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Chasing After Rainbows: March 2015

01 March 2015

709th post: What happened?

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So, I wrote about 13 posts about preparing to go to Hokkaido starting all the way back in September 2014, up to December 2014. Taking about this and that and then?

This blog went quiet. Did something happen?

Well, unless you have been following me on Twitter (@takhsiru), which I was quite active at, it appeared that my blog has not been updated. Before you ask, I had gone to Hokkaido for the Snow Festival, starting with shortly after the Comic Market in Tokyo as I went around Kansai and Hiroshima before arriving in Sapporo. (In case you were wondering, I never went to any other city in Hokkaido except Otaru, which is not that far away.)

Writing a journal like what I did back in around June 2013 as I head off to Europe had me realize that backlog gets accumulated so quickly from the days when I just don't feel like writing, or feeling so unproductive having nothing but an Android phone to get online with. I probably might not remember the minor details by now. I would worry too much of writing something here than enjoying the trip, even though the duration I had may be considered long to most people.

What I did write during my trip, however, was that story post for Yononaka no Okugi that I published just a moment ago.  Even back then, I was aware that the last story post was back in October, with nothing but the preparation for the trip since then. It exceeded the de facto schedule of being every two weeks. The reason was actually unrelated to the trip: I hit a writer's block. However, the trip did give me some new ideas, particularly ones I did not have first hand experience in, like mountain climbing (Mt. Takao and Mt. Maya), or be more familiar with streetcars (Hiroshima and Sapporo) apart from Tokyo and Hong Kong.

Perhaps you can include going out into temperatures colder than I'm used to, together with snow everywhere. Walking on a thin layer of freshly fallen snow is nice, but looks awful when a lot of people have walked over it, becomes icy and slippery when it melts and re-freezes, or feels like walking in mud when partially melted, or when it gets thick and not cleared, find myself "dropping" into the ground if not careful.

The content I had published was only the top one third of what I had written, which means that I do have something to publish, but it needs some work to be done. It's possible to split that remaining two thirds again, and add additional content.

Yononaka no Okugi Special: Post-Evolution World Report 1 - Introductory

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(Author's note 5 July 2015: This was a former Story 7 special that is now a new story on its own. The old title would remain unchanged until I could decide on a new name.)

A quick glance of our world would tell you that the humans in our world are made up of nothing but schoolgirls and women holding white-collar jobs that are otherwise not any different from humans of your world.

If you were to take a harder look, you would notice that something is wrong with our demographics: there are no men, no children, no infants, no elderly people, and no one ever gets angry at all. On closer look, you would notice that the only disabled people or people admitted to hospital had injuries that happened after the final stage of the evolution with nobody from before that. You may say that the men from your world would find us to be the most beautiful women, but to us, this beauty is a hindrance we can't do anything about from keeping us sane in this world without men. In fact, thinking too much of men as what we are now can drive us even more crazy. I'm risking getting crazier while thinking of men while writing this report, but it's unavoidable due to the nature of this report, and possibly those born into this world without men. More on this condition later.

What happened to the men in our world? Have they gone into hiding or abducted by aliens? Will we be the last humans before going extinct from being unable to figure out how to reproduce? Was there an attack or some kind of disease that affected everyone but the women we see here? Well, even we ourselves ask these questions.

It may be surprising to you that, up until about a decade ago, everyone, regardless of what they were, had gradually been turning into teenage girls in the years leading this new gender we are now. With who was transformed during this transitioning period, we saw the age gap between the oldest and youngest narrowing, and men who have yet to be changed being less manlier. Despite our female appearance on the outside, we are not females at all as our body certainly do not function like females, though we do refer ourselves as such out of habit to describe how we behave and look like. There's nothing but smooth skin like any other part of the body at where the reproductive organ of either gender should be, but this is a big concern for us: how do we discharge our bladder if the urethra and anus in that same area are missing?

Even with the strong urge to discharge body waste, we are unable to discharge our body waste unless we are seated properly in a western-styled toilet seat. Attempting to do use anything else would not work, which may leave the person frustrated. To add insult to that, the rate at which we could do it is significantly slower than before. For the people who do not have the time to be in the toilet, this painstakingly long process can be interrupted by simply getting up due to the rule of not being seated properly mentioned earlier. Even if we do feel the urgent need for the toilet, we don't need to worry about holding it in since it can't come out until we are in the toilet seat anyway, though it may cause great discomfort and panic for those who had lived before evolution. We can avoid this completely by not eating or drinking, but nobody is willing to find out if we can live without food or water. Being a single-gendered species also means anyone could use both the male and female toilets, but longer toilet usage times translates also means longer waiting times if all the available stalls are in use.

Even though the male toilets being made available to anyone should, in theory, reduce the strain by half, but practically, we are seeing queues for only the female toilet that are more than twice than before from the spillover of transformed males and longer usage times, and almost nobody using the male toilet. Why? Well, the male toilets have urinals that we can't use taking up two thirds of the capacity. The remaining usable one third is further reduced if it includes squatting pans. It's possible to encounter toilets without toilet seats that we can use at all. Clearly, there is a bottleneck there, and we certainly need more. The only practical solution we could think of is to build more toilet seats, while replacing ones that we can't use. It's quite obvious if we are in a converted former male toilet with minimum changes if there are random old stalls mixed with new ones, a lot of cool colours being used for the walls, and a female sign that appears modified and located right next to another toilet with an unmodified female sign with warm colours used. However, the ability for anyone to even be able to renovate these properly is hampered by labour shortage, impractical clothing that can't be changed, and something about how we are programmed to behave and react forcing us to work at a slower pace on top of possible backlog.

There are long-term plans design a completely new toilet design that would work optimally with our reconfigured bodies, but yet only needs the space of a chair that it can be integrated into things like rest benches where we can simply "plug ourselves in" somewhere, just like how we use plugs with an electrical socket. This is of course, once we figured out how our bodies work and design around that.

Personally, I think this creepy as it would make us look like electrical devices ourselves, but it seems to me that our evolved bodies heavily requires man-made things to function properly. Not in a social sense, though that can be true, but it being how our bodies work. The even stranger part is this requiring something we make ourselves that isn't just simply using natural materials, but requiring initial research and machines to produce. Us requiring a toilet seat and no longer able to do it anywhere out in the wilderness like animals is an example of this. What have we become?

[Author's note: This was a report written by a researcher who has never met Naomi Maeda, the protagonist of the main story. Since it's based on the same world, this is the same  situation as most of my other stories in the Beta dimension. Latest publish "Alternate Dimension" is the only other story that takes place post-evolution at the time of writing.]

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