details in general has improved. Or it could simply because more recent ones looked better in widescreen in HD over the older lower-definition letterbox standard. The early 2000s was a transitioning period for animation studios for doing each frame using computers over a cell sheet. To the viewers, this means that higher detail could be inserted, and scenes with things moving would not have everything else on the scene to be "moving". Character designs can sometimes be timeless or be specific

583rd post: New Year 2012

Happy New Year everyone! I was hoping that 2011 would be an uneventful one, but as you are aware, there are so many events taking place more than the previous years combined. It was also the year where I travelled to quite a number of countries, and got more active on twitter. You could say that it was a fun year. If you're wondering about why this is post number is 583, and not 584, remember that the numbers are based on the order I created them. That means that the previous post (S2P81) is technically the 581st post that was first created before the (numbered) 582nd post.