Alternate Dimension (Part 31)

Kotomi brought me to my workplace to do something with my cloned body to do some modifications to it. Why my workplace? Well, she is the niece of the director, but does she know that I'm stuck in it and can't return to my original body? Well, sure she could tell us apart without saying anything, but she seem to ignore me (Mamiko) and paid more attention to the other (Saeko).

Her reaction and recent behaviour tells me that she wants to turn me back into a guy, but I prefer the way I am now: as a girl. I'm sorry, I would like to be your partner and be with me forever, but the both of us now being of the same gender means that we could only remain as best friends. Knowing her, I don't think she would like it if I had said that to her.

Kotomi: "We're here."

Seemed to be wanting to say that with excitement, but her tone of voice says otherwise. My supervisor saw the three of us as we approached.

Supervisor: "Oh! Miyazawa-ojousama! What are you doing here?"

Kotomi's uncle, Kenji Hirano, is the director of the company.

Saeko: "Supervisor, she's actually here to help me to fine tune my clone."

I said that through my original. To tell you the truth, I have actually no idea what Kotomi wanted to do with me.

Supervisor: "Err... okay then. You can use your usual working area and the testing room at the basement. Oh, and before that, Mamiko, can I speak with you for a while? The rest of you can go ahead."

Huh? Me? What does he want?

The supervisor waited for Saeko and Kotomi to leave before he started talking. Kotomi tried to look back as to what is going on, but he chased her away.

Supervisor: "You are Itsuki-kun I know from last year, right? The boy who won that year's programming convention?"

I feel uncomfortable on the fact he is right.

Me: "Mentally, yes. But physically, no. Why?"

Supervisor: "Well, you have been through so many things since then: you had unexpectedly transformed, a victim of several events, some of which made it into the news, among other things. I checked my colleagues and the machine that cloned you: results had shown that your mind had indeed transferred to your current body, the cloned body. The new mind that should have ended up in the cone happened in the original instead. Since it's based on you, its behaviour and thinking is the same as yours at that point. The so-called merging of your minds did not actually work, but instead gained the ability to control each other."

Me: "That's exactly what I had been thinking too, but what's with my memory and actions being able to be modified? I was shocked when I found that out: I tried to input something I had difficulty remembering or doing and I could actually do it naturally."

I was obviously referring to the recent cultural festival at Kotomi's school. The supervisor did some checks on me, but some of the things he did really annoyed me. I didn't show my anger as I had I allowed him to do anything to me earlier. What made me curious, however, was that on the mirror opposite me, I wore a clueless expression instead of the anger I'm feeling inside. Was I programmed not to show my anger? What is this?

Supervisor: "Interesting, you are an all-in-one thing, but the disadvantage is you can't do some of the things yourself, some of which somehow defied the laws of physics. This can be a problem if someone makes you do things out of your will, but at least they can't change how you think. Am I right?"

Erm, how am I supposed to reply to you if you did not stop whatever it is you made me do?

Supervisor: "Looking at your face, I would take that as a yes. I have to go now: was in a rush to do something. See you!"

Hey! Can you at least stop... he's gone. What is up with him? Oh well, at least I can still walk around. I headed to where the other two were waiting.

Kotomi: "I knew he would do something odd to you... He doesn't dare to do something funny to me since I'm a relative of the director."

The adjustments Kotomi did was so quick that it ended before I knew it. Since it's already quite late with a downpour outside, it would be best if I would invite Kotomi to stay over at my place as the Miyazawa residence is quite some distance away. Kotomi might also not be able to catch the last trains along the way. The problem was that none of us had brought an umbrella along.

The supervisor had left earlier with a look that he might not be back until tomorrow, so we are the last ones left. There's usually a colleague around at this time, but I guess there's nothing to work on right now.

I noticed umbrellas at a corner near the entrance with a small label indicating ownership to my company. Since I started working here, I have walked past it so many times, but ignored it. I thought those belonged to my colleagues as no two umbrellas are the same with various patterns, colours, and sizes. Nobody left behind here knows the procedures as to what the last ones to leave should do, so we just left and opened up our umbrellas. Kotomi appears to be still in depression. I know the reason behind it, but I just have to ask her.

Me: "Kotomi? What's wrong? You have been behaving odd lately."

Kotomi: "There has been shockingly depressing things that had happened. First, there's, there's..."

She kept looking at us (Saeko & Mamiko) and looked as though she wants to say it out, but couldn't as she's not sure if she should.

Saeko: "That future train crash incident of your death, and the events since May that happened to me that had indirectly affected you."

Kotomi looked at Saeko as though she had accurately read her mind and is now at a loss of words. I was the one who actually said that, including what I was about to say.

Saeko: "Although the even of myself being cloned is a separate event, what happened on the night of May 13 was a dimensional change based on my deepest desires, which includes becoming as though I was born a girl. Though it might sound selfish, I wasn't expecting it to actually happen. Though everyone remembers me differently now, you still retain the memories of the me from before the dimensional change as you are an employee of the company we work for. I found this out recently. Your brother, Shin'ichi, was included as he might have helped out at the time it happened."

Kotomi now seem to be slightly relieved now.

Kotomi: "So that's why you had been avoiding me since then: you thought that I would not know who you are even if you did. You too didn't know back then that I was working for the same company too. But what's is this "secret" about myself the principal told me that I don't know about but would "find out anyway"?"

A secret about Kotomi that even she herself doesn't know about? Where did this come from?

Me: "Sorry, I don't know anything about that..."

She wore a disappointed look at that, but suddenly grab a hold of the device on Saeko's wrist and did something.

Saeko: "Erm, Kotomi? What are you doing? I might have yet to figure out how it works, but it was me that made it."

Kotomi: "Oh, it's nothing."

That's a lot of things to be nothing. No, really, what are you doing? Or rather, what is going on in your mind right now?

[Author's note: I have done the related post mentioned above, but due to the content, it needs to be redone.]


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