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Chasing After Rainbows: May 2011

24 May 2011

Alternate Dimension (Part 70)

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Yuko had called me to her office as if there was something important to talk about that gardener and wanted to bring me away as if I would encounter something bad if I didn't.

Yuko: "There you are! I've some shocking news for you: That gardener you spoke to earlier was the high school principal of me and Kotomi. He looked like this and had visible health problems when I graduated."

Yuko pointed to an old man in a photograph, which doesn't look like the young female gardener I saw earlier.

Me: "Are you sure that's the same person?"

I'm trying very hard to not be distracted by Yuko's appearance: there's a noticeable change of the colour scheme since I last saw her here, and she seems to be wearing black stockings that covers her legs completely. I've also noticed that the staff working here has their uniforms changed, though different from Yuko, who is the supervisor but she claims that she isn't and there aren't any for this branch. She also holds the same rank as everyone else. She seems to not want to talk about her obvious unexpected new appearance that I have seen for the first time only right now.

I don't see how this academy produces the best people academically and athletically with absolutely no failures (in fact, most scored close to full grades) despite the high level of difficulty, increased sensitivity at the body's weak points, visual distractions and movement restrictions.

22 May 2011

My Photo (2)

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Taken at Mid-Levels in Hong Kong

08 May 2011

Disorientated Feelings (Part 37)

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I saw two different versions of a file that has been indicated to me: the highest quality that this old computer could play without problems (very low quality by today's standards), and the other in it's original definition that this computer is not capable of playing, but computers that are, at earliest, 10 years old, that are even capable of playing it smoothly. Not really wanting to bother transferring the higher quality video out, I chose the lower quality video. The date created/modified on the file can't be trusted. Some computers on which the year has not been set has years like 1970 or 2022, which is certainly not right, and if you create a file or save an edited one, that wrong year is reflected in it.

The video is not dated, but I could see era-specific things like mobile phone models and display screens. So, judging from those, it's probably, at earliest, at the turn of the current century: Just as I thought it's in a specific year, something newer than the year I though it's in appears in view.

There's a couple with what seems to be a newborn baby whom they both call Toshiko. The camera operator is not shown, but the voice sounded like that of a woman younger the one seen in the hospital bed. Honestly speaking, it looks like a random family video that an outsider would find uninteresting until I noticed something: the woman in the hospital bed has some resemblance to my old high school principal and she referred to someone in the direction of the camera as her dad. Is this video meant for him? But the younger female cameraman replied all the questions asked. As if a raw uncut footage where someone forgot to hit the pause button, the camera is pointed towards parts of one recording it, who is obviously a young woman in an office attire. I think she's just giving a cue of what the said father would say. I didn't see anything new until the video ended. Where's the clue saying about where that old man is?! Oh wait, there's a note I'm supposed to read after watching the video.

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