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Chasing After Rainbows: September 2009

27 September 2009

430th post: Problems when cleaning up

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I'm cleaning up my bedroom as I'm typing this. There are so many things in my room filling up every corner and even more scattered all over the house.

Since I could somehow find something to do, the time when I would actually have absolutely nothing to do seems hard to come by. I could also be distracted or very busy when the mood does actually comes. This mood also seems to come when it's time to sleep, so I'm stuck between heading to bed or do some cleaning. I would normally go ahead with the former option, so there's very little cleaning done.

Hate to admit it but I do eat and drink in my bedroom. Not only snacks, but also lunch and dinner from time to time with all that stomach-full amount of food. It's a wonder why I have yet to see any flies or ants around at all. I do throw food wrappers and drink cans/cartons/bottles away, but this somehow does not apply to wrappers of the things I bought and stuff that I know are of no use with signs of the passage of time visible. I never clear them unless they are quite obvious or do those rare full clean-up of my room. Not an ideal place to study.

Just how small is my room? Let's put it this way: Placing the bed mattress against one side of the wall and an office chair in front of it would mean that I would need to go over (or under) just to get across as both ends are already touching both ends of the wall. The remaining space is to the left and right of it. Need to rearrange everything to maximize the space and, oh, get rid of the useless junk too. I also plan to paint the walls too, but I'm not sure about that part and I don't know what colour to use. It has been the same boring white walls that has not been painted since I just entered primary school.

I know I mentioned something similar more than a month ago, but the truth is that I had not done anything since then. I only had ~30 hours per week (including sleeping and eating) at home, had done everything else, that the mood didn't come around.

Oh, when the mood does come, I would also probably come across something that I problem deciding on keeping or throwing them away. These are mostly textbooks from more than 5 years ago.

(I'm also having a writer's block.)

24 September 2009

An Unexpected Wish (Part 4)

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Nanami did not feel that her grandmother's presence intruding, but rather comforting: she is her late mother's mother after all. There are, however, things that Nanami explain to, or rely on. As for her childhood friends, Yuichi and Misae, she doesn't remember how she had met them, but it seem to have happened either during or before primary school as she recalls doing activities she can't do now. She would have treated them differently if she had only first met them at the start of high school.

"Senpai! I haven't seen you in a while. What are you doing here?", Nanami said out in surprise.

21 September 2009

429th post: Theories of a possible new Haruhi season

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(cross-posted from the anime blog)

There was the original Summer 2006 14-episode and the renewed Spring 2009 28-episode of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱), along with The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒちゃんの憂鬱) on YouTube shortly before the 2009 renewal.

At the time the renewal was announced, people thought that it was a repeat broadcast. However, people noted that it was aired in chronological order with some networks airing The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00 (朝比奈ミクルの冒険 Episode00) or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Part 1 (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱I) first, along with extended scenes from the DVD. Even then, people still ignored it. It wasn't until 8 episodes later when Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody (笹の葉ラプソディ), a new episode with a new ending theme (there was no OP in that episode), that people started to pay close attention to it.

(People were expecting, The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの消失). I have earlier put up a table timeline based on the novel.)

First, there was a surveillance video (July 2007). Then the main website was "down" and enter a password to continue, solve some puzzles, to get a message that the 2nd season had been "canceled", but renewed instead. Those who had read the novel might find something familiar about this. What is curious about this image is that it appeared in winter 2007, but had copyrights for the year 2008 and 2009.

Another curious thing is that Haruhi in a black uniform in the NewType magazine (most notably July 2008; under the same publishing company as the novel) kept appearing.

When the new (renewed) season aired, titles of the following episode were either missing or deliberately wrong in the TV listings until the episode aired. People thought that there were 14 (28 total minus 14 from 2006) new episodes, but 8 of them were Endless Eight (エンドレスエイト) with minor differences between each, leaving with 6. If all of the The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya (涼宮ハルヒの溜息) were to be stitched together and with references to The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina Episode 00 (朝比奈ミクルの冒険 Episode00), it actually flows quite nicely.

The sponsor screen (which commonly appears for 10 seconds after the intro & ending sequence/credits on free-to-air TV channels in Japan, including the news) image was of a girl (possibly Haruhi's CV) with the face not shown all alone. The uniform is obviously completely different from the usual North High (Sailor uniform: White blouse, cyan skirt) ones. Instead, it was a black blazer with a pink ribbon of a "prestigious all-girls school" (erm...) that somehow became co-ed. Her hair is also long.

