Alternate Dimension (Part 82)

No matter where you go, you can't really escape people mentioning things relating to the recent major earthquake, which happened in mid-march, when there is no school besides the graduation ceremony of the final years. This was a month before the start of my college.

I felt the quake happening at that time. Although the buildings around me seem to be structurally unaffected by it, those closer to the epicenter and the eastern coast suffered larger damages. What I'm more worried about are the children of one of the supervisors, Isaka-san, as they live in a town quite close to the cost, and not too far from the epicenter. The husband, however, is fine. Isaka-san could not contact her children as communication lines are either jammed or cut off, and what's more worrying was that her daughter mentioned the day before to her that she was heading to a neighbouring coastal town to buy some seafood.

According to the data we have, that town in question has been annihilated by the tsunami, which struck around the time her daughter might have been there. As for her son, however, the records of people entering and leaving Mizuho shows that he was inside Mizuho at the time it happened, and left not too long afterwards. That means he's okay. I know to look at there as, when he was ordering things using my money some time earlier, the address was set to the place he stays at in Mizuho instead of with his family. As it turns out, the daughter was fine and was in fact quite lucky as she left the town shortly before the earthquake happened and knew what to do, recalling a similar incident happened in north-western Indonesia some years ago.

However, Inami's son rushing straight home from Mizuho to find his sister by itself caused a catch-22 situation. Why? Coming from Mizuho without changing, this meant that the son has the appearance of a schoolgirl when he found her. Inami's daughter got confused when she saw what she thought to be her brother's girlfriend from her school as she behaves like him and wearing the same uniform they went to, but turning out to be the brother himself. Hatsuya is monitoring the daughter closely because she knows that her brother is turned into a girl on stepping into Mizuho, which people who has not been in there is not supposed to know. Since everyone else think that the son is actually a girl when transformed, no one would believe her even if she told people about it, if she has anyone else to talk to. Before, she thinks that the brother was a girl when transformed, but having witnessed the transformation, she gets confused when her mind tells her that her sibling is a sister, but has the knowledge that the same person is also a brother.

I know it was a significant event in terms of the amount of worried people around me and the amount of casualties and destruction, but to me, it's not a significant event in my life.


It's now been about two decades that I had lived as a adolescent girl. This is disturbing news to me as, apart from the change of fashion from the times, I still look exactly the same as I was after all these years. What is even more disturbing is the fact that I used to be a boy before that, but the length of time between my birth and before finding myself stuck in a girl's body has been overtaken by the time I'm in the said girl's body. Nobody seems to know how to reverse it as another soul is in my original body, and finding whose body the body belongs to seem to point specifically to mine, even after checking if it belonged to the me of other dimensions. This indirectly meaning that this girl's body is technically my own body, and found no evidence besides my words that my original body even belonged to me. I don't even know if my mind was transferred from my old body, or my mind was created from scratch with memories from there included. Proving that one had their mind transferred, or travelled from an another dimension can't be proved, neither can you tell if your own mind is a copy of an another.

Itsuki and Kotomi are now married to each other. I kind of predicted that this would happen as neither of them are closer with anyone else than to each other. Their age are now in their forties and now have four children. I'm supposed to be as old as those two, but since my body doesn't age since I found myself in my current body, their eldest child now seems to be about the same age as me. Kotomi has rejoined Hatsuya and immediately found herself being the boss of the forensics department since day one.

Due to some experiments here and there with Hatsuya, Itsuki appears to be a bit younger than Kotomi: his biological age freezes when he wears his work uniform, which itself turns him into a young woman. He doesn't take it off much these days. If you were to visit, the only male in the family that you would see is the second child. It makes up of: me, Itsuki (as described earlier), Saeko, and four children. 6 females and 1 male in the family total. Since the only male in the family is a child, there isn't any male figure except his grandfather in the family.

It's hard for a boy in a female-dominated family to be like a boy and not pick up the strong feminine influence in the house. Kotomi seem to be the best person in the family to discourage him from learning any female-specific behaviour and probably able to show "manly" activities. Ironically, despite her tomboyish personality, she strongly hates wearing male clothing. The closest "manly" thing she could (mentally accept to) wear are jogging attire. However, as the male child is born from her, she has this curse of her not being able to see anything gender-specific relating to children born from her. For me, I could if I want to, but my own body is not allowing me to do anything that is considered a male thing, and I can't teach him to be tough or get angry at him as my body would make me cry when I'm trying to express anger instead. What about Itsuki? Only when in his male form, but he's in the female form most of the time these days.

Speaking of the children, what's confusing about them is asking who the mother and father of those children are. If you ask the older two, they would point Kotomi as the mother and Itsuki as the father, but the younger two would point Kotomi as the father, and Itsuki as the mother. If assuming the one who gave birth to them is the mother, then these answers are actually correct.

These days, I lost track of what I'm even doing right now. I only know it as going to places to do things, attend some kind of school for countless times, taking care of Kotomi's children, and so on. Surprisingly enough, they are well behaved and, despite seeing me the most since birth, they seem to know that I'm not their parent. The eldest child now also helps me with the household chores and taking care of her younger siblings.

Kotomi's eldest daughter is in middle school now, but we could see that her behavior is like that of an adult.

Author's note: I had completely forgotten to have the previous part to be aligned with the events that happened in part 6-7 of the 6th story (Teary Promise).


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