I find it odd that that they showed "Disappearance" related material in the promo, but aired "Melancholy" instead. Since it's being aired chronologically as mentioned earlier, it could happen for the Autumn 2009 season, after the Someday in the Rain (サムデイ イン ザ レイン) episode, which is not too long away with 3-4 episodes left in the 2009 renewal of "Melancholy".

18 September 2009

Dimentions & Timeline

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(Note: This is not a scheduled post.)

If you have read several of my stories I have written and published on this blog, you might have noticed that the timeline have overlapped each other at some point or even different versions of the same period of time. (Eg."Why is it in story 4 that Kotomi still alive when, in story 2, she had died earlier?") I have made a visual representation of when stuff happens.

(click to enlarge)

Some points that I can't mention in the stories directly:
  • Kotomi Miyazawa and Nanami Fujibayashi are cousins.
  • Nanami may be younger than Kotomi, but she is of the same generation as Kotomi's parents.
  • I've completely forgotten about the doll mentioned in the 1st story.
  • Describing from Saeko and Mamiko point of view (POV) in alternate parts is confusing. I have quietly stuck to Mamiko's POV in recent parts.
  • Story 4 is the hardest to write as it takes place in a different place & time and nothing in common with the earlier stories.
  • Kotomi never met Haruna and vice versa.
  • The device Itsuki made didn't turn him into a girl: it only transferred his mind to a near-similar dimension where the Itsuki in that dimension was born a girl. The doll mentioned in Story 1 would explain why his colleagues were dragged along.
  • I avoid directly mentioning names of places, brands, company, bands, singers, etc., not because of trademark issues, but I just don't want to spend too much time thinking what name to use. For story 4, I only mention names of areas that might be made up.
  • The family gathering in Spring 2004 is in Hyogo Prefecture. Stories 1-3 takes place in Nagano Prefecture.
  • The future Saeko went to belongs to Dimension 2.
  • Except for Story 4, I just wrote as ideas came and not plan ahead. Despite this, it's strange that I can link them all up together.
  • I'm aware of the differences between the summer holiday of the 1st and 2nd story (and a brief mention on the 3rd), but I think the above graph explains the differences: all had the overseas holiday, same group of people and events, but the minor details are different.
  • Most of the stories published since July are actually written in advance, so I might have forgotten how the story goes if I haven't written for quite a while.
  • English version of the 1st part of the 4th story is actually written less than a week before the Japanese version even though it seems that the latter is done earlier than the former by 3 months.
  • I sometimes publish rejected versions of my stories on the updates blog.

Until I can find that notebook that mysteriously disappeared and a lot of free time, the frequency is going to be reduced. You can already see that my vectors has been reduced from 3 a week to 1 every 5 weeks.

Ps. I just ran out of scheduled posts, and why did I write this post?

16 September 2009

425th post: Back

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(written on 29 August 2009)

I'm now back. You can ignore most of what was said on the previous (424th) post. I posted that because I don't know how it will turn out since I've never experienced it before and expected the worse.

It wasn't easy, but I managed to survive it.

15 September 2009

424th post: Not sure if still around

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(written on 23 August 2009)

I don't know if I will be around by the time you are reading this. I seem to be having a lot of deja vu lately and none involve my adult life as though something wrong will happen to me quite soon. Like I would meet an unforeseeable danger.

If you had seen "Alternate Dimension (Part 31)" appearing on 10 Sep 2009 that is completed or another post dated after this (follow the earlier date if there's more than one), that means I'm still around and might have forgotten about this post: I don't check back on old posts, but I would be informed if someone leaves a comment.

I would also plan to draw a diagram of the different dimensions for all of the stories I had typed here in the near future since it's getting confusing. (Hint: 2nd, 3rd and 4th stories are on completely different dimensions, but started at the same dimension. The 1st is on the same dimension as the latter part of the 2nd story. Storyline of 4th is a lot later on than the rest.)

12 September 2009

Alternate Dimension (Part 31)

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Kotomi brought me to my workplace to do something with my cloned body to do some modifications to it. Why my workplace? Well, she is the niece of the director, but does she know that I'm stuck in it and can't return to my original body? Well, sure she could tell us apart without saying anything, but she seem to ignore me (Mamiko) and paid more attention to the other (Saeko).

Her reaction and recent behaviour tells me that she wants to turn me back into a guy, but I prefer the way I am now: as a girl. I'm sorry, I would like to be your partner and be with me forever, but the both of us now being of the same gender means that we could only remain as best friends. Knowing her, I don't think she would like it if I had said that to her.

Kotomi: "We're here."

Seemed to be wanting to say that with excitement, but her tone of voice says otherwise. My supervisor saw the three of us as we approached.

Supervisor: "Oh! Miyazawa-ojousama! What are you doing here?"

Kotomi's uncle, Kenji Hirano, is the director of the company.

Saeko: "Supervisor, she's actually here to help me to fine tune my clone."

I said that through my original. To tell you the truth, I have actually no idea what Kotomi wanted to do with me.

Supervisor: "Err... okay then. You can use your usual working area and the testing room at the basement. Oh, and before that, Mamiko, can I speak with you for a while? The rest of you can go ahead."

Huh? Me? What does he want?

The supervisor waited for Saeko and Kotomi to leave before he started talking. Kotomi tried to look back as to what is going on, but he chased her away.

Supervisor: "You are Itsuki-kun I know from last year, right? The boy who won that year's programming convention?"

I feel uncomfortable on the fact he is right.

Me: "Mentally, yes. But physically, no. Why?"

Supervisor: "Well, you have been through so many things since then: you had unexpectedly transformed, a victim of several events, some of which made it into the news, among other things. I checked my colleagues and the machine that cloned you: results had shown that your mind had indeed transferred to your current body, the cloned body. The new mind that should have ended up in the cone happened in the original instead. Since it's based on you, its behaviour and thinking is the same as yours at that point. The so-called merging of your minds did not actually work, but instead gained the ability to control each other."

Me: "That's exactly what I had been thinking too, but what's with my memory and actions being able to be modified? I was shocked when I found that out: I tried to input something I had difficulty remembering or doing and I could actually do it naturally."

I was obviously referring to the recent cultural festival at Kotomi's school. The supervisor did some checks on me, but some of the things he did really annoyed me. I didn't show my anger as I had I allowed him to do anything to me earlier. What made me curious, however, was that on the mirror opposite me, I wore a clueless expression instead of the anger I'm feeling inside. Was I programmed not to show my anger? What is this?

Supervisor: "Interesting, you are an all-in-one thing, but the disadvantage is you can't do some of the things yourself, some of which somehow defied the laws of physics. This can be a problem if someone makes you do things out of your will, but at least they can't change how you think. Am I right?"

Erm, how am I supposed to reply to you if you did not stop whatever it is you made me do?

Supervisor: "Looking at your face, I would take that as a yes. I have to go now: was in a rush to do something. See you!"

Hey! Can you at least stop... he's gone. What is up with him? Oh well, at least I can still walk around. I headed to where the other two were waiting.

Kotomi: "I knew he would do something odd to you... He doesn't dare to do something funny to me since I'm a relative of the director."

The adjustments Kotomi did was so quick that it ended before I knew it. Since it's already quite late with a downpour outside, it would be best if I would invite Kotomi to stay over at my place as the Miyazawa residence is quite some distance away. Kotomi might also not be able to catch the last trains along the way. The problem was that none of us had brought an umbrella along.

The supervisor had left earlier with a look that he might not be back until tomorrow, so we are the last ones left. There's usually a colleague around at this time, but I guess there's nothing to work on right now.

I noticed umbrellas at a corner near the entrance with a small label indicating ownership to my company. Since I started working here, I have walked past it so many times, but ignored it. I thought those belonged to my colleagues as no two umbrellas are the same with various patterns, colours, and sizes. Nobody left behind here knows the procedures as to what the last ones to leave should do, so we just left and opened up our umbrellas. Kotomi appears to be still in depression. I know the reason behind it, but I just have to ask her.

Me: "Kotomi? What's wrong? You have been behaving odd lately."

Kotomi: "There has been shockingly depressing things that had happened. First, there's, there's..."

She kept looking at us (Saeko & Mamiko) and looked as though she wants to say it out, but couldn't as she's not sure if she should.

Saeko: "That future train crash incident of your death, and the events since May that happened to me that had indirectly affected you."

Kotomi looked at Saeko as though she had accurately read her mind and is now at a loss of words. I was the one who actually said that, including what I was about to say.

Saeko: "Although the even of myself being cloned is a separate event, what happened on the night of May 13 was a dimensional change based on my deepest desires, which includes becoming as though I was born a girl. Though it might sound selfish, I wasn't expecting it to actually happen. Though everyone remembers me differently now, you still retain the memories of the me from before the dimensional change as you are an employee of the company we work for. I found this out recently. Your brother, Shin'ichi, was included as he might have helped out at the time it happened."

Kotomi now seem to be slightly relieved now.

Kotomi: "So that's why you had been avoiding me since then: you thought that I would not know who you are even if you did. You too didn't know back then that I was working for the same company too. But what's is this "secret" about myself the principal told me that I don't know about but would "find out anyway"?"

A secret about Kotomi that even she herself doesn't know about? Where did this come from?

Me: "Sorry, I don't know anything about that..."

She wore a disappointed look at that, but suddenly grab a hold of the device on Saeko's wrist and did something.

Saeko: "Erm, Kotomi? What are you doing? I might have yet to figure out how it works, but it was me that made it."

Kotomi: "Oh, it's nothing."

That's a lot of things to be nothing. No, really, what are you doing? Or rather, what is going on in your mind right now?

[Author's note: I have done the related post mentioned above, but due to the content, it needs to be redone.]

09 September 2009

426th post: New blog layout & weird stuff noticed

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(written on 6 Sep 2009)

The above is the screenshot shortly before I change to the current layout on 30 August. However, it's not as ready as I thought and need to do some small changes that can't be done in the Layout Drafts blog such as the contents of widgets that can't be copied as one large chunk of code.

Problems I'm facing now is the header image, colour of the text over it, that weird border surrounding the top links and a redesign of the right navigation menu (that version is even older than my other blogs).

(link to post of above image)

Lately, Blogger seems to be acting up and doesn't render things properly. Also, embeeded videos (.ogg in the [video] tags, introduced as part of the HTML5 standards) seem to be rendered in a weird way. I'm supposed to be seeing this interface:

I don't know what the problem is. I'll go check on other PCs and OSes. Using different browsers don't seem to solve the problem, but I noticed that I can save changes to widgets in Opera when it is like this. Other browsers would only have it to do nothing when I click "Save".

06 September 2009

Disorientated Feelings (Part 17)

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Apart from doing some final preparations on the eve of the festival, a classmate of mine, who was the leading actress, fell ill. I called Saeko and Mamiko over so that I could program the latter of the two like a robot to perform the act. I was wondering around where they had went to until I reached class 2-6. Why is only half of that class used? Also, in the unused portion, why is Itsuki's table the only one that has not been moved?

Me: "Hey, 2-6! Why are you not using the entire classroom when it's obviously crammed? And why are you guys not moving this table?"

I walked towards Itsuki's table and placed my hand on it. I could see books with his name underneath. Hold on, why are those still there and the name not changed to Saeko? Itsuki is now Saeko in this dimention and technically has not and does not even study here.
Student A: "Oh, it's Miyazawa-san from the student council! We were..."

Student B: "Hey! Don't touch that table! It's cursed!"

Huh? I just wanted to take a look at the contents and... ugh...

Sure enough, I felt weird upon touching that table: all of a sudden, I had the urge to make a quick dash to the toilet. I thought I just did... What the heck?

I was forced to make an abrupt leave from the classroom and did not come back after a long time. Is this the effect of the curse? Why is it there? Why must it affect me? I'm his girlfriend you know.

I though I heard myself saying the last two sentences...

Anyways, it was then I saw Mamiko (Itsuki's female clone) sitting on the table I received the curse from. For some reason, nothing happened to her even though anyone who made contact with it had been cursed. Wait, where did those books I saw earlier went to? I don't see it on the floor or Mamiko holding them, but then again she has abilities that even she herself doesn't know. I need to investigate what her abilities are after the festival.

Mamiko seem to be in a tight spot as see seemed to inventing a story on how she removed the curse and noticed my presence. I'm only helping you only because you are my boyfriend's clone and I invited you here today, not because you are some random girl from another school who busybodies on what my school is preparing. Because I have higher authority, being in the planning comitee and the student council, they can't argue with me.

Me: "Oh, Mamiko-chan, you're finally here. I have something important to tell you, something we can't discuss here. Oh, and 2-6, I'll be back again."

I made it sound as though Mamiko had done something wrong.

Mamiko: "The curse should be gone now, but I can't guarantee that it won't come back."

She said that to the class. How did she remove the curse? I'm clueless...

I brought her to the computer room located some distance away from where most of the stalls are, so it probably be deserted when the festival would be going on.

This room has hardly been used since the school decided to change the operating system, which explains why I, when patrolling around, noticed a sharp drop of students heading to the computer lab: the operating system has been changed from that common OS to a little known OS. I think it happened during the first semester of the current school year. I didn't see anyone doing it before they change when I was around (probably because they were distracted by my presence: I'm too popular here.), but Itsuki told me that students would install and do stuff that would cause inconvenience to the next user and/or slow the computer down to the point of being unusable. He also saw students that were hogging the PCs playing video games, causing inconvenience to those who just want to edit documents or use the internet and not have a computer at home.

I uploaded the script to the clone and did other fine-tunings. It seems that I am able to change what and how she does tasks, except how she thinks: I can see what she's thinking (She's wondering what I'm doing to her right now), but not how she thinks. It's strange to be able to connect her to the computer and program her like a robot. I took a closer look at what her memories contains.

...they contain Itsuki's memories from his point of view. I know, as I saw myself in some of the images and the angle they are in. My worst fear has been confirmed: Itsuki is now a girl. I was hoping that Saeko and Mamiko Hisakawa was a distant relative with the great resemblance, but to become a rich girl from a poor boy is just...

Before I knew it, tears were flowing out of my eyes. This is a joke, right? My boyfriend, a girl?

I got lost in thought that I don't know what I was doing and, before I knew what I was going on, found myself in tears and kissing Mamiko. Wait! Why am I kissing someone of the same gender? The position I'm in and Mamiko's puzzled look, tells me that I started it. Seems that I can't accept the fact even though I knew and saw it with my own eyes.

I tried hard to think that my boyfriend is a guy, but all I see is an unknown girl that, in some ways, resembles him and somehow knows me. Not accepting this fact, I tried to do what I liked doing to him at a more open area, except that I got tangled by some wire. Me tripping over it brought back my senses and wonder what I was so hyped up about.

I forgot about that wire. Mamiko can't remove it herself no matter how hard she tries, even if the laws of physics says otherwise. That means that I can plug her at the ceiling or the wall near it with a short wire and she can't fall to the ground even though the wire she is attached to can't support her mass and the gravitational force that should have snapped immediately. Of course, Mamiko herself would not like this, especially the part of being helpless.

I would invite my siblings along to see what they can do during the festival. It's embarrassing to say that I don't know them well, especially when I am their eldest sister.

Part 16Part 18

02 September 2009

402nd post: Increasing Reliance on Electricity

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(originally written on 20 June 2009)
[Note: I'm writing this because I feel like it, and not as a report for work/school or organizations. I apologize for any inaccuracies and discrimination that may happen.]

With the average household having increasing number of devices using electricity, we have become more reliant on them. Sure there batteries that would make them portable and green solutions that emits less pollution to generate electricity, but should they fail, it can cause problems: especially in the times of emergency.

The electricity bill (assuming that the rates are not changed) is a reflection of how much we use. Replacing energy-draining appliances with ones that saves electricity, but see no difference in the charges, this could mean that the rates has increased, someone's using your electricity, additional devices you might have bought might have offset the savings you could have had, or you were cheated.

Speaking of using other people's electricity, you might not be paying for it or at a rate lower than if you had, but that doesn't mean that you could waste it like nobody's business. Think of the amount wasted other people who think of the same thing, and more importantly, think of what if you are that person who is paying for them. Also, if you are doing it to your company think of:
sales+shares+rent received+other income-purchases-fixtures-worker's salary-management's salary-utilities-advertising-rent paid-other expenses=company revenue

People would normally think of the parts in bold as they are quite obvious, but if the ones in italics are not doing so well, everything else would follow. (Sure there are people at upper level taking more money than they should, but that's not the point here.) The amount people wasting water or electricity may not be noticeable, but in bad times, it does affect how much the company is paying the salary and possibly increases the chances of being fired/retrenched. Some companies may not say it until the last minute, or are using money earned from the good times that may not last long to reduce the impact by the bad economy...

Okay, before I go off-topic to business and their management, I would like to say one thing: Electricity is good if used wisely, but may be harmful in ways you can't see if not used properly.

